Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets - Chapter 430 - Powerless, Trickery!

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Chapter 430: Powerless, Trickery!

In the terrain of Flame Mountain.

The Red Flame Tyrant Dragon circled in the air. Raging flames rose from the mountain of flames below and gathered on the dragon spine.

This was indeed a benefit of being able to fly. It had a powerful right to attack.

This was also why almost all Contract Soul Masters would consider choosing a flying-type soul pet.

‘You can choose not to, but if they have it and you don’t, it will be very uncomfortable.’

This was the case in any battle.

The dragon spine formed by the Bone Dragon Whip was like a winding fire mountain range, scorching.

“Skywing Dragon Strike!”

The nearly 50-meter-tall Fire Dragon’s spine extended to its tail as it burned with scorching flames. Even the audience outside the arena could feel the heat wave very clearly.

However, at this moment, what they felt more clearly was the power that erupted from the dragon spine!

The Red Flame Tyrant Dragon suddenly flew more than a hundred meters into the sky and descended from the sky. The dragon spine flickered even more as if it was charged until the dragon tail erupted with a violent light!

It struck down at Bear Treasure!

The huge body and the dragon tail swung at Bear Treasure like an autumn wind.

Almost instantly, it drowned Bear Treasure’s figure!


The Flame Mountain was like an earthquake as a violent air wave erupted. The mountain pillars would directly collapse, and the terrain would be violently destroyed!

The audience held their breaths and exclaimed in their hearts that the competition in the first zone was too intense!

This was only the first round! It was even the preliminary stage!

Martial soul evolution and soul pet combination were already used.

Their gaze was fixed on it, and then their eyes gradually widened…

This was because when the Red Flame Tyrant Dragon’s tail landed and drowned the latter, it also froze.

As if time had frozen, it froze there!

“What’s this?”

Cheng Zhe was stunned. He felt as if he was being dragged by a huge force. No matter how the dragon spine twisted, its tail could not move.

His heart pounded as an ominous feeling arose in his heart.

Similarly, many of the audience also had a premonition, as if they had expected something to happen.

When the airwave gradually dissipated, the dust fell with the wind.

The scene in front of him appeared in the public eye.

The Heaven Trampling Overlord grabbed the tail like iron pincers. Its entire body glowed with a mysterious light as waves of power locked onto the dragon tail with its palms.

It… blocked it again?

Otherwise, it would have even grabbed the tail?

What the heck!

Could it even block this?

Moreover, it did not suffer much damage!

Was this soul pet’s pure strength already strong enough to be on par with the Giant Dragon?

Especially after the soul pet combination, its soul power cultivation had reached ten thousand years!

Or did it use some special soul skill?


The next moment, Bear Treasure let out a heaven-shaking roar! Its palms moved! In an instant, the small size seemed to have the strength of ten thousand catties. Steel-like meridians appeared on its arms, and it directly lifted the Red Flame Tyrant Dragon that was ten times larger than it through the dragon tail!

Audience: o(゚Д゚)っ

Cheng Zhe: (O_O)?

Bear Treasure’s aura boiled. The ground under its feet cracked inch by inch. It raised the dragon and swung forward!


The huge Red Flame Tyrant Dragon was smashed into the ground, creating a distorted crater dozens of meters long!

Then, Bear Treasure swung again, crazily smashing from left to right!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It jumped up and smashed it like a whip, like a jumping rope…

After going back and forth for more than ten minutes, Cheng Zhe was dizzy and his entire body was aching. Of the three combined soul pets, the Red Flame Dragon Horn and the Bone Dragon Whip were all forcibly separated! They lay on the ground and kept twitching!

In the end, Bear Treasure gently threw the Red Flame Tyrant Dragon up. It clenched its claws into a fist and sent it flying with a Wave Fist!

This Wave Fist directly blasted the Nether Dragon Soul out!

In an instant, the Red Flame Tyrant Dragon’s figure flickered continuously and landed in the distance. It gradually shrunk and returned to its martial soul form.

