Absolute Great Teacher - Chapter 910 - Saint Gate’s Sect Lord, An Esteemed Guest Arriving!

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Chapter 910: Saint Gate’s Sect Lord, An Esteemed Guest Arriving!

Translator: Lordbluefire

Two days later, the investigation concluded.

In the meeting room of the teaching building…

The school leaders of the Dragon Subduing Academy and over ten high-ranking great teachers were all present.

“So, that’s roughly what happened.”

After a female assistant spoke, she walked toward that middle-aged man who had investigated Sun Mo and the other two who were involved.

This seat was the master seat, the place where Xiao Fulong used to sit. Logically speaking, a person from the Central Plains like him had no qualifications to sit here.


But the status of this middle-aged man was simply too lofty.

He was the Sect Lord of Saint Gate, a saint whose knowledge was the most profound in the current great teacher world. He was incomparably strong.

A lot of the people here had many questions but because the middle-aged man was present, not a single one of them dared to ask anything. They even slowed down their breathing.

“Just ask whatever questions you guys have now. If you still have questions after the investigation is concluded, it would mean you are questioning the prestige of the Saint Gate.”

The middle-aged man spoke.

His composed tone of voice exuded an incomparable might and imposingness.

“Sect Lord, so it means that this matter happened due to the secret plots of Murong Ye and Duanmu Li. Headmaster Xiao discovered this long ago and used his seclusion to make them negligent, wanting to capture both in a single shot. However, he suffered from Murong Ye’s sneak attack and died.

“Next, an internal conflict happened between Murong Ye and Duanmu Li. Murong Ye miscalculated and died on the battlefield, but before Duanmu Li could be happy, Saint Ten-Thousand Leaves suddenly appeared and killed him, eventually becoming the ultimate winner after having captured the ancient dragon soul. Is that right?”

A vice headmaster asked.


The middle-aged nodded slightly.

“Sun Mo wasn’t killed by Saint Ten-Thousand Leaves because Teng Wanye cherished his talent and wanted to accept him as a personal student. In the end, Sun Mo rejected him and Teng Wanye planted a gu-bug into his brain, correct?”

The vice headmaster asked again.


The middle-aged man continued nodding.

Sounds of discussion immediately rang out in the meeting room.

“From my point of view, Teacher Sun isn’t someone from the Dark dawn.”

“Definitely not. For something like the existence of the gu-bug, we will know the moment we do an investigation.”

“But Sun Mo might have chosen to join Saint Ten-Thousand Leaves for the sake of being able to live. So, we still have to guard against him.”

“Shh, can such words even be uttered here?”

The school leaders mumbled to themselves.

Actually, it was already the consensus that Sun Mo wasn’t a traitor or a spy. After all, in a major incident where secondary saints and saints appeared, a 2-star great teacher basically had no use even if they were a spy or a traitor.

However, Sun Mo was truly impressive. He could get Murong Ye, Duanmu Li, and Saint Ten-Thousand Leaves to regard him highly, and they all wanted to accept him as a personal student. How shocking must his talent be?


Favorable impression points from high-ranking major characters +5,100.

“Murong Mingyue also wasn’t killed because of her ancestor-level expertise in the study of puppetry, and Teng Wanye cherished her talent. Did we get this right?”

The vice headmaster continued, but a look of disbelief was on his face.

Because this title was too shocking.


The middle-aged man grunted. After that, he reproached them, “How do you guys nurture great teachers actually? Can’t you tell that Murong Mingyue disliked fiddling with corpses? Why are you all still forcing her to do so?”


The skin of the few vice headmasters all tightened as a feeling of fear and trepidation appeared in their hearts. As for the others, they had questioning looks or looks of shock on their faces.

Ancestor Puppeteer?

Fiddling with corpses?

What and what?

“Also, Wanyan Mei didn’t die because Teng Wanye saved her.”

The female assistant added.

The Saint Gate announced to the external world that the Dark Dawn was an evil organization. But not everyone inside were villainous people.

