Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor - Chapter 1820 - Cursed True God (1)

Chapter 1820: Cursed True God (1)

Although the seal had already been broken, they had no intention of losing that key. After all, it was a holy artefact.

But just as the Heavenly Demon’s hand grasped that key, the woman let out a piercing shriek. Countless black swirls of wind as sharp as knives charged straight at that Heavenly Demon, cutting off the hand that was on the key!

The Heavenly Demon screamed, breaking the key the moment his hand was chopped off.

Surprised flashed across his face. Not daring to linger on, he bashed through the doors and flew off.

Tu Fu was momentarily startled. He then started to make his escape too. The black swirling wind had engulfed the entire secret room. By then, the woman’s divine consciousness was shrouded in rage.

Following the betrayal by her beloved, all her hatred and anger had pushed her right to the brink of sanity. Her face became increasingly twisted, and the entire secret room was filled with a black fog.

Loud crashes and booms echoed in the room. The immense black fog covered everything from sight.

Ye Qingtang could no longer see what was happening. The thunderous booms gradually faded and a sliver of light slowly appeared before her eyes.

“What are you seeing now?” Little White Tiger lifted its head to look at Ye Qingtang, who had suddenly gone stiff. Ye Qingtang had also been in this motionless state when she was in that previous illusion in the temple.

“I feel like I understand something…” Ye Qingtang frowned slightly. She found the woman’s raging energy very familiar.

She had also felt that sense of danger the moment she stepped into the mystic realm.

The primordial humans had betrayed the True Gods. They allied themselves with the Heavenly Demons and slaughtered all the Gods. As a result, the grievances and hatred of the Cursed True God had engulfed the entire mystic realm upon death.

In the illusion, those blooming flowers and vibrant green fields had been swallowed by the power of the Cursed True God, leaving behind only the Frozen Ice Fields and the Scorched Hot Lands. Every single human who stepped into this mystic realm would be cursed.

Unable to die, yet unable to leave.

According to the legend, all the True Gods who had hurried over to this mystic realm had perished. But Ye Qingtang never saw a single divine consciousness left behind by any of the fallen True Gods.

Apart from that female True God…

As Ye Qingtang watched the final scene, she watched the woman go insane with anger after being betrayed by her beloved. Following that, a bold notion formed in her mind.

Was this woman the Cursed True God?!

If so, was she controlling everything in this mystic realm with that magical melodic voice of hers?

Ye Qingtang couldn’t help shivering in fear at the thought of this.

If she was right, then everything had just become more dangerous.

The Cursed True God’s hatred for humans was at its extreme. In the illusion, Ye Qingtang also saw how this originally loved and blissful woman gradually morphed into the destructive Cursed True God.

Ye Qingtang felt that she was really lucky to have survived her two encounters with the Cursed True God.

The windstorm in the Frozen Ice Fields and this rain of fire must be the embodiment of the Cursed True God’s hatred and anger. And yet…

Even though she was frightened, she also couldn’t help feeling sorry for the Cursed True God.

Who could truly understand the pain and bitterness that the Cursed True God had endured from being betrayed twice?