MTL - Movie World’s Archvillainv21 Chapter 9 Just be happy like this (end)

Mc is killed but he’s saved by the Villain System. He has to go to different movie worlds and complete tasks to earn villain points. There’s more to the system and the story than just going to movie worlds. The story is somewhat simple, sometimes doesn’t make sense but it’s funny and entertaining. I think it’s definitely worth the read. Just don’t expect a serious literary masterpiece or something. Obviously.Movies: Captain America. Transformers. RE. Marvel. HP. Fast and Furious. Underworld. The Monkey King. Avengers 2. A chinese odyssey. Spiderman. X-men. And more.Harem: Main girls from these movies. No girls left behind. There are some originals too. Mc steal girls from the og characters obvs. Basically netori. No NTR at all. And, for those who care, all girls are ‘pure’ even if they had bfs before haha - Description from lnmtl

MTL - Sign In To Become a GodChapter 1182 what do you think of my daughter

Wang Yi was reborn into a world that swallowed the starry sky. After eighteen years of ordinary and extraordinary, he finally met the conditions on the eve of graduation from high school, activated his own golden finger, and signed in for the first time.[Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully signing in, signing in for the first time, and signing in to the earth, special rewards will be given to reward the first karma of the Nine Tribulations Secret Code! 】[Your genetic level has increased three times! 】“…” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Marvel’s Hogwarts WizardChapter 861 Strong, too strong!

In the face of Thanos and his crowd of alien warriors, Jerry took out his wand:“Avada Suomin”, “Shenfeng Wuying”, “Fuchsia”, “All Petrochemical”…Withdrawing the wand, pressing both hands on the ground, a huge alchemy formation was formed on the ground, and countless gun barrels roared like thunder.Get up and put your hands together, the Dragon Slayer Profound Magic is activated, “Red Lotus Exploding Thunder Blade!”…Traveling through the Marvel universe, Jerry gets a bizarre panel that rewards Little Red Star for doing good deeds.Consuming Little Red Star can go to other magical worlds to learn magic,Consuming Little Red Star can also refresh your mind and speed up the efficiency of learning magic.In order to protect himself and his family, Jerry reluctantly embarked on the path of constantly doing good deeds to earn a little red star, and working hard to study and learn magic.The protagonist’s three views are upright, not a virgin, no brainless, no system, the panel is only responsible for traversal and refreshing, all magic is acquired by the protagonist through learning, and powerful through research. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - I, The Grandson of Garp, Scared Luffy Into TearsChapter 803

Once through the pirates, Lu En became the son of Monkey d Dragon, a grandfather named Monkey d Karp, and an unreliable and neurotic younger brother named Luffy.Fortunately, the ghost back system is activated!The completion of the ghost back is 10%, and the training effect is increased by 100 times!The completion of the ghost back is 20%, and the training effect is increased by 1000 times!…One day, Lu En, a ghost-backed master, appeared in front of Luffy who was shouting to go to sea, and made Luffy cry on the spot.Luffy: “The pirates in the sea are all monsters like my brother? I don’t want to go out to sea!”Garp: “For a long time, the two boys, Long and Luffy, with small arms and calves, I really doubt that they are not my sons and grandsons. Like Lu En, they are the grandsons of the old man!”Warring States: “The strongest creature in the sea, land and air is Kaido? No, it’s Lu En!” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Am I A Superman?~ Testimonials

Li Ya crossed the United States to become a high school student in Kansas, and accidentally acquired the friendship system.The so-called friendship system is to improve the friendship value with friends, so as to obtain skills cards with corresponding capabilities.“I got the star descent from Superman, the speed from the Flash …”“From Batman … Um, why is the superpower obtained from the master rich? Why is it obtained from Thor? Hammer? Hammer?”“I’m not targeting anyone, everyone here is … all my brothers!”PS (PS: The DC world is in the front of this book, and Marvel, the parallel universe is in the back.) - Description from uukanshu

