The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant - Chapter 882 - Busted

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Chapter 882: 882: Busted

“Yes! I want to be someone like you as well when I grow up!”

“You’re a good boy as well since you had the courage to do the surgery. Your aunt told me about it. You are such a brilliant child!”

“You keep mentioning my aunt. You said that she’s good, but how did she know about my surgery? Perhaps… My godmother is actually my aunt?!”

Di Yunxi loved his son dearly. How could he be so smart?!

He gently pinched the little boy’s nose and smiled, “That’s right. Your godmother is your aunt. She was the one who noticed that you looked exactly like me and told me about you. That’s how I remembered everything.”

“Aunt is the best! She is definitely the one that brought us together. If it wasn’t because of her, I wouldn’t be able to do the surgery, and I would never have recovered from this. Not only did she heal me, she even reunited our family!”

“En,” Di Yunxi nodded his head. “You aunt is the lucky star of our family.”

“Then, in the future, not only would you have to be nice to Mummy, you have to be nice to my aunt as well!”

“I will also treat you well! Daddy promised to give both of you the best.”

The little boy’s eyes, which were wide and round, were now looking like a crescent moon. He stuck out his pinky and said to his father, “Let’s make a promise.”


Di Yunxi reached out his pinky finger and wrapped it around a short, chubby finger that belonged to his son.

“Pinky promise! You can never break it for a hundred years!”


Ling Siqi had just returned to the room with a packet of food that she had gotten from the cafeteria. When she saw the man inside the room, all the blood drained from her face. The food that she bought fell onto the ground as well.

When Xiao Chen saw that it was his mother and how shocked she was, he quickly screamed at the top of his lungs, “Mummy! You’re finally back! Look who’s here! Daddy’s alive! Daddy said that he injured his head while being on a mission, which is why he forgot the both of us! Mummy, Daddy said that it wasn’t on purpose! When he remembered the both of us, he quickly came for us.

“Mummy, Daddy is great! He just told me that he owns lots of companies and has a lot of people working for him. You don’t have to work anymore! Daddy can take care of us now! Mummy! I found Daddy! Daddy’s alive! I am a child with a Daddy too!

“Oh! Oh! Oh! And my aunt! Mummy, you know her as well. Do you know who Daddy’s younger sister is? Godmother! Aunt noticed that I looked exactly like Daddy and told him about us! Daddy couldn’t remember us then, but with aunt’s help, he recovered his memories.

“Mummy! Daddy didn’t forget us intentionally. He had it difficult as well. He was injured when he fell on his head, and that’s why he forgot about us. Mummy, Daddy said that with him around us, no one would be able to bully us from now on! Daddy is great! Can we not be mad at him now?!”

Ling Siqi couldn’t believe what was happening!

Her son had always been a thoughtful child.

Ever since he spoke his first words, she noticed that her son was extremely intelligent. Although he didn’t talk much and was not as active as other children, he was still a smart child.

She always thought that intelligent children would mostly be quiet, just like his father.

He would be looking superior, as if the whole world belonged to him, and would never speak more than one word. With only one glance, there would be many others who would try their best to complete what he wanted.

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