Absolute Great Teacher - Chapter 911 - : Immense Rewards by the Jin Country’s King

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Chapter 911: Immense Rewards by the Jin Country’s King

Translator: Lordbluefire

The golden-colored dragon flag of the Great Jin Country shone resplendently under the sunlight. The golden-veiled warriors fully decked in their helmets and armor stood at the various pathways on the campus.

Other than to protect the Jin King, they were also honor guards. Hence, they not only had high combat strength, but their appearances were tyrannical as well.

“Quickly go and look, the King of Jin Country has arrived!”

The students ran around and spread the news.

The identity of a king was simply too prestigious. Even the genius students of Dragon Subduing Academy wouldn’t be able to meet the king just because they wanted to.

Moreover, the person who came today was none other than the strongest Jin King in history, Wanyan Xiongba. He was a major character with legendary stories. Hence, everyone’s curiosity about him was off the charts..

Even the people from the upper echelons of Dragon Subduing Academy all came out to welcome him.

“I came for a visit because of Sun Mo, Great Teacher Sun.”

Wanyan Xiongba was a very muscular man. His height was close to two meters, and he was clad in a golden emperor robe. By wearing a cloak made from bear fur, he truly looked imposing and heroic.

Although he said this, no one believed it. The stance of the Dragon Subduing Academy had always been one of neutrality. They wouldn’t side with any country.

Wanyan Xiongba had wanted to interfere with matters of the school, but Xiao Fulong had also been someone tyrannical and majestic. He refused to give Wanyan Xiongba any chance to do so. But now, Xiao Fulong was no more and Wanyan Xiongba finally had a chance.

Once the Dragon Subduing Academy became the national school of the great Jin Country, the Jin Country would have established a foundation that wouldn’t be damaged even in 1,000 years.

Sun Mo conversed with An Xinhui, but then he suddenly saw a huge commotion happening as the students rushed out from the school and went over to watch the show.

Xianyu Wei was also curiously tip-toeing as she glanced over.

“Go if you want to go.”

Sun Mo furrowed his brows. “There’s no need for you to keep accompanying me!”

“This student knows her mistake!”

Xianyu Wei hurriedly acknowledged her mistake.

(Teacher’s wife is here, I naturally have to wait on her to show my filial piety.)

“From the sound of the bugle horn, it seems that the Jin King has come to pay a visit.”

An Xinhui was very learned. Not only did she know the meaning of the horn sounds for various royalties in the different countries, but she could even perform them.


Sun Mo wasn’t concerned about this.

But not long later, he saw a group of valiant-looking warriors appearing in the surroundings and restricting the teachers and students who were blocking the path.

A few moments later, Wanyan Xiongba found his way over under the lead of the few vice headmasters.

“Teacher Sun, this is King Wanyan, why are you not hurrying over to pay your respect?!”

A vice headmaster who was about 20+ meters away started shouting at Sun Mo. He was deeply afraid that Wanyan Xiongba might feel slighted by Sun Mo.


Sun Mo frowned. (It’s one thing if you are willing to become a simp, but why do you want me to fawn over him with you? Moreover, I’m someone from the Central Plains.)

As expected, An Xinhui grabbed hold of Sun Mo’s hand and reminded him in a low voice.

“Don’t move!”

Sun Mo’s status was different from the past. If he acted too politely and lowered himself too much, he would be spurned by great teacher circles of the Central Plains.

In the eyes of people from the Central Plains, even the Jin King was considered an uncivilized barbarian, unworthy of a single mention.

“Is this Great Teacher Sun, Sun Mo? As expected of a young hero. His aura surpasses the crowd!”

Wanyan Xiongba laughed loudly and hastened his steps. He walked before Sun Mo and grabbed his shoulders. After surveying him, Wanyan Xiongba pulled Sun Mo into a fierce hug.

The passionate characters of barbarians were simply so direct, bold, and spicy. He wouldn’t hide if he liked you. If he hated you, he would directly pull out his weapon to cleave you with no hesitation.