MTL - The Fourth Scourge of Star Warsv2 Chapter 1390 let the bullets fly

Take over a Homeworld mothership and travel to the world of Star Wars?Tang Xiao: “This world is so dangerous. Mom, I want to go home.”Wait a minute, the mothership database actually has “Original Sin of the Solar Empire”, “Halo”, “EVE”, “StarCraft”, “Stellaris”? ?And there are still Jim Raynor, Master Chief, and Archbishop Artanis sleeping in the freezer?Tang Xiao: “Humph! They will all bow down at my feet!!”The Fourth Calamity… ah no, long live the Fourth Empire! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Ninja War is Too Dangerous, Run Away and Become a PirateChapter 700 ,season finale

Soul Piercing Konoha, born as a civilian, will go to the battlefield of the Third Ninja World War tomorrow.Just graduated from “Ninja School”, Yangtai, who only knows three body techniques and a D-level hemostasis technique, looked at the full of energy, and finally made up his mind – “The battlefield is too dangerous, I’d better go to other worlds to hide. !” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Douluo: Start Invincible From Capturing the GoddessChapter 1239 Big move, ninety-nine layers of world domain superposition! broken god

Luo Yu traveled through the world of Douluo, met Gu Yuena, and after a million years of painstaking practice, he finally became a beast god. After a catastrophe, he became a human being, forged the first divine body of Douluo, and awakened the heaven-defying twin god-level martial souls.Save Bibi Dong and help Zhu Zhuqing get rid of the scumbag.Master wants to accept me as an apprentice? Sorry, you don’t deserve it.Show off Tang San with one hand, blast the white tiger with one punch, cut Tang Hao with three swords…A few years later, Luo Yu swept Douluo, and the king came to the Wuhun Palace, stepping on the abyss, pointing at the vastness of the sword.In the vast God Realm, who is worthy of a battle… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Rise of Dark Pokemons~ Some summary of this book!

Aoki’s resolute face was indifferent. “If the sun doesn’t shine on me, please let me be surrounded by darkness!”From a different perspective, look at the entire Pokemons world. - Description from Uukanshu

MTL - One Piece’s Strongest Ice Dragon~ New book "Different Dimension Killer Games" has been released!

Young clerk Loya crossed and came to the world of the legendary OP. As a traversal party, he naturally had golden fingers, but his golden fingers turned out to be the dragon annihilator system from the demon tail!Is still the ice dragon dragon wizard!————-What interesting chemical reactions occur when two worlds with completely different power systems touch together?When the laser of the ape meets the roar of the ice dragon, what will it look like?When the green pheasant saw the mouth of the dysentery being eaten by a mouthful, what kind of stunned?“If it wasn’t for fear of becoming a dragon, I would have unified the world!” Said Loya.“Don’t you dare say that you are seasick?” Carp buttoned his nostrils and smiled dismissively. - Description from Uukanshu

MTL - A Magical Hogwarts~ Finish this testimonialHOT

Hogwarts is a strange place. The demon king who failed plastic surgery was eliminated from the job search. The white-haired old man wearing two layers of wool socks is still too cold in summer. The potion professor who never washes his hair is afraid of going bald, and the key keeper loves to play dragons!William wanted to spend seven ordinary years, until that night, the door handle of the college lounge was stolen…(Book Friends Group Number: 605848137) - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Day of the Draw at Hogwartsv4 Chapter 196 One more race

“One more round of ten rounds! This time I must draw Professor McGonagall’s Animagus!”Draw a card!Cash out!Who is it?“I am the great astrologer – Trelawney!”【Divination +1】Excited tears welled up from the corners of Tom’s eyes.Facing the magnificent magical world, Tom deeply felt that the power of Muggles was limited, so he decided to shout out that sentence:I’m not a muggle anymore! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Doupo: Life SimulatorChapter 538 Tomb

Crossing the sky, you don’t have a prominent background, you don’t have a grandfather ring, and you only have a little talent. What would you do?Fortunately, Xiao Ming awakened the life simulator![Life Simulator is on:][You have lived an ordinary life. ][Extracting talent items][Currently available: Qinglian Earth Heart Fire, Melting Flame, Evil Poison Body][Please select one]Every seven days, you can choose to extract one of the talent items from a simulation.At this point, Xiao Ming began his ordinary The protagonist has a good talent and does not rely entirely on the simulator. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Great Voyage: the Prop Master on the Straw Hat ShipChapter 560