Cheng Zhe spat out a mouthful of blood and used his hands to support himself on the ground. His face was pale and his mind was blank.

What happened to close combat?

“Rock Fighting…” Cheng Zhe trembled and muttered, “It’s actually this move. It’s fine if it can withstand it, but how can this Heaven Trampling Overlord’s strength be so exaggerated… a four-thousand-year soul pet, could its potential be completely focused on strength?”

Cheng Zhe was very confused. The encyclopedia clearly stated that it was King-ranked.

How could a King-ranked soul pet have this strength in four thousand years?

“I admit defeat.”

Cheng Zhe looked at the soul pets and sighed.

The tattered terrain gradually disappeared, announcing the end of the match.

The audience was very silent.

It was actually quite a long time. It looked like a normal match, but in fact, it was already ridiculous!

This was because when he returned to his senses, he realized that it was one against three, no, one against four.

It was not one against one!

He was an elite fourth-year student!

“Roar (Awesome)!”

Bear Treasure howled, indicating that it had fun fighting.

The other party was really resistant.

Wang Che returned to the stage where the referee was and retracted his number plate.

“Contestant No. 1, your match today has ended.” The referee said, “You can stay and continue watching the other contestants’ matches. If there are teams, you can prepare for tomorrow’s team competition.”

Wang Che nodded.


Cheng Zhe stopped Wang Che.

“Senior, is there anything else?” Wang Che asked.

“This soul pet of yours…” Cheng Zhe looked at Bear Treasure beside Wang Che, “Is it hiding its soul power cultivation? In reality, it’s close to ten thousand years of cultivation? At least nine thousand years?”

“I’m in my first year, Senior.” Wang Che smiled and said, “Do you think a first-year student can nurture a soul pet with a cultivation base close to ten thousand years?”

“Oh, that’s true.” Cheng Zhe thought about it and felt that it was indeed impossible. He felt that he was asking too foolishly.

However, he still could not understand why this Heaven Trampling Overlord was so strong.

“Forget it…” Cheng Zhe frowned and sighed, “I didn’t expect to meet a guy like you in the first round. I’ve had enough. However, your Bamboo Bear’s evolution is very extraordinary. When it grabbed the tail of the Red Flame Tyrant Dragon just now, it actually had a faint deterrence against me.”

If it was not a problem of potential and cultivation, then it was probably because of the inheritance awakening or bloodline power.

Moreover, the other party was extremely immune to flames. He could not understand.

“Actually, you’re quite powerful,” Wang Che said, “It’s just that you’re a little lacking. However, it seems that I won’t meet you again in the preliminary competition.”

According to the rules of the preliminary stage, after ten rounds, no matter who won or lost, they would not meet the same opponent.

If he wanted to fight the other party again, he could only issue an autonomous challenge.

“Don’t worry, if we meet in the team competition…” Cheng Zhe smiled, not too discouraged, “Your Heaven Trampling Overlord won’t be able to beat me. Moreover, you can only take out one soul pet in the team competition. I want to see your Insect Heavenly Emperor. You trained this Heaven Trampling Overlord so well, that Insect Heavenly Emperor should have been delayed quite a bit, right?”

“I wonder if it’s still as strong as in the video.”

When training soul pets in university, almost no one advanced multiple at the same time.

They would only gather resources to nurture one main force. The other one or two soul pets would slowly be raised with the remaining resources.

Even if his family had a mine and enough resources, the Contract Soul Master wasn’t strong and didn’t have the energy to nurture the other two soul pets.

If they wanted to nurture them together, the final outcome was that everyone could attack, but none of them were strong.

This was very fatal in the competition. It was very easy for others to kill two or three in a row.

For example, among Cheng Zhe’s three soul pets, the six-thousand-year Red Flame Dragon Horn was the most powerful. It could release various fire soul skills and some unique demon spirit soul skills. It could combine with Contract Soul Masters or soul pets and increase their combat strength, temporarily evolving their martial souls.

In this soul pet combination, the Red Flame Dragon Horn was the most important. Without it, the other two soul pets couldn’t combine.