Sun Mo felt very uncomfortable from the force of the hug. Moreover, the king even emitted a strong fragrance of a perfume that caused Sun Mo’s nose to wrinkle.

“Teacher Sun!”

Wanyan Mei, who was following at the side, immediately greeted him.

“Great Teacher Sun. Thank you for saving my daughter. From today onward, you are my friend, the eternal friend of my great Jin Country.”

Wanyan Xiongba had already released his hold. But after hearing his daughter’s greeting, he hugged Sun Mo again.

This was the daughter he doted the most on, his treasure. If Sun Mo hadn’t acted back then, she would have died.

“We great teachers should naturally do our best to protect the students. There’s no need for Country Lord to act like this.”

Back when Sun Mo saved Wanyan Mei, he basically wasn’t thinking of getting any rewards.

Looking at Sun Mo’s calm expression, Wanyan Xiongba recalled the situation his daughter had described to him. He couldn’t help but raise his estimation of Sun Mo again.

This was truly a great teacher’s grace.


Favorable impression points from Wanyan Xiongba +100. Friendly (610/1,000).

“This person is…?”

Wanyan Xiongba looked at An Xinhui. He had long since noticed this woman whose beauty was at a somewhat shocking level. Even in his harem, there might only be one or two who could be comparable to her.

Usually speaking, people would take the initiative to announce their identities, but this woman didn’t do so. This meant that his status as the king of Jin Country wasn’t able to gain any extra respect from her.

“This is An Xinhui, the headmaster of the Central Province Academy.”

Sun Mo introduced.

An Xinhui nodded. She then took half a step backward and stood behind Sun Mo. This posture indicated that she would follow Sun Mo’s lead and didn’t wish to converse too much with Wanyan Xiongba.

“Ah? An Xinhui?”

Wanyan Xiongba started. His eyes involuntarily widened as he surveyed her.

There was a ranking board in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces named the Devastating Beauty Rankings. Those beauties who could be ranked on it all had outstanding appearances and talents.

The emperors of Middle-Earth wouldn’t lack beauties in their harem. In fact, some would launch large-scale empire-toppling wars for the sake of beauties. But there were a minority of beauties the emperors had no quality to touch.

For example, those who were rankers on the Devastating Beauty Rankings.

So what even if emperors were fond of them?

(Go use your own talent, status, and wealth to move them emotionally. If you want to use martial force to subdue them, the entire great teacher world will boycott that country.)

“The stupid paintings I’ve seen before basically didn’t manage to do justice to An Xinhui’s beauty!”

Wanyan Xiongba decided to hack those court painters to death when he returned.

Kings and emperors like him would drool over beautiful female great teachers on the Beauty Rankings. Other than feeling lust for their beautiful appearance, they also wanted to have an outstanding descendant with them.

The people of this world didn’t know about eugenics. But even so, they knew that when two impressive people coupled, their descendants would usually be more outstanding compared to others.

“Headmaster An, why didn’t you say anything before you came to our Dragon Subduing Academy?”

“How is the old headmaster’s illness?”

“Teacher Sun is so lucky to be able to have such a fiancee. He must have used up his fortune for three lifetimes.”

The vice headmasters immediately spoke highly of An Xinhui.

Firstly, An Xinhui was a top genius that ranked among the top three in the younger generation. Secondly, her grandfather might have failed in the breakthrough to the Saint Realm and fallen into a coma. But what if he woke up?

Lastly, it was to give Sun Mo face.

When these two rising stars became husband and wife, it would most probably be like a gigantic rock being tossed into the huge river that was the great teacher world. They could definitely cause intense ripples, right?


Upon hearing this, Wanyan Xiongba started. After that, the hint of desire in his eyes was quickly concealed by him.

(Sigh! How envious! I also want a wife like her.)