Link, who traveled to the world of pirates, brought Doraemon’s treasure bag.Just happened to meet Luffy who went out to sea, and has not awakened the true fruit ability of [Renren Fruit Illusory Beast Species Sun King Form], and he is still the rubber fruit Luffy.That being the case, then I will follow this future One Piece, even more Liberation Warrior Joey Boy, the future Sun King *ka! !Let’s enjoy the magnificent style of this pirate world together! !In the process of traveling, all kinds of props also showed a powerful effect from Link’s hands! !Luffy, actually [rubber fruit] has another name, do you know?Hawkeye, are you the strongest swordsman in the world? 【Famous Knife·Electric Pill】Learn about it! !Kaido, do you have the strongest animal army? I have some good flavors of 【Momotaro Rice Balls】, you can try it!Im, do you want to destroy the world? 【Earth Destruction Bomb】Do you want it for you.. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Escape From Konohav6 Chapter 232 plot

Everything has to be studied to understand its meaning.The traveler Chiba Shiroishi picked up a book called “The Will of Fire”.When I opened it, the things on it had no nourishment, and the history of Konoha Village had no age, but the words ‘Will of Fire’ were written on every slanted page.Shiraishi couldn’t sleep, so he took out the book “The Will of Fire” and read it carefully in the middle of the night, only to see the words in the cracks. The whole book was written with two words – pyramid selling!Shiraishi felt hesitant and fearful for a while, and he decided that sooner or later, he must escape from this MLM brainwashing organization called Konoha!(PS: Anime, Doujin, Naruto, Slow Heat, Not Brainless, Pseudo-Invincible) - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - General: Traveling Frog, Starting Blood and Following the LimitChapter 575

“Your frog cub will bring you back the travel specialty [Wu Dun·Xueji Boundary]!”“Your frog cub brought you a souvenir [Eternal Kaleidoscope Shaker Eye]!”“Your frog cub brought you back the souvenir [Bamen Dunjia]!”Traveling to the world of pirates, what Bai Ye didn’t expect was that a small game called “Traveling Frog” that he had played turned out to be his golden finger.Also, the entire game has completely changed!The place where the little frog travels has turned into various dimensional worlds!And the original ordinary specialty has become a special product of each world!Relying on the special products brought back by the little frog, Bai Ye can continue to become stronger even if he salts the fish every day.Not only that, the friends the little frog has made in these worlds will come to visit from time to time.“Ding dong! Frog cub’s little friend Hinata Hinata is visiting, let’s treat her with specialties~” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Father of Superheroes~ complete this description

That night, when a Kryptonian spacecraft with a baby fell on Mike Kent’s farm, when he decided to adopt the child, and the golden finger that traveled through was activated, he knew that his life was about to change.Superman Clark Kent, Professor X Charles Kent, Magneto Eric Kent…When he became the father of these people, the strongest family was born! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Eternals of the Wizarding WorldChapter 474 Choose the attribute of the law, break through the half-step 5th ring

Traveling to the wizarding world, Eli found that he was an Eternal.Life is infinite, life is immortal.“What? The talent is very poor, then I will meditate for ten years, centuries, and thousands of years, and I can always meet the promotion requirements.”“This skill is hard? Oh, let me study it for decades to see if it’s really that hard?”“Consuming life force, improving mental force, and this kind of good thing.”“The enemy is here? Oh, let me find a place to hide for a thousand years, until his lifespan is exhausted and his mental power dissipates, and then I will come out again, free and endless void.”…This is the story of an immortal who lives in the wizarding world and then kills the endless world. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Great Voyage: the Strongest Clone SystemChapter 334

Travel to the world of pirates and become Belmer’s adopted son! Nami and Nokigo’s older brother! Liu Ye, has been planting oranges for five years!One day, Liu Ye, who suddenly realized that he couldn’t go on like this, with the mentality of trying, meditated in his heart: “System?”“I’m here.” A cute voice like classmate Xiao Ai rang.Awaken the strongest clone system! Every time you level up, you can get a clone!Absolute loyalty, not afraid of death, and able to upgrade through battles, improve attributes, and even directly buy various exaggerated magical abilities!“To tell you the truth, the naval headquarters, the sea emperor of the new world, the master of the underground world, and even the top leaders of the cp0 and the revolutionary army, have my people.”Before the war in Wano, Liu Yejin took Nami’s hand mysteriously, and said to Nami, “Don’t be afraid, no one dares to touch you with your brother’s backing.” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Hokage: Invincible at the Beginning, Anger Against KonohaChapter 541