However, its luck was clearly bad. It encountered Bear Treasure and its strength was greatly reduced.

Otherwise, Cheng Zhe would not have chosen close combat.

“In the team competition, I’m the substitute,” Wang Che said. “I usually don’t go on stage. My teammates are still quite powerful.”

“Bullsh*t, you’re a substitute with your level?” Cheng Zhe exposed him mercilessly, “You’re a trump card reserve, right? Our Dragon Martial Academy has three teams, and the other two are very strong. I look forward to meeting your team.”

‘If I can’t win alone, I can at least win against a team, right?’

Wang Che roughly knew what the other party was thinking.

It was quite normal.

“I’m looking forward to it too.” Wang Che nodded. Then, he stayed to watch a few matches and felt that the first zone was indeed very exciting.

He saw a true ten-thousand-year soul pet, the Grand Rock Barbarian.

Because it was the third round, the results of the first two rounds were unknown, but this round, it was very strong.

It should be very suitable for Bear Treasure to unleash some stronger strength.

Moreover, his opponent was not weak!

It was also a classic one against three. One was seven thousand years, one was five thousand years, and one was three thousand years.

The terrain was rock.

Three heroes against the warrior.

When Wang Che arrived, it was already at the climax. It actually took a few minutes to end.


After watching it, Wang Che found it very interesting.

In the end, the Grand Rock Barbarian would definitely win, but the reason was that the Contract Soul Master summoned other soul pets to win.

Otherwise, they would lose.

Unfortunately, it did not complete the feat of fighting three alone.

“Under the conditions of the terrain, a King-ranked rock-type soul pet like the Grand Rock Barbarian with a ten thousand year soul power cultivation was almost defeated by three soul pets below ten thousand years.”

A true ten-thousand-year soul pet was fundamentally different from a thousand-year soul pet.

The reason was simple. Ten-thousand-year soul pets had a chance of awakening a gene characteristic. At the hundred-thousand-year stage, the gene characteristic could also awaken into an inherited talent.

Therefore, in ten thousand years, other than the qualitative change in cultivation and soul skills, this gene characteristic was also a decisive factor.

Although the probability was not high, contestants who could reach this step and train ten thousand year soul pets were not ordinary people. Awakening the gene characteristic was inevitable.

“That Grand Rock Barbarian’s gene characteristic is the Son of Mountain Rock. In the environment of the mountain rock, the power of soul power increased by a level. However, under those circumstances, it was unable to deal with those three soul pets…”

Wang Che thought for a few seconds.

Of the three soul pets, one was a seven-thousand-year Water Margin Qilin Lord, one was a five-thousand-year Mountain Cotton, and the other was a three-thousand-year Bar Spirit.

From a soul pet’s point of view, any one of them could not withstand a single punch from the Grand Rock Barbarian.

A large soul pet that specialized in strength and could lean against the mountain was very strong.

Moreover, it had a true ten-thousand-year cultivation base. It was even stronger than the Red Flame Tyrant Dragon formed by Cheng Zhe’s martial soul and demon spirit soul pet.

Soul power cultivation was not as simple as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. The increase in cultivation brought about a series of changes.

However, in that situation, it still couldn’t beat the three soul pets.

“Tactical combination.”

Wang Che pondered and said, “The powerful support of the Water Margin Qilin King, the species soul skill of the Mountain Cotton, and the Inflatable soul skill of the Inflatable Gun…”

In the Contract Soul Master’s lineup, the main force was the Mountain Cotton, not the Water Margin Qilin King.

As an elemental spirit, the Water Margin Qilin King had extremely powerful support abilities.

This could be seen in Ludi.

As for the Mountain Cotton…

“This is a very ordinary soul pet. The third stage evolution, Mountain Cotton, is only an extremely rare soul pet… but that palm strike just now could directly shake the Grand Rock Barbarian… it should be its species soul skill: Powerless.”

Powerless: It can offset 50% of the strength brought by the soul skill. The limit is at most 99% of the strength. At the same time, absorb 50% of the strength. The highest is 99%. Enter the ‘Steel Cotton’ state. If the strength absorbed is more than twice the cultivation base, it can’t be absorbed.”