Wanyan Xiongba knew that An Xinhui was a woman he would never be able to obtain.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Wanyan Xiongba went straight to the topic.

“Great Teacher Sun, thank you for saving my daughter. These are some gifts, but they are not enough to represent my respect for you.”

As the sound of Wanyan Xiongba’s voice faded, a palace chamberlain stood out and spread a red-colored list of gifts as he started to read out.

10 Donghu Treasure Pearls!

A pair of Red Jadeite!

2 Dark Blue Coral!

2 gyrfalcons.

2 ferocious tigers from the snowy mountains.

10 hundred-year ginseng!

As the chamberlain recited the gifts, maids and warriors showed them to Sun Mo.

The fist-sized baby Donghu Treasure Pearls were definitely things that had demand but no supply.

When a pearl finder found one and gifted it to the king, they would be able to enjoy a tax-free life from then on. One could very well imagine its value.

This was because the shellfish species that would produce this pearl could only be found deep in the oceans. In order to obtain one, many pearl finders died every year.

Right now, Wanyan Xiongba directly took out ten as a gift.

As for the red jadeite and deep blue corals, they were all rare treasures. It was unknown how many people had to die in the process of obtaining them.

Right now, there were several great teachers and students in the surroundings. When they saw this scene, many great teachers sighed with envy.

In the future, Sun Mo would absolutely be the king’s VIP.

“This thigh Sun Mo has hugged is really sturdy!”

Someone grumbled in jealousy.

“Do you mean the opposite? Why do I feel it’s Wanyan Xiongba who is hugging Sun Mo’s thigh instead?”

A few people understood that Wanyan Xiongba was using this opportunity to show good will to Sun Mo.

After all, Sun Mo was a new rising superstar who might become the leader of this generation of great teachers. He was worthy of the Jin King placing a heavy bet on him.

100 named blades!

100 longbows!

“Damn, there’s still more?”

The vice headmasters could be considered to have seen the wide world, but when they heard the chamberlain continuing to read, they involuntarily felt shocked.

If they didn’t know better, they might have assumed that Sun Mo was Wanyan Xiongba’s personal teacher. Weren’t the rewards given too many and too valuable?

100 brave warriors!

300 beauties!

500 male slaves and 500 female slaves!

Gold, silver, and treasures worth a total of 1 million taels!

The chamberlain finally finished reading. After that, he closed the list and walked toward Sun Mo before using both his hands to pass the list to him. “Great Teacher Sun, please accept!”

“Being a great teacher is such a great way to make money!”

Xianyu Wei’s drool almost came out. If these gifts were sold for food, it would be enough to fund Xianyu Wei’s entire tribe for ten years.

Also, there were two gyrfalcons.

Xianyu Wei’s tribe members only knew how to capture normal eagles and train them. As for the sharpest scouts on the battlefield, gyrfalcons, one might not be able to buy one no matter how much money they had.

“Teacher’s face is really huge.”

Xianyu Wei felt glorious.


Favorable impression points from Xianyu Wei +1,000. Reverence (16,500/100,000).

Yet. Sun Mo didn’t accept it.

“Country Lord, these gifts are too valuable. The lowly me cannot endure this.”

(It is just saving a person. Is there a need to give such valuable gifts?)

Wanyan Xiongba didn’t say anything. Instead, he looked at his daughter.


Wanyan Mei knelt and spoke in a loud voice, “Teacher’s accomplishments in the study of spirit runes cause this student to be in admiration. This student wishes to follow you and learn about spirit runes. Teacher, could you please grant my wish?”

After speaking, Wanyan Mei immediately kowtowed nine times.

Very forcefully.

An Xinhui couldn’t bear it and glanced at Sun Mo. It seemed like Little Momo’s examination in the Dragon Subduing Academy had been very smooth. Even the princess of the Jin Country was convinced by his performance.

[1] the term ‘Country Lord’ is how Sun Mo and most of the great teachers’ term of address for the Jin King

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