Some of them were great teachers who didn’t want to be restricted by ‘morality’ and ‘law’, wishing to do their own research on their subjects.

For example, doctors. They needed living bodies to test medicine and collect data to complete their research. However, this was a forbidden thing in the great teacher world. Hence, they chose to join Dark Dawn and spend money to search for living bodies to test medicine under the protection of the Dawn Sovereign.

One must know that in this world, there would always be people who led lives of suffering or decadence. If they could earn a lot of money just by eating medicine, they were very willing to do so.

From their point of view, the forbidding order issued by the Saint Gate was restricting their path to making money.

Wan Tengye was someone like that. He wasn’t a murderous maniac and only wanted to do deeper non-mainstream research on his own subjects that involved the forbidden domain.

Half an hour later, the meeting ended.

“We will respectfully send Sect Lord off.”

The leaders in the meeting room all rose to their feet and bowed.

The campus was in a state of ruin.

“Sect Lord.”

The female assistant followed the middle-aged man. She hesitated for a long time but eventually spoke. “The gu-bug in Sun Mo’s body should be something created from the latest research of Saint Ten-Thousand Leaves. There’s basically no way to remove it. Should we lock him out and monitor him?”

She didn’t mention the second part of what she wanted to say. Firstly, she was worried Sun Mo might turn into a traitor. After all, given his talent, it would be a great loss and danger to the great teacher world if he chose to join the Dark Dawn.

Secondly, they could research the gu-bug in Sun Mo’s body to get more information regarding Saint Ten-Thousand Leaves, and they might be able to occupy an advantage in future battles against him.

“I believe Sun Mo can save himself.”

The middle-aged man stared into the distance. “Give him a year. If he still cannot do it in a year, the Saint Gate will intervene.”

The female assistant hurriedly noted this down. After that, she frowned and wanted to say something but hesitated.

“Did you not understand why I want to shield Murong Mingyue?”

When the middle-aged man had been speaking with Murong Mingyue, he didn’t even use Beautiful Heart and Murong Mingyue already revealed everything.

“We great teachers should impart knowledge and teach morals, allowing people who walked the wrong path to mend their ways. In her heart, Murong Mingyue isn’t a villainous character. If she repents, given her talent, she will be able to make huge contributions to the study of puppetry. Wanye would rather reveal his identity than kill her. If I acted, wouldn’t that mean that my magnanimity is even inferior to his?”

The middle-aged man shook his head and laughed. After that, he sighed.

Things were over for the Dragon Subduing Academy. They would begin to decline slowly.

This was good too. It could serve as a reminder to the other famous schools that they shouldn’t be arrogant just because they were one of the Nine Greats.

The Dark Dawn was hiding in the darkness and was like a venomous snake that would choose prey to devour. Once you revealed a flaw, they would immediately lunge over and bite you to death.

The sunlight in the afternoon was still considered bright.

Sun Mo went for a walk on the campus. Other than Xianyu Wei beside him, there were six other bodyguards following him from the back.

A few days ago, they were responsible for watching Sun Mo, preventing him from fleeing. But now, they became his bodyguards.

With the Saint Gate’s Sect Lord’s endorsement, the suspicion on Sun Mo was completely cleansed.

“I will be returning to the Central Plains in three more days. What do you plan to do?”

Because the examination period had officially ended yesterday, Sun Mo revealed his true identity to Xianyu Wei.


Xianyu Wei was perplexed. She wanted to follow her teacher and continue learning, but she felt somewhat afraid because she had to leave her home and head to such a faraway place like the Central Plains.

“No matter what choice you make, you will always be my pride.”

Sun Mo’s lips curled into a smile when he thought of how Xianyu Wei had defended the white deer for the sake of his glory.

“Little Momo!”

The sudden voice interrupted Sun Mo’s words. He turned his head and saw An Xinhui speeding over with a body covered in dust.