The Mountain Cotton evolved from Cottony. This was its unique species soul skill.

As the saying went, a punch on the cotton…

Wang Che remembered that his high school classmates had this soul pet.

Of course, just this soul skill was far from enough to resist the Grand Rock Barbarian.

As for the third soul pet, the Inflatable Gun, this demon spirit-type soul pet was the most important.

Demon spirit-type soul pets’ demon spirit soul skills were very special. Demon spirit-type soul skills had no common soul skills, only demon spirit soul skills derived from their own forms.

Inflatable: It can double the size of a gaseous soul pet and increase the effect of its soul skill by 100%.

If it was directly added to the Mountain Cotton, the effect would double!

This meant that it could directly offset 99% of the strength attack. Not only that, but it could also absorb 99% of the strength attack.

Coupled with the support of the Water Shield and the enhancement effect,

it directly allowed the Mountain Cotton to have the ability to fight the Grand Rock Barbarian.

“This soul skill combination can defeat the strong as the weak. With the support of the Water Margin Qilin King, the power of the mountain rock attribute attacks will decrease greatly. As for the Grand Rock Barbarian that specializes in strength, it can’t unleash its strength either. With a punch, the other party will only withstand 1% of the attack. There’s also the shield to offset it… It basically didn’t suffer much damage.”

“At the same time, Mountain Cotton is a grass-type. It seems to be most afraid of flames, but the Water Margin Qilin King is very resistant to flames. Its weakness is covered.”


“An extremely rare grade Mountain Cotton beat the other party up.”

Wang Che smiled.

Actually, he was not the only one who smiled.

Many of the audience laughed.

The Contract Soul Master of the Grand Rock Barbarian won, but after winning, his face darkened as if he had lost.

Clearly, it was very embarrassing.

Moreover, he was different from Cheng Zhe who had just walked up. Cheng Zhe estimated that Wang Che was very strong.

Therefore, he could still accept losing. Those who could not accept it were only three in a row.

This match was clearly different. The Grand Rock Barbarian that wanted to beat three alone almost lost. He took out his second and third soul pets to barely win.

However, he did not expose the power of his martial soul.

“To be able to fight to this extent in the King’s Cup, even if it’s a normal soul pet, it’s probably very special.”

Wang Che shook his head.

He wondered what new combinations and tricks there would be.

Wang Che was also thinking about how Bear Treasure would fight if it encountered that shameless ‘Water Cotton Gun’ combination.

It was the nemesis of strength-type soul pets.

Many of the audience felt their scalps tingle.

However, Wang Che only thought about it for a second before stopping.

How should they fight?

He could just beat it with a punch.

So what if it had only one percent strength?

That was enough…

The Titan True Body could increase strength and defense by ten times at most. Bear Treasure could not reach this level yet.

However, it could also become a huge Bear Treasure six times larger than usual, which meant a six times increase in strength.

With this multiplier of strength, the Wave Fist, and the Soul Qi Rhythm formed by the Nine Yang Limitless Technique, Wang Che did not even need the Lightning Hand.

With a punch, unless it was a soul skill that was completely immune to strength, a passive soul skill, or an inherited talent, there shouldn’t be many soul pets at this stage who could withstand it.

As for soul skills that were completely immune to strength, only extremely rare invincible skills were possible.

“Dominator’s Strength, the limit of the Bear Emperor. It should have the power to break the rules… Invincibility skills should be useless against it.”

Wang Che shook his head.

He did not know if this was the case. He would only know after Bear Treasure cultivated.

With the power of an ancient overlord, Wang Che felt that at the limit of cultivation, it should be possible to break the rules.

Immune to strength attacks? Impossible.

“If it doesn’t use the Titan True Body…”

Wang Che thought about it. It would be very difficult to defeat this group.

After returning to the platform where the academy was, Wang Che discovered that Shen Mingluan and the others had rather relaxed expressions.

“Looking at your expressions, you should have drawn a good lot?”

