Nine Star Hegemon Body Art - Chapter 2128 The High Priest’s Letter

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Chapter 2128 The High Priest’s Letter

The outside world was still turbulent due to the news that the Mechanism Sect had been destroyed by Long Chen. As for the survivors, they were being hunted down, becoming a popular discussion point.

Some people thought that this was too cruel. Killing their experts was one thing, but they weren’t even letting off the women and children.

There were also others who thought that the Mechanism Sect was evil to the core, and everyone related to them should be killed.

Certain experts with deep enmity for the Mechanism Sect didn’t even care about the questions of the rest of the world and swore to kill everyone from the Mechanism Sect no matter what.

It was at this point that Long Chen finally said something. Evil did not pass through blood. Only evil convictions were passed down. Evil was evil, and there was no need to give evil a high-sounding cover.

With just this, the sects crazily hunting down the Mechanism Sect’s families came to a stop. After a short while, they retreated.

With just this, the Mechanism Sect’s women and children escaped a calamity.

Long Chen’s meaning was clear. Just because the parents were bad didn’t mean that the children would be bad too. That was simply the result of the environment. Blood was not what passed down evil, it was the evil beliefs that were passed down generation after generation.

The Mechanism Sect was just a sect. They didn’t believe in god, so there was no evil bloodline to speak of.

As for saying that evil was evil, and that there was no need to give evil a high-sounding cover, that was about the killers only doing it to vent their anger.

They were killing powerless and innocent people to vent. That was actually just a coward’s conduct. If you really were a man, then you wouldn’t have been a turtle hiding in its shell. You would have gotten revenge on the Mechanism Sect from the start. That time had now passed, and what they were doing now was not vengeance, but venting, so there was no need to cover up their actions with their excuses. A coward was just a coward.

As a result, those sects finally stopped. None of them were strong enough to refuse to acknowledge Long Chen’s power, even if they didn’t acknowledge his words. If they really were strong enough, they wouldn’t have been too afraid to get vengeance on the Mechanism Sect.

Considering that Long Chen was strong enough to destroy the Mechanism Sect, none of those sects dared to offend him.

The slaughter throughout the continent came to a stop, and the innocent women and children finally managed to survive and grow on the continent.

When years passed and people asked those descendants whether or not they hated Long Chen, they shook their heads, saying that they were only grateful to Long Chen for letting them survive.

The reason that Long Chen had made his declaration was because he didn’t want to see innocent people get killed, but another reason was because he disliked seeing cowards acting tough and dignified.

After saying what he said, Long Chen stopped caring about what was happening outside. He also didn’t care if the Mechanism Sect’s people were grateful to him or if they hated him. Since he dared to let them live, it meant he wasn’t afraid of their vengeance.

With the healing warriors, Long Chen went into seclusion to refine pills. As wood cultivators, the healing warriors possessed powerful Spiritual Strength.

Although they couldn’t compare to Meng Qi and Chu Yao, that was alright. He just needed their Spiritual Strength as a foundation.

After refining over a thousand Hundred Flower Dao Resonation Pills, he was already more than familiar with the process, and the Moon and Star Refining Furnace had also memorized this pill refinement, making all future refinements of it much easier and faster.

Long Chen’s seclusion lasted half a month, and he refined over fourteen thousand Hundred Flower Dao Resonation Pills.

Even with the support of fifty healing warriors, Long Chen felt dizzy, like he would vomit.

Although the majority of Spiritual Strength had come from others for his refinements, he still couldn’t bear it.

As for the healing warriors, even though they had taken turns helping Long Chen, they also couldn’t continue any longer. Some were about to faint.

Coming out of seclusion, he distributed the pills, keeping a few and also sending some to the old man.

After coming out of seclusion, he saw an unexpected figure had come to look for him.

“Fatty? How are you here?”

It was actually Tu Qianshang. The current fatty Tu had already broken through to the Netherpassage realm. His body had also gotten fatter.

“What, now you’re too famous to meet me?” Tu Qianshang sat in a seat. The chair groaned, and for the first time, Long Chen felt some sympathy for a chair.

“What fame? I wasn’t able to destroy the Stone race, and I wasn’t even able to get the corpses of the dead,” said Long Chen helplessly.

As he spoke, he took out a Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish and began cooking it. Seeing that, Tu Qianshang took out a wine jug.

