A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1748 - The Strongest Vampire Ancestor Grass-Eating Diary 10th Year Anniversary World Tour!

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Chapter 1748: The Strongest Vampire Ancestor Grass-Eating Diary 10th Year Anniversary World Tour!

“Shouldn’t a vampire be living in a castle? What’s this? A bungalow? How can the Vampire Princess, Countess Bartoli, the niece of the new Vampire Ancestor do this to herself?” Dracula stood in the middle of the courtyard. His heart went out to Camilla.

“I’m already sick of staying in the black and dark castle. It is in trend now for rich people in Chaos City to live in a large courtyard and villa.” Camilla had a black cat in her arms as she said with a roll of her eyes, “Besides, do you know how much I spent on this house? A good 300,000,000 copper coins. I could build 10 castles with that amount of money in the wilderness. Grand ones at that.”

“300,000,000!” Dracula was stunned. He looked around. The scenery was quite good. The courtyard had a small pond, and although the two-story house did not look as grand as a castle, it did look pretty new and posh.

“Where did you get all that money from?” Dracula asked Camilla suspiciously.

“I am the Vampire Princess, Countess Bartoli, the niece of the new Vampire Ancestor himself,” Camilla said with a smile. “If I don’t have the money, can’t I at least borrow?”

“Seriously?” Dracula was shocked.

“I borrowed it in the name of the vampires. In any case, that old fellow sold me out twice. Of course I have to get some interest back,” Camilla said matter-of-factly.

Dracula nodded thoughtfully. “It does sound right.”

“Of course. Am I the kind of woman that could be sold out so casually?”

“No.” Dracula shook his head. “You’re a woman worth 300,000,000.”

“But why are you representing the vampires at the meeting this time? Isn’t that person usually the most proactive in such matters?” Camilla looked at Dracula with bewilderment.

“Because I am strong now. He can’t defeat me anymore.” Dracula smiled proudly. Even his wings started flapping unconsciously.

“Indeed, it’s about who has the harder fist.” Camilla smiled broadly. She could already imagine what the scene was like.

“But Uncle Dracula, I heard a rumor about you in Chaos City,” Camilla told Dracula with a strange expression.

“I’ve just become the Ancestor not long ago, and the rumor of my suaveness and handsomeness has already spread to Chaos City?” Dracula pulled out a glass of red wine from nowhere and sighed. “Loneliness is just like the snow.”

“No, it’s a rumor about you eating grass.” Camilla shook her head.

The swirling glass of wine paused. Dracula’s expression froze as well. He turned back and looked at Camilla in disbelief. “How did you know?”

“I happened to hear the rumor.” Camilla shrugged.

“Who else knows?” There was a deathly aura in Dracula’s voice.

“Irina.” Camilla did not hide at all.

“Aye… that lass has no awareness to keep her partner’s secret…” Dracula sighed.

“But I’m really curious. How much did you receive back then?” Camilla asked curiously.

“It’s a secret.” Dracula shook his head.

“Did you really promise her for the money?” Camilla probed.

“Of course not. A vampire like me with high moral values would never do something like that for money.” Dracula’s face sank, and he said, “It was all to return a favor.”

“Like I would believe you.” Camilla rolled her eyes.

“Draculaaaa…” A silhouette appeared on the wall around the villa. It looked at Dracula with a smile. “I heard that you’ve come to Chaos City. You’re indeed here.”

“Your partner is here, I shall not disturb the two of you.” Camilla carried her cat and walked into the villa.

“It’s been years, but young lass Irina is still so pretty.” Dracula smiled as he watched Irina jump off the wall.

Irina circled around Dracula, and said, “I didn’t expect you to still be so greasy after becoming the Ancestor.”

“That’s called being gentlemanly, not greasy,” Dracula retorted.

“Gentleman = Pervert.”

“Have times changed? The sincere and passionate gentleman is such a beautiful adjective. How can it be equivalent to a pervert?”

“Yes. Times have changed. I’m here to find you for a partnership. Why don’t we join hands to set up a Vampire Ancestor grass-eating exhibition? We can treat it as a 10th-year anniversary event. This time, you can be the world-renowned Vampire Ancestor, and our tickets could be sold a few more times the original price. Besides, with Chaos City’s convenient transport, the tickets would definitely sell out very well,” Irina encouraged.

“Really?” Dracula’s eyes lit up. He was suddenly interested, but he very quickly got back to his senses. He took a sip of wine and tidied his clothes as he said, “No. I am now the face of the vampires. If I did something like that again, I would be an embarrassment to the vampires. Besides, I am already the Ancestor. Do you think I am in need of the money from the tickets?”

“If we price a ticket at 1000 copper coins, if 100,000 people come to the exhibition, that would be 100,000,000 copper coins!”

“No… way? That’s not very nice…”

“Chaos City has a population of a million, and geographically, it is linked to other major races. The floating population is way higher than residents, so if 1,000,000 people come to the exhibition, we would earn one billion copper coins on just the tickets! If we use this opportunity to launch some merchandise and sell it at 1000 copper coins each, our earnings would be increased by a fold! That would be 10 billion copper coins!”

“Shouldn’t it be two billion?”

“That’s not important! What’s important is there’s a lot of money!” Irina said with a grin.

“No, that’s too much. I still have to think of how to spend that money… First, I’ll have to build a big castle, then I’ll have to hire maids… such life, wonderful.” Dracula’s lips were already turning up as he imagined the wonderful life.

Camilla who was eavesdropping: (キ`゚Д゚ ́)!!


Irina continued, “While everyone is paying attention to Chaos City, we should make an announcement. I’ve even thought of the name. It’s called: The Strongest Vampire Ancestor Grass-Eating Diary 10th Year Anniversary World Tour! Not bad, right?”

“That does sound pretty impressive.” Dracula nodded. Although something felt off, it did seem pretty not bad.

“Alright, that’s set. I will get them to prepare the poster once I’m back. See you tomorrow.” Irina waved her hand and left.

“Ah! We haven’t discussed how to split the profits…” Dracula quickly said as he regained his senses.

“Uncle, don’t tell me you really intend to hold a grass-eating exhibition?” Camilla opened the door and looked at Dracula strangely.

“Cough, cough. You, child, how can you call it a grass-eating exhibition? This is a healthy exhibition promoting a healthy lifestyle.” Dracula coughed, and said, “Do you know why I could become the first Ancestor of the vampires in the thousand-year history of the Vampires? Eating grass is the key.”

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