The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant - Chapter 881 - The Lie  

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Chapter 881: 881: The Lie

“Four years ago, when I went on a mission, I injured my head again. This time, I finally remembered my family, but I forgot your mother, as well as you, who was growing inside her. However, recently, your aunt met you and thought that you looked like me. That’s when she told me about you.

“By then, the blood clot in my brain had cleared up, and with your aunt’s help, I finally recollected all of my memories. Child, I am so sorry that you and your mother had to suffer all these years. I can’t believe that I only found you now. Please forgive me.”

As a cunning fox in the business world, he might not have the time to enjoy these melodramas, but it was still extremely easy for him to come up with a similar plot.

Although it was made up, the emotions that he had towards his son were true and genuine after seeing how adorable and brilliant his child was.

Ling Qianchen was aware of the love in his father’s eyes. He has seen similar looks like these in the eyes of the other fathers who loved their children dearly.

Although he always felt that he was satisfied with only his mother and never felt envious when he saw the other children who had a father, he suddenly felt that this fatherly love was something huge, now that he had finally experienced it for himself.

He reached out his chubby arms and placed them on Di Yunxi’s face, his huge, watery eyes looked like a galaxy that was filled with stars.

“Are you really Daddy?!”

Di Yunxi nodded his head, “As good as new.”

“Then… After meeting me today, will you still be going on missions? Are you still hurt? Is your head better now?”

“No. I have already been dismissed from the army, and will not be sustained any more injuries. Your aunt is a talented doctor and she has completely healed me. So, I will be able to stay by your side. Your father will no longer be absent from your life.”

Ling Qianchen felt even happier after hearing that.

“But what do you do now?! Since you are no longer working in the army, do you have a job? I’m still young and I can’t work, which is why I have been a burden to Mummy. That’s why she’s suffering so much. Do you have a job? Will you be a burden to her?”

Di Yunxi felt guilty after hearing what his son said. He quickly denied it and reassured him, “Don’t worry. I own a huge company and I am the CEO. With me by your side, you and your mother will no longer have to suffer.”

The little boy got so excited that he almost jumped off the bed. He was then speaking an octave higher, “Really?! Do you really own a company?! You’re the boss of it?! Are you rich then?! Does Mummy no longer have to work so hard in the future?! Does this mean that even if she had to, she would only have to do things that she enjoys? Dad, what business do you own? Is it huge?!”

Seeing how his son had a million questions, Di Yunxi did not become impatient. He stood up, sat on the bed, and picked up his son onto his lap, gently explaining to his son, “Don’t worry. I have lots and lots of money, enough for you and your mother to do whatever you feel like doing. I own hotels, malls, hospitals, and build houses as well.”

“Does this mean you have a lot of men working for you?”

“Of course. I have a lot of them. Why?”

“Then, if Mummy gets bullied in the future, you should send your men to teach them a lesson!”

“Of course. We will have to protect your mother together.”

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