Wang Che smiled, “Which school is it?”

The team competition was decided by drawing lots.

The few of them did not speak and seemed to be embarrassed.

“West Peak Academy’s third team.” Bai Xiaoluo chuckled and said, “I took a look. It’s quite weak. The configuration is slightly lower than ours. However, they are from your continent.”

“Junior, you don’t have to go on stage for the team battle.”

Bai Xiaoluo swore, “After our preliminary competition, it will be the top 32 of the team. At that time, you should have something to show off. Leave the rest to the seniors!”

“I’ll wait and see.”

Wang Che nodded.

In fact, as Bai Xiaoluo had said, she did not draw any strong teams in the next few days.

They could rely on themselves to win. Bai Xiaoluo had not even used the spirit talismans of the Wind Dragon Guard.

After returning from the Myriad Beast Mountain, their strength had increased greatly, especially their soul pets. It was a huge increase for the entire team.

For example, the Glazed Green Luan’s Luan Phoenix Harmony could directly increase the soul power cultivation base. It could be said to be an extremely safe fight.

Coupled with the soul power flow obtained by Oh Oh Flower, it directly turned Bai Xiaoluo into a war god. Not only was her explosive power strong, but it also lasted for a long time.

Unfortunately, there were no bird-type soul pets in the team. Otherwise, the species soul skill, Luan Phoenix Harmony, would be even stronger.

Species soul skills were all very unique and rare.

The more special a race was, the rarer its species soul skill was.

The Glazed Green Luan was a King-ranked soul pet like the Luan Phoenix. Its species soul skill was naturally extraordinary.

The first zone’s preliminary stage was still hot. In the next few days, Wang Che also used Bear Treasure to defeat many opponents.

Compared to the first day, the opponent he encountered in the next few days was not much stronger.

After all, not everyone in each zone could compare to Cheng Zhe.

Most of the third-year students were much worse than him.

Wang Che let Bear Treasure practice the Samadhi Spirit Eyes and Rock Fighting in battle.

As long as it cultivated these two moves well, coupled with the Grand Martial Force and Cloud Near at Hand, any attack could be dealt with.

Then, with a Wave Fist, it could defeat the other party and obtain victory.

After six consecutive days of victory, Bear Treasure was given many titles by the audience.

One Punch Bear Emperor, One Punch Super Bear, and One Punch Overlord.

‘It’s just a Wave Fist. Can you withstand it?’

On the sixth day, which was also the sixth round, the opponents he encountered became more and more mature in their tactics and fighting styles. Moreover, they were extremely targeted in a certain aspect.

On the sixth day, Wang Che’s first opponent was not ordinary.

His name was Chen Shan, it was rather ordinary.

Martial soul, Sand.

Level: 31

Fourteen wins and one loss, three soul pets.

“Chen Shan… Isn’t this the ‘Water Cotton Gun’ I saw on the first day?”

Wang Che thought for a moment and the scene from back then immediately appeared in his mind, “I got paired with him, although it’s in the sixth round.”

Fourteen consecutive wins meant that he had lost one match on the first day.

It couldn’t be helped. After all, the opponent was a ten thousand year soul pet. He was definitely in his fourth year and was even among the top students.

When he arrived at the stage where the referee was, Wang Che looked around and discovered that there were an additional number of spectators on the audience stage today.

“The terrain today is the pool terrain.”

The referee introduced expressionlessly.

The water terrain of the pool!

As the terrain below gradually rose, the rolling water surged like waves!

Seeing this, the audience was amused.

The terrain of the pool had no ground support. It had a huge effect on water-type soul pets.

Water nourished everything. Without any strength, it was very difficult to unleash its strength in this terrain.

This was the first time Wang Che had encountered this terrain.

“Chen Shan, please guide me.” The opponent’s expression was calm as if he was not happy about the terrain.

“Wang Che, please guide me.” Wang Che nodded.

“Get ready.” The referee did not even look up.

Chen Shan directly leaped down. The soul ring on his body flickered as countless grains of sand gathered under his feet, forming a platform of sand at the landing point.

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