Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! - Chapter 66 - Is She Not With You?

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Chapter 66: Is She Not With You?

She was frowning in pain.

She raised her eyes when she saw someone came. She then saw Shi Yuting’s slightly anxious face.

Shi Yuting’s heart suddenly seemed to stop beating for a few seconds when he saw the woman in the bushes. He immediately dismounted the horse and quickly rushed to Jing Xinlei’s side.

“What happened?” His voice was deep with a little bit of concern.

Jing Xinlei felt touched at this moment, looking at his worried eyes.

She knew that this man still cared about her.

She lowered her eyes. That delicate and attractive look could make any man involuntarily feel sympathy for her.

“I… Maybe it’s because I haven’t been riding for a long time. So, I have accidentally fallen off just now and sprained my foot.”

Shi Yuting’s gaze followed her hand and saw a slight redness at her ankle.

“Xinlei, are you okay?!” Xiao Ran also came over. She was worried about the injured Jing Xinlei.

Jing Xinlei squeezed a smile. “I’m fine. I just sprained my foot.”

After that, her eyes fell on Shi Yuting’s cold face.

She knew that he had not forgotten her in the past five years.

Jing Xinlei tried to stand up, so she held onto Shi Yuting’s arm. She wanted to get up with his support.

Shi Yuting did not withdraw his arm this time.

He was startled when he saw her wounded foot.


Her feet suddenly gave way just as she was trying to stand up. She screamed when she was about to fall.

Shi Yuting reacted quickly and caught her in time.

Shi Yuting’s heart fluttered looking at her clear eyes.

Did he still care about the woman in front of him?

Looking at the injured Jing Xinlei, Xiao Ran who was at the side could not help but glance at Shi Yuting.

She was trying to figure out what that handsome man was thinking.

“Ting, Xinlei’s foot was hurt. Why don’t you carry her back?” As Xinlei’s bestie, Xiao Ran would naturally help Jing Xinlei.

She also hoped that they would get back together.

Shi Yuting stiffened for a few seconds when he heard Xiao Ran’s words. He did not hesitate too much when he saw that expression of pain. He then reached out to carry Jing Xinlei who was in front of him.

Jing Xinlei looked at his delicate jaw while being in his arms. Her eyes were full of affection.

She believed that she could get him back as long as she explained everything sincerely. He would still return to her one day.

After all, that Zuo Weiyi was just her substitute.

Jing Xinlei lowered her eyes and smiled happily thinking of this.

Shi Yuting suddenly stopped walking.

He was slightly stunned. He looked at Jing Xinlei who was in his arms. “Where is Zuo Weiyi? Is she not with you?”

Jing Xinlei was shocked at first, she then looked down.

The flash of guiltiness in her eyes was concealed and imperceptible.

She calmed down and looked up at Shi Yuting before asking with a surprised face, “Hasn’t she gone back already?”

Shi Yuting slightly frowned. “Are you sure that she has gone back?”

His slightly skeptical eyes made Jin Xinlei panic.

She then calmed herself down and nodded. “Yes, I watched her passed by here.”

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