[Hokage + System + Invincible + Betrayal Village]Also known as [Hokage: Ten-year-old Kaleidoscope, Betrayal Konoha at the beginning]Through Naruto, I like to mention the super krypton gold system, as long as krypton gold can become stronger!Uchiha Natsume, who has praised the lucky money for ten years, finally opened the [Kaleidoscope Writing Wheel Eye]!Next, what about Flying Thunder God, Immortal Mode, Bamen Dunjia, Samsara Eye, Heavy Particle Mode… I want all of them!From today, I will never be Konoha’s licking dog again!Defeat Fuyue, fight Sarutobi, kill Danzo, betray Konoha… Whoever stands in my way and betrays the village will die!Life and death are bearish, if you don’t agree, just do it!My name is Uchiha Natsume, the new god of ninja! Who is in favor? Who is against it? - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Marvel: Unlimited Possession~ New Book Release - Screenwriter Mystery

In simple terms, this is a story of unstoppable vests in the world of superheroes.Phantom Thief Kidd: If the Phantom Thief is a creative artist who steals treasures with flamboyant methods, then the New York police is just following the Phantom Thief and is just a critic at best.Ip Man: Wing Chun, Ip Man.Kizaru: Speed ​​is power. Have you ever been kicked by the speed of light? - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Quest Master of KonohaChapter 475 Conclusion

Travel through Naruto and become the son of an ordinary civilian Chunin.In this life-like world,He obtained the golden finger to speed up the practice of ninjutsu,Let ninjutsu itself produce a magical change from decay.The knife cuts the jade, and the water bomb breaks Suzuo. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Great Voyage: Invincible From the Era of RocksChapter 436

When Caesar learned that he had traveled to the world of pirates!In order to become stronger, I started hell-style training, looking forward to going to sea one day,Stir up the situation and rule the world!One day, a pirate group came.Looking at the familiar figures behind the captain,Caesar instantly knew his name – Lockes!After the Island of the Gods incident…Garp: When did a Caesar appear in the Rocks Pirates? Almost fell into his hands!Roger: What kind of strange ability is this? Domineering! ?White Beard: The scars on my body are thanks to Caesar!Golden Lion: How is it possible! What ability is he hiding! ?Kaido: Bastard, it turns out that this guy has been paddling all the time! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Kryptonian of a Certain American Comic~ End of this testimonial

I, Rorschach, the god of the world, the most powerful Kryptonian, the leader of the Justice League, the founder of the Emperor Organization, the gravedigger of countless civilizations in the multiverse, the most handsome man in the world, there is no one!…………PS: The non-standard MCU universe can be regarded as a similar parallel universe. The timeline is based on this book, first Marvel Universe, then DC, X-Men… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Pirates: Swing a Knife and Become StrongerChapter 506 season finaleHOT

Bai Yu traveled to the world of One Piece and activated the strongest swordsman system at the beginning.No need to practice, swinging a knife will become stronger!Thus, Bai Yu started his daily routine of wielding a knife.Swing the knife 1000 times, and get the limit of physical strength – six styles.Swing the knife 2,000 times to obtain the powerful Qinglong Sword Intent.Swing the knife 3000 times, get three-color domineering.General Huang Yuan: Bai Yu is the strongest rookie I have ever seen.General Aokiji: My freezing ability was directly chopped into pieces by Bai Yu!General Red Dog: Dangerous! My marshal position is about to change!Hawkeye: Bai Yu is the number one swordsman in the world!Since then, the name of Bai Yu has resounded throughout the world of pirates. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - I, The New Hokage of Konoha~ End of this testimonial

When he woke up, Yun Ting turned out to be Konoha’s new fourth Hokage.What about the water gate?Oh, he was looking at himself with envy and regret under the stage.Looking at the time again, it is now at the end of the three wars, and there is only one year left before the Nine-Tails Rebellion.Yun Ting suddenly panicked.There is a great crisis of life and death outside, and an old man headed by three generations is taking power. This situation is very bad!Do you want to become a short-lived Hokage like Minato?Fortunately, Goldfinger arrived in time.As long as Yun Ting’s Hokage reputation continues to increase, Wood Dun, Immortal Mode, Flying Thunder God, etc. can be exchanged.So…a year later.“Kiuwei, you finally appeared! Eat my immortal method, wood escape, thousands of hands, turn into a Buddha on the top!” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Dimensional Invasion of the Real EarthChapter 1790 Enlightenment

