Nine Star Hegemon Body Art - Chapter 2127 Huge Gains

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Chapter 2127 Huge Gains

The malignant tumor of the cultivation world that couldn’t be removed for countless years known as the Mechanism Sect had actually been destroyed by Long Chen.

This news quickly spread, and people didn’t dare to believe it. But as time passed, information came of disciples of the Mechanism Sect running in every direction, confirming this news.

A sect with countless years of history, a sect that had survived countless powerful enemies, a sect with unquestionable power and foundation, a nightmare of other sects, had been destroyed.

Countless experts ran over to the rumored entrance to the Mechanism Sect’s minor world. Seeing a giant hole in the mountain range where that location had been, they finally believed it.

There was still a remnant aura of destruction hanging in the air, the result of the laws of the world being broken. It was a mark left behind by the collapse of a minor world.

“Long Chen is truly heaven-defying. He even managed to destroy an ancient sect like the Mechanism Sect.”

“I heard that he didn’t do it alone. The entire Dragonblood Legion came out, and even the sect leader of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect joined in personally.”

“As an expert of the current era, Long Chen can still look down on the sects of the ancient era. With one blow, he directly destroys one of them. Truly domineering.”

“Apparently, after destroying the Mechanism Sect, he even went to the Stone race, and if it weren’t for the mediation of the everlasting families, the Stone race would have also been destroyed.”

“Hehe, all those sects and people from the ancient era look down on us. Good thing we’re not inferior. We have Long Chen. Who cares about those monsters of the ancient era? He can still destroy them with a wave of his hand.”

Countless people were discussing the destruction of the Mechanism Sect and how Long Chen had then charged over to the Stone race.

After all, the Mechanism Sect had a very well-known reputation in the cultivation world. Except for the everlasting families and a few other terrifying powers, the Mechanism Sect would be vicious to anyone, threatening to destroy a sect with just a word, and then following through if they wanted to. They always destroyed those sects to the last.

The power and domineering nature that Long Chen had shown by destroying the Mechanism Sect and attacking the Stone race shook even some of the sects of the ancient era. They had always thought that when compared to them, Long Chen was someone who lacked any foundation and couldn’t truly compete with them.

In the end, geniuses required more than talent. Without the powerful support of a sect, without a huge amount of resources poured into them, even a genius could become useless.

However, Long Chen’s thunderous strike had startled those sects, making them realize that they had underestimated him.

Other than Long Chen, there was another person who shook the continent, and that was the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s old man.

As more of the Mechanism Sect’s disciples fled, more information was dug up regarding how the old man had slain the patriarch of the Mechanism Sect.

Even a fourth step Netherpassage expert had been slain by one powerful blow from the old man. However, the Mechanism Sect’s patriarch had been bedeviled, causing his power to drop, which made people question the old man’s true power. But then he had displayed an equivalent power to the Stone race’s leader, showing he had the power of a fourth step Netherpassage expert. In fact, he had even been a bit stronger and had fought evenly against the Stone race’s leader immediately after killing the Mechanism Sect’s patriarch.

Furthermore, when they learned that he had only recently broken through to the Netherpassage realm but was rapidly climbing through it, his speed stunned people.

Just from the old man’s power, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect went from an ordinary sect to the equivalent of a supreme power, an existence that could compare with the sects of the ancient era. No one could look down on them any longer.

Through this battle, one old man and one young man had their names shake the five regions, becoming the topics of discussion of countless experts.

However, at the same time as Long Chen’s name shook the continent, a merciless slaughter was happening.

Long Chen had disdained killing some of the weaker members of the Mechanism Sect, but just because he wasn’t willing to do it didn’t mean that others weren’t.

The Mechanism Sect had made enemies of the rest of the world. Many ancient powers had enmity with them.

The Mechanism Sect had been vile, killing people as they pleased, and no one knew just how many sects’ female disciples had been touched by their toxic hands. However, the majority of those sects had chosen to endure it, not daring to say anything. As a result, when the Mechanism Sect was destroyed, their chance for vengeance came.

A large number of sects on the continent participated in the hunt for the Mechanism Sect’s leftovers. Those people from the Mechanism Sect that Long Chen had let go were unable to hide from the continent’s hunt.

Some vicious people didn’t even let off the families of the disciples. A slaughter occurred on the continent.