“Long Chen, you were pretty badass this time. Even with Shi Changsheng’s heroic spirit in the Stone race’s ancestral land, you dared to charge right to their door! When it comes to bravery, I really have to admire you,” said Tu Qianshang.

“Are you trying to insult me? If I knew that Shi Changsheng’s heroic spirit was alive, would I have dared to go?” said Long Chen. But he still toasted with Tu Qianshang, gulping down his wine. He immediately started coughing. “Damnit, this wine is too intense! It’s no different from lava! But… it’s addictive.”

Long Chen felt like he was about to exhale smoke, and it was like a current of lava was flowing into his stomach. That heat rapidly spread throughout this body, igniting his spiritual yuan.

Long Chen was both startled and delighted. Tu Qianshang’s realm had once more improved. Even his Wine Dao had changed. This wine was actually able to stimulate a person’s will and solidify their Dao-heart.

“Haha, if I didn’t bring out something decent, would I dare to come drink with you?” laughed Tu Qianshang.

“Ah, such fine wine, I really must insist on keeping a few thousand jars of it to let my brothers taste it,” praised Long Chen.

“A few thousand jars? Are you planning on bathing in it? I can’t make that much, and also, just how much of my wine have you conned from me since we met? What have you given me?” demanded Tu Qianshang scornfully.

“Didn’t I give you a piece of good fortune back then?” laughed Long Chen.

“What good fortune? You were conning me into helping you fight some people from the ancient races. After conning me into fighting, you actually say that I’m the one who owes you a debt? When it comes to shamelessness, no one can compare to you.” Tu Qianshang’s lips curled.

In the Grand Xia Ancient Nation, Long Chen had been threatened by the ancient races, and when he had left the city, he had brought along Tu Qianshang to fight them.

“What are you talking about? If you hadn’t had that chance to vent your emotions, would your heart have become clear enough for you to suddenly break through your bottleneck? Isn’t that good fortune?” said Long Chen.

Tu Qianshang didn’t know how to reply to that. In that way, it truly was good fortune because he wouldn’t have made his breakthrough without it. But he refused to admit it. Long Chen had conned him, and his breakthrough had come from his own hard work. It was what he wanted to say, but he couldn’t say it.

“Tch, I can’t talk with you. I have plenty of wine, but if you want to take it, it’ll be up to your own abilities. I came prepared today, so I refuse to believe I can’t beat you!”

An hour later, Tu Qianshang furiously slammed the table, breaking it.

“Haha, you have no talent in this regard…” Long Chen laughed. Even after an hour, Tu Qianshang hadn’t beaten him in any drinking game, driving him crazy.

“Fuck this, I’m not playing any longer! Here, take this.” Tu Qianshang tossed Long Chen a spatial ring filled with hundreds of jugs of wine.

Seeing Tu Qianshang was about to leave, Long Chen hastily said, “Wait, it’s normal to win some and lose some. Why get angry?”

“I refuse to believe I can’t beat you. Just wait, after I train for another half year, I’ll come back for revenge.” Tu Qianshang patted his butt at him in goodbye.

“Hey, did you only come here to bet wine with me?” asked Long Chen.

Tu Qianshang clapped his forehead. “Ah, I forgot. This is the letter the High Priest asked me to hand to you. Alright, I’m leaving. This was depressing.”

Tu Qianshang directly left, not even giving Long Chen a chance to send him off.

Long Chen smiled and felt like maybe he had gone a bit too far. Tu Qianshang had come to give him a letter and treat him to wine, but he had made him angry by beating him too much.

Tu Qianshang was just garbage at the finger-guessing drinking game. It was hard for Long Chen to even let him win, and if he really did something like that, Tu Qianshang would definitely be enraged.

Tu Qianshang cared about face, and if Long Chen let him win, that would be an insult, so Long Chen also felt helpless about it.

Looking at the broken table, Long Chen laughed. Tu Qianshang never concealed his emotions.

Long Chen opened the High Priest’s letter. There was nothing written. It was just a map.

It was a map of the Martial Heaven Continent. Startled, he looked at a spot that was marked.

Seeing that mark, Long Chen’s heart shook. Someone had written Flow onto that spot.

“Could it be… this is the location of the qi flow eruption?

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