Parallel planes of the earth, aura is resurrected, Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach are merging into the earth. Turning on the Internet, Liu Hao finds that he is the only one who knows the plot. You say, should I tell them?Journey to the West, the prehistoric plot is opening - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Konoha: Fire Up the Sky~ New book "Konoha Cold Wind"

Travel through the world of Naruto and become an insignificant member of the Uchiha clan.“Although I am insignificant, my heart is also toward the sky!”Our goal is to fly side by side with Kaguya Otsutsuki! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Pirates: The Revenge of the Family, Kill All the Tianlong People!Chapter 158

When he woke up, Rono traveled to the world of pirates.I thought I could live happily and peacefully.But the appearance of Tianlong people broke this situation!Rono, watching his parents being shot to death by Tianlong people!Under extreme anger, Rono awakened the system and vowed to kill all the Tianlong people!From then on, a [Extremely Evil One] who specialized in hunting Tianlong people was born!Wherever Rono went, the Tianlong people shivered!Admiral?Two more and I will kill all of you rubbish!Karp: The Evil One?He is a monster created by the Tianlong people, and one day the Tianlong people will pay for it!Roger: 【One Piece】?Compared with [The Evil One], it’s nothing but a cloud!Whitebeard: [The strongest man in the world]?No, no, Rono is the strongest!Rocks: In terms of killing Tianlong people, Rono is the first, I am second, everyone else is garbage! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - All Heavens and Myriad Realms SystemChapter 706

“I miss the feudal era very much.” Chen Muyang once said to his friends.When a friend asked him the reason, Chen Muyang said yearningly: “Because of polygamy in the feudal era, think about it, you can have many wives, you can sleep in different ways every day, and you can sleep together.”“Cut!” The friends despised them, but their yearning was no less than that of Chen Muyang.One day, the legendary system merged with Chen Muyang, giving him the ability to travel through the heavens and the world. Chen Muyang’s claws stretched out to countless goddesses in the heavens and the world!“My, all beauties are mine!” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Douluo: Protects Our Spirit HallChapter 368 Sixth Soul Ring, Dark Devilgod Tiger

The high-level face of the fantasy world is the supreme god, the light and darkness dominate the night seven winds, and an accident occurs when opening up a new world.A body of Tongtian cultivation base was extracted cleanly by the newly created world, and turned into the source of the new world. The supreme divine body degenerated into the baby state when it was just born. , under the protection of the last trace of the law of light and darkness, he fell to the Douluo Continent. By chance, he was rescued by Juyueguan who was out on a mission, and was carried back to Wuhun City by Saint Bibi Dong… .Ye Qifeng: Dirty things and dog things, don’t ask me why I am targeting you.because……Wuhun Temple, I’ll protect it!Postscript: Some settings in this article are different from those in the original book, including certain time and plot settings, which are subject to this book.[General group of this book: 943887424][Enter the group to verify: It is our duty to protect our Wuhun Temple (you can enter the second half of the sentence)] - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - This Ninja is Obviously Not Strong, But He Kills Too Much~ Fanwai - 7th Hokage and best-selling author

Ding!The system activation task has started!Look at the terminally ill old man in front of you, let’s unplug his oxygen tube and give him a ride. Seriously compassionate face~Shinomiya Qingyu was stunned, the bad old man in the mouth of the dog system seems to be a bit strong…Glancing at the outsider golem tube stuck behind the ‘age spots’, he was silent, and even wanted to laugh…You call this thing an ‘oxygen tube’? ? ?in addition…Super Death Mission has been released:Experience the ultimate meaning of the Eight Gates of Dunjia for yourself! (Kicked ‘Ye Kai’ hard and shouted, ‘I would like to call you the strongest!’)Give Kaguya Otsutsuki a thousand-year kill! (and record this beautiful moment)Art is to send stars…and SpongeBob SquarePants! (Blow up with Deidara)Invite Terumi Mei to preside over the wedding (congratulations must not be less than 100 words)…In addition, there are more various death missions waiting to be opened.And when the protagonist suddenly looked back at the prime minister after many years, everyone was suffocating MMP in their mouths…Gan!This ninja doesn’t look very strong, why doesn’t he die? ? ?This is probably the autobiography of a poor child who was dragged down a path of no return by the dog system that wanted to die.(In addition, there are thousands of finished copies of “The Stand-in Messenger of Marvel World”, and the finished book “The Infinite Gloves of Pirates”. Book friends who are in the book shortage are welcome to come and taste.)Since writing the book, it has never been changed, and the character is guaranteed. Welcome to the pit~ - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Hunter × Hunter: The Seven Deadly SinsChapter 838 mobilization