Although Long Chen had also expected such a thing, he hadn’t thought that the Mechanism Sect had made so many enemies for themselves. The accumulated hatred that had been suppressed for so many years was truly terrifying when it burst forth.

However, Long Chen also didn’t go out to stop them or kill the people from the Mechanism Sect. He had already been merciful. The evils that people did would always return to make them pay.

Although there had been some unexpected things in the Stone race, they had essentially pulled off their goal this time. They had shown their might and made plenty of profit. Even the reserved Xia Chen was singing off key and dancing wildly with Guo Ran, as if they couldn’t express their own joy without messing around for a bit.

The old man returned to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. Before he left, Long Chen told him to pick out a group of experts, as he was preparing to refine another batch of Hundred Flower Dao Resonation Pills.

Long Chen wanted to make the Dragonblood Legion and the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect into places of monstrous geniuses to face future battles. Whether it was against the continent’s heavenly geniuses or against the upcoming dark era, it didn’t matter. He had to accumulate some trump cards.

Upon returning to the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race, Long Chen had Xia Chen take inventory of their profits. Xia Chen directly pulled out a mountain of spirit crystals, spirit stones, and various materials.

The giant plaza was stacked full of those, leaving people with nowhere to stand.

Even though Long Chen had been prepared mentally about how rich the Mechanism Sect was, he didn’t expect them to have accumulated so much profit.

“We’re rich, we’re rich!”

Guo Ran cried out, diving into the mountain of spirit crystals, looking like he wanted to drown within them.

“Boss, these are just the spirit crystals, spirit stones, and materials for forging and formations. There are also many completed and semi-completed products, including armor and weapons. There are also the weapons and armor of the dead we collected from the battlefield, and their spatial rings. Just looking through them will take a long time. Boss, we really did get rich,” said Xia Chen emotionally.

The feeling of going from poor to rich made it so that even Xia Chen couldn’t control his emotions. He had never dreamed of being able to use so many precious materials. He also wanted to go for a swim amongst them like Guo Ran.

“Speaking of spatial rings, I forgot this.” Long Chen tossed out the Mechanism Sect’s patriarch’s spatial ring and two sets of armor.

Xia Chen looked inside the spatial ring and cried out, “Guo Ran, get over here! There’s a complete explanation of the Mechanism Sect’s arts here!”

“Where, where?!” Guo Ran shot over. Seeing a mass of beast hides in Xia Chen’s arms, Guo Ran’s eyes almost popped out. Those were precisely what he wanted the most.

“Wait a second. Let me see that piece.” Long Chen suddenly pointed to a particular beast hide in the pile. It was unknown where this beast hide came from, but it was extremely tough. The complicated marks written on it were dizzying.

However, Long Chen wasn’t attracted to those confusing marks. Instead, he was drawn to a symbol in the bottom-right corner.

“This mark…” Long Chen’s heart pounded. He remembered this mark. He had seen it on a flying boat once.

When he had accompanied the old man to the Netherworld, he had encountered a curious woman who said she was Xie Qianqian of the Alldevil star-field.

He had then ended up entering Purgatory with her, barely managing to escape. He had never forgotten that amazing flying boat of hers that was able to fly over the nine springs and was even immune to the death spirit water.

He still remembered there had been a mark on the flying boat. He had asked Xie Qianqian about it, and she had told him that it was the symbol of the sect that had made the flying boat. After it was sold off, people could bring it back to them for repairs in the future.

Now, he saw the same mark on the bottom right corner of this beast hide.

“Is this to say that the Mechanism Sect was linked to the Alldevil star-field?” Long Chen was stunned. Regretfully, the patriarch and Zhao Wuji were dead, and the higher-ups had been killed. The remaining people were too low level to know a secret like this.

“Alright, there’s no need to be perfect with the stock inventory. Just get a general estimate so that you don’t waste time,” said Long Chen. “Guo Ran, Xia Chen, work hard. Now you have plenty of materials and resources. The rest will be up to you.”

“Boss, don’t worry, we won’t disappoint you!” swore Xia Chen and Guo Ran.

With these materials, they had even better options for the Dragonblood warriors’ equipment. They immediately got to work.

“Healing sisters, I’ll be needing your help to refine pills now. It’ll be hard on you, but this time, I’m preparing to make everyone here an awakened Empyrean.”

All the Dragonblood warriors erupted in cheers. The Dragonblood Legion was going to topple this world.

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