An Xinhui hugged Sun Mo. After that, she pushed him away as her hands moved around his body, inspecting if there were any major injuries.

“Why are you here?” Sun Mo was taken aback. “Has the 4-star great teacher examination ended?”

“Such a major thing happened, why can’t I come here?”

An Xinhui glared at Sun Mo. “Also, why didn’t you write letters to me? Are you treating me as an outsider?”

The Dragon Subduing Academy had been attacked by the Dark Dawn and even their headmaster had died. Such a thing basically couldn’t be concealed. Very soon, everyone in the world knew about it.

Once An Xinhui’s 4-star great teacher examination had ended, she didn’t even return to school. She traveled through day and night and directly came here.

“It’s just a small matter.”

Seeing the concern in An Xinhui’s eyes, Sun Mo suddenly felt that this level of care wasn’t bad.

“You can tell me if you have any difficulties. Although my family’s connection isn’t as good as that of before, if I ignored my face and went to beg, I would still be able to get some help.”

An Xinhui earnestly spoke.

‘The tea turns cold after the person has left.’ This was the common state of the world.

Although some people still owed favors to the old headmaster, someone like An Xinhui with such a tough personality had never begged anyone before. Also, the moment she begged her grandfather’s contacts, it would mean that the favor was used up.

So, she had to balance things well.

“Mn!” Sun Mo changed the topic. “What about you? Have you passed the exam?”

“I passed luckily.”

An Xinhui felt a lingering fear in her heart. If it wasn’t for her disciple managing to draw good lots in the personal student battles, she would surely not be able to pass.


Sun Mo was envious. 4-star! With this title, it meant that one would truly be a cornerstone of the great teacher world. They would be given preferential treatment even if they went to large countries.

“4…4-star great teacher?”

Xianyu Wei secretly surveyed An Xinhui and was completely stunned. She looked so young but was already a 4-star great teacher?

Moreover, this 4-star great teacher seemed to be very concerned about her teacher?


After An Xinhui finished speaking, she saw Xianyu Wei at the side. “This is…?”

“Xianyu Wei, my personal student.”

Sun Mo introduced. “This is Great Teacher An Xinhui, the headmaster of the Central Province Academy.”

“Ah? You are a headmaster?”

Xianyu Wei started and didn’t know how to react. After all, in her heart, headmasters were all major characters. Hence, she hurriedly lowered her head to greet An Xinhui.

“There’s no need to be so courteous.”

As An Xinhui said this, she took out a jade pendant and passed it to Xianyu Wei. “From now on, we are one family. There’s no need to be overcautious around me.”

Xianyu Wei had a dumbfounded look on her face. “Family?”

“I’m your teacher’s fiancee.”

An Xinhui explained and rolled her eyes at Sun Mo, feeling a little disgruntled that he didn’t state her identity.

“Ah? F…fiancee?”

Xianyu Wei was dumbfounded. She didn’t expect her teacher would be such an expert when it came to chasing girls.

4-star great teacher?

Headmaster of the Central Province Academy?

Her status was a little high. Wait a minute, also for her face and figure…Although An Xinhui was covered in dust from her travels, she was still extremely beautiful.

(Wait…An Xinhui?)

(Why do I remember that this person’s name is familiar to the 5th ranker on the Devastating Beauty Rankings? Could it be… The same person?)

Xianyu Wei couldn’t help but sneak a glance at Sun Mo. After seeing his ordinary looks, she suddenly felt like saying. (Your looks are incompatible with her. But considering Teacher’s talent, there shouldn’t be a problem. Oh right, I shouldn’t care whether she is beautiful or not. In any case, my teacher depends on his talent for a living. I despise guys who are fair-skinned and look like pretty boys the most.)

The more Xianyu Wei looked, the more she felt her teacher was handsome…

(Alright, I have to be honest and cannot speak blindly.)

At this moment, the school gate of the Dragon Subduing Academy opened as a gorgeous and luxurious-looking fleet of carriages entered.

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