My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 974 - I Killed Her

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Chapter 974: I Killed Her

Hearing Kuroda Shio’s reply, Gu Siting laughed at himself.

“Everything I have done is just losing her little by little.”

He had distanced himself from her, and he had caused her death and drove her into Fu Hanzheng arms.

When he wanted to turn around and make everything the way it was, she refused to return.

He went upstairs and sat alone in the dark room.

It was not his own bedroom, but Gu Weiwei’s old room.

He had restored everything to how it was when she used to live here, but the person who once lived here was gone.

When Mrs. Gu received the news that he had returned home, she rushed over from the Gu Family’s mansion that night.

The moment she entered the room, she saw Kuroda Shio alone. “Where is Siting?”

“Madam, President Gu is upstairs,” Kuroda Shio said.

Mrs. Gu went upstairs with a gloomy expression. When she went into Gu Siting’s room, he was nowhere to be seen.

So she went to Gu Weiwei’s old room and saw him sitting there when she turned on the light.

“Why did you go to Fu Hanzheng’s wedding? Do you think that the grudge between the two families is not deep enough?”

She had heard that the Fu Family was holding a wedding for Fu Hanzheng and Mu Weiwei in Slovakia, but he, who had been on a business trip to Austria, had suddenly gone to Slovakia.

Also, he went to Fu Hanzheng’s wedding and caused the wedding to be cancelled, and the Old Lady of the Fu Family was then hospitalized.

The Gu Family was not as powerful as before when they had the Dorrans Family as their shield. Now they could not fight against the Fu Family, but he was still trying to ruin Fu Hanzheng’s wedding.

Sitting there, Gu Siting whispered, “Mom, I found her.”

“Who did you find?” Mrs. Gu casually asked.

“Weiwei, I found her,” Gu Siting said.

“Mrs. Gu looked at the man who was speaking, in astonishment. After a long while, she asked, “Did you really… find her?”

But what did it have to do with him ruining the Fu Family’s wedding?

Could it be…?

Mrs. Gu suddenly realized something and said to Gu Siting in disbelief, “She is in the Fu Family?”

Gu Siting nodded, looking disappointed.

“She is in the Fu Family, she is marrying Fu Hanzheng.”

Mrs. Gu covered her mouth, realizing who he was referring to.

It must be her, Weiwei was the Mu Weiwei who was next to Fu Hanzheng.

That was why he was at Fu Hanzheng’s wedding, and why the Fu Family cancelled the wedding and the Old Lady of the Fu Family was hospitalized.

“If she is Weiwei, why did she stay away from home for so long?”

Maybe no one would believe that she was Gu Weiwei.

But they would definitely believe what she and Siting said and let her come home.

But why did she rather stay at the Fu Family than at the Gu Family?

Sitting still, Gu Siting said calmly, “Mom, do you know how Weiwei died?”

Startled, Mrs. Gu asked, “Didn’t Anderson send someone to assassinate her?”

Although Cayman Dorrans had never believed it and had sent his men to investigate, they had not found anything.

So it must have been Anderson who stabbed Weiwei, causing her to be seriously injured and die.

Gu Siting closed his eyes in pain so as to conceal his misery.

“No, she was not stabbed, she was killed by me.”

“What on earth are you talking about?” Mrs. Gu asked.

She knew that he had blamed Weiwei for his father’s death, but he would never kill her.

Gu Siting sighed. “She woke up from the coma but Ling Yan injected her with lethal drugs. I actually believed that she was really brain dead. I actually transplanted her heart into someone else…”

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