Time travel became a member of the Hakka family who beat the enemy. He is the twin brother of Yiermi, who is the odd one. He began to receive assassination training at the age of three, and began to perform missions at the age of six.His hands were covered with blood, and his feet were full of bones. His legend began as a killer.—This is an unremarkable hunter fanfic. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Marvel: Trading From the Ninja Worldv2 Chapter 373 reward

“I don’t care what Thanos’ ideals are, and I don’t care what the consequences of having too many creatures in this universe will do, as long as he doesn’t ruin my business with that damn Infinity Glove!” – Kahn PonteOnce he traveled to the world of American comics, Kahn had the golden finger to trade all worlds.At this point, the name of Boss Kahn not only resounded in the Americas of the Marvel Universe, but his influence spread to all the worlds!PS: There are many follow-up worlds such as Marvel, Naruto, Harry Potter, One Punch Man, Black Robe Pickets, Dragon Ball, Pirates, etc. You can decide… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Pirates: Control Thunder and Lightning~ Closing remarks

A young man from the earth accidentally came to the world of pirates, fighting and taking risks in the world of pirates.There is no legendary system, no peerless magic, only a thundering fruit,This year, the four emperors are still on the same boat, the future One Piece has not yet dominated the sea at this time, and there are only two most powerful generals in the navy with a lieutenant general who is at the peak. fart boy.By now, I, Albert Nicholas, will make this name known throughout the world! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Douluo: If You Cut Me, You Will Lose the Treasure, Bibi Dong is AddictedChapter 320 Words follow the law, and the group destroys the blue electric overlord Dragon Sect [5000

Lin Yi traveled across the Douluo Continent, and was presented with an extraordinary divine body by the system.But something went wrong during the fusion!The divine body was sealed, and what sealed it was actually a shield with trillions of HP!Only by breaking the shield can the divine body be unlocked.In desperation, Lin Yi embarked on the road of seeking death, and asked all the strong men on Douluo Continent to fight for him.The system also guarantees that rewards will be generated based on the amount of blood dropped from the shield.As long as a reward can be generated, a critical strike will be triggered, and an additional higher quality reward will be given to Lin Yi!The higher the damage received, the richer the rewards will be!…Bibi Dong: “Are you really looking for death?”Lin Yi: “Really, I beg my sister to work harder!”Qian Renxue: “I’ll go, you will actually lose treasure if you hit you?!”Lin Yi: “Your damage is too low to trigger the purple prize pool. If you use a little force to trigger the black prize pool, the red prize pool is not a dream!”Chen Xin: “I don’t believe that I can’t break Lin Yi’s shield, from now on I will come to kill him twice a day!”Lin Yi: “Hey, I don’t even bother to expose you, you are clearly looking at the breakthrough spar that fell from the broken shield! Despicable!”…Please, please stop scraping! I am in a hurry to break the shield!Ask online, who is the strongest person on the Douluo Continent, even if the divine body can’t be unsealed, just use the damage to trigger a golden prize pool for me! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Comprehensive Manga: Starting From Teaching Hinata’s Black Coffin, It Will Be Returned 10,000 TimesChapter 353

