My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 973 - She Won't Come Back

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Chapter 973: She Won’t Come Back

Kuroda Shio locked Ling Yan and her mother in the cellar and said to him as they returned to the living room, “President Gu, Doctor Bai will be here tomorrow morning.”

After all, it would take a doctor to figure out how to do the infusion.

Otherwise, if he accidentally killed her, he would end up being the one to suffer.

Honestly, he had not believed that Ling Yan, who had always been gentle and weak, had murdered Miss Weiwei.

Miss Weiwei had saved her so many times and had still tried to help her find a heart that could be transplanted.

But in order to survive, she set her eyes upon Miss Weiwei’s heart and caused her brain death right under their noses.

Since Miss Weiwei had signed the organ donation letter and President Gu had a very subtle feeling towards her, he agreed to transplant her heart to Ling Yan.

After Ling Yan had Weiwei’s heart transplanted, she had been deliberately imitating Weiwei’s every move.

So much so that President Gu had thought that she had become like her because she had Weiwei’s heart.

So he started to take good care of her and even proposed to her.

Hearing his words, Gu Siting came back to himself.

“Watch them, and… from today onwards, the Gu Family will no longer support the Ling Family.”

“Yes, I will ask the company to stop everything that is provided to the Ling Family,” Kuroda Shio replied.

At the beginning, it had been because of Miss Weiwei, so Gu’s Enterprise had provided some opportunities for the Ling Family, who was just a small enterprise, to grow bigger.

Later on, when Weiwei passed away, the Gu Family provided even more opportunities for the Ling Family because Ling Yan had Weiwei’s heart.

Even if President Gu proposed to cancel the engagement, he did not take back everything he had given to the Ling Family because of his debt.

In the end, everything Miss Weiwei and the Gu Family had done had been fed to the ungrateful Ling Family.

Gu Siting looked at the piano that had not been touched for a long time and suddenly saw the shadow of a girl playing it.

“Kuroda, do you think she will come back?”

He had thought that by finding her, he had found hope.

He could bring her home and they could live together.

Yet when he found her, what he found was not hope.

He saw her dressed in the wedding gown, standing side by side with his enemy Fu Hanzheng, and he had become the person she hated.

No matter how much he called out to her, she was not willing to return to his side.

Kuroda Shio looked at him and thought for a while before saying, “One day, Miss. Weiwei will understand what you have done for her.”

It was true that he had hurt her, but it was also true that he loved her deeply.

But whether Miss Weiwei would return or not, he really could not say.

Miss Weiwei had met him so many times but she had always pretended not to know him. Instead, she got closer and closer to Fu Hanzheng.

Even if he had used such an unconventional method to bring her to the Gu Family so she could stay, if Miss Weiwei wanted to stay, as long as she compromised and did not resist, she could almost come home righteously.

But she escaped, and after lying to him, she ran away from the home she had lived in for more than twenty years and went to Fu Hanzheng.

Therefore, when President Gu asked him if Miss Weiwei would still return home, if he was being truthful he would definitely say no.

Her heart was fully set upon Fu Hanzheng, and she was never going to return to the Gu Family which was the complete opposite of Fu Hanzheng.

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