Jiang Chen accidentally traveled through and started his comprehensive journey.The world is tentatively scheduled: Naruto – Attack on Titan – Blade of Demon Slayer – Sword Art Online – Detective Conan, etc.————In the Naruto world, Jiang Chen obtained the apprenticeship ten thousand times return system, as long as he taught his apprentices, he could get a correspondingly high return reward.As a reward, Jiang Chen taught Hinata the black coffin he brought from the world of the god of death to Hinata.During the Chunin Exam,Neji: “Abstain, Hinata, you are not fit to be a ninja.”Hinata: “I don’t want to run away, Brother Neji, let’s have a showdown! The turbid coat of arms is faintly revealing, and the unruly and arrogant talent… The Ninety of Destruction: The Black Coffin!! !”Everyone: “You call your brother on the lips, but you actually kill him. This girl is too scary!”(The introduction is weak, please move to the text~) - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Pirates: I Resurrected RogerChapter 285

Through the pirate world, I can resurrect the dead and get one of its abilities.It is said that pirates are immortal, I want to see, in addition to Roger, which other unlucky person has been written to death.Luffy: “My brother is dead, I never won a game against him when I was a kid.”Zoro: “My girlfriend died, and I never won a game against her when I was a kid.”Sanji: “You still have a girlfriend? Ah, my mother died of illness.”Usopp: “My mother died too.”Nami: “It’s good to die, my mother was killed.”Robin: “It’s okay, my mother was killed too.” Everyone: “???”Whitebeard: “Zefa, I didn’t expect you to die. I was killed by your disciple. My son made up the knife. Who killed you?”Zefa: “I was killed by my disciple! Let’s go get revenge together!”Whitebeard: “Yes, but let’s fight first!”The most chaotic confession in the pirate world.. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - People Are In Konoha, You Call This a Ninja ToolChapter 531

Travel through the world of Naruto, activate the god-level forging system, and a super strong man has risen in the ninja world!One after another artifact appeared in the ninja world one after another,So the whole world is boiling!Grass Pheasant Sword, Ten Fist Sword, One Hit Kill – Murasame!The beheading sword, the Zanpakutō, the flowing blade is like fire・d solution!Red Sand Scorpion: “My puppet is not worth mentioning in front of his ninja gear!”Four Raikage: “What?He can slash through my Thunder Dun armor with a single knife? ! ”Madara Uchiha: “I can’t even beat his ninja gear. What kind of fourth ninja war is going on?” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Pirates: Fire Dragon Roar~ New book promotion! !

“Brother Katakuri, I’m sorry, I don’t want to bear the name of Charlotte for a long time!”“Ace, your flame is too weak!”“Akainu, magma is dessert to fire dragons! Why don’t you understand this?”The man who ate the dragon fruit, the traitor of the Charlotte family, sprinted towards the title of One Piece! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Fairy Tail: Start To Capture the Fairy Queen ErzaChapter 447 Lucy: Open the door to a new world for my elderly father! …

Yiwen traveled through time, but Yiwen didn’t panic at all…Because he traveled with him, as well as the character template in the mobile game, and the five devil fruits obtained by the lottery.Yiwen believes that she can rely on the special physique obtained by charging six yuan for the first time, and the devil fruit in the backpack, and become a strong party in the world of One Piece.Until Yiwen opened her eyes and saw a crimson dragon.Only then did Yiwen realize that this was not One Piece at all, but Fairy Tail!Start to capture Erza? The start was captured by Irene! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Right Way to Rise Uchiha~ Concluding remarks

A college student, accidentally reborn into the world of Naruto, becomes a member of Uchiha who is destined to be exterminated.In this cruel ninja world, in the face of endless wars and exclusion from the village, what will Uchiha Qing do?PS: Later in the book, the protagonist will develop a system of immortal cultivation. Cultivating Immortals in the Ninja World, have you seen it? - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Conan: I Am Not a Snake SpiritChapter 2501 Very Belmode style

Traveling through the world of Detective Conan, Chi Feichi was sent to the hospital.Tuesday.Doctor: “What day is tomorrow?”Chi Feichi: “Wednesday.”Doctor: “Cough, tomorrow is Friday.”Chi Feichi: “…”August 21.Doctor: “What day will it be tomorrow?”Chi Feichi: “August 22nd.”Doctor: “Cough, tomorrow is January 1st.”Chi Feichi: “…”When everyone thinks that the chaotic time is correct, and one of them cannot correctly identify and integrate into it, then this person is an outlier, a patient!Once admitted to the hospital, it is as deep as the sea, and it is impossible to recover in this life.Chi Feichi took a deep breath: “Old! Son! No! Do it!” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Legend of the Black Dragon Devouring the Stars~ The end of the old book, the beginning of the new book!

Brolin, the nine emperor of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, accidentally obtained the system of the realm of the world, and began the legendary journey of the battles!In the Naruto world, with his star power, he overwhelmed the shadow-level powerhouses, grabbing reincarnation, and becoming a ten-tailed person!Fighting the mainland, he led a large group of lords, surrounded the ancient eight clan, and confronted the peak Dou Sheng!Covering the sky, he broke into the restricted area, seized the emperor’s scriptures and immortal medicine, and called the Lord of the human universe to fight supreme, and the sky was falling apart!In the eternal life world, he crosses all realms, and fights against the Supreme King of Stone with the attitude of eternal true God!Immortal continent, he jewels Jiuyang, looks down on immortal ancient, strong sky!The perfect world, he runs across the sea, suppresses the heavens, and the Zhunxian Emperor must retreat!Thinking of the eternal world, he ascended to the realm of Supreme Hunyuan, the fifth step of the war, Bai Xiaochun!Heaven and earth, this is an epic of the black dragon! - Description from uukanshu

MTL - I Have a Time Travel SimulatorChapter 489

The more he got to the Comprehensive world, Beiyuan Baiqiu originally thought it was just an ordinary Comprehensive daily world.Who would have thought that after entering high school, unusual things would happen one after another, and I would awaken myself through the simulator.Since then, Beiyuan Baiqiu has embarked on the road of being invincible.[Demon Slayer, Campione!, No Game No Life, Problem Children are Coming from Another World…] - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - A Simulation Game of the Heavens Starting From MarvelChapter 138 fused into one

(Main World: Marvel)(Current simulation order: Demon Slayer → One Piece → Bleach → Naruto → Fate → Elden Ring → Overlord → To be determined)RebirthHe can simulate life in any other world and gain power from it.Before each simulation starts, there is a high probability of drawing rare talents!…Color talent: [World Creator]: You can change the rules of this world at will, you are immortal and the creator of the world!Golden Talent: [Fader]: Immortal and immortal, the unblessed who was abandoned by death and immortality at the same time, the destined king!Red talent: [Destined to draw]: When you play cards or draw a lottery, you will definitely get what you want!Purple Talent: [I am the Empress]: You are destined to become the empress of this world, with dreadful talents, unparalleled strength, and more powerful and loyal subordinates, who will expand your territory and compete in the world for you!…A god-level talent is dazzling.More importantly, these talents can be brought into the real world, and even abilities can be extracted!“What kind of superhero is this!”“Enjoy the beauty of another world, isn’t it fragrant!” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Centennial Family, Rising From Hong Kong IslandChapter 406

In the 1980s, a man came to Hong Kong Island and rose from chaos and darkness.Establish a mercenary group, acquire a power media company, intervene in the international oil trade, call the shots in the financial world, and stand as a tripartite in the real estate industry.He established a symbol of an era, the Galactic Empire!He established a family chaebol that spanned the century, the Su family!A hundred years later, a world masterpiece “Economic War” was published, and for the first time people deeply realized the mystery and horror of this family.“In the 100 years since the establishment of the Galaxy Group in the 1980s, it can be seen behind almost every major change in the world.”The world-renowned economist Lawrence wrote in his book “The Invisible Black Hand”: “When the voice of money resounds, the power of power emerges, the world will bow before this family… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Conan’s Corpse PickerChapter 1628 1628【Go to the hospital and catch Ireland】

[Vest flow, semi-invincible, Conan colleagues]Interview with the protagonist:Q1: What is your secret to becoming the ace shark player of the Black Organization?Jiang Xia: “Take Conan to the target’s house for a walk.”.Q2: What’s your secret to retrieving the treasures stolen by Kidd many times?Jiang Xia: “His accomplice is my vest.”.An interview with the detectives of Kexue World:Q1: How do you view Jiangxia?Detectives: “Except for solving the case too quickly + being unable to hold people back, there are no other shortcomings.”.Q2: As a high school detective, why not join forces with Jiang Xia to fight against the Black Organization?Detectives (hurriedly wave their hands): “No no no, can’t tell him that the darkness of the world is too heavy for him.” - Description from MTLNovel

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