I Became A Mighty LionChapter 589 - : Brother
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From a stumbling lion cub to a majestic lion king, he imagines that his life as a lion would peak and end with him owning a vast territory, dominating the grasslands, terrifying all his enemies while having many wives and concubines.Unexpectedly, his

I Become A Burdensome Child After TransmigratingChapter 316 - Capturing Her Heart
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When Su Jiu dies on her eighteenth birthday, she transmigrates into a novel about painful love and becomes an adorable four-year-old child.After she grows up, she will become the villainous second female lead in the novel. Not only will that happen,

Rebirth from the AshesChapter 370 - Ran Someone Over
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In her past life, Shen Xi always longed for love and validation from her parents, members of the wealthy Su family. Unfortunately, the attention that she yearned for was stolen by the family's fake heiress her elder sister, Su Ruowan.As a result of

Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees, Young Emperor!Chapter 772 - The Great War (6)
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Qin Yi was reborn half a month's time before the apocalypse. In this life, having already seen the true colors of her scumbag sister and father, she swore to let them have a taste of their own medicinean eye for an eye. She disguised herself as a man

Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female CompanionChapter 312 - : Something to Tell Mo Mo
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The little snow fairy Tan Mo was about to complete her transformation into a human when she was picked away and reincarnated as the Tan family's beloved daughter. Only then did she realize that she had become the tragic cannon fodder who died a m

Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand YearsChapter 222 - Heavenly Dao Buddha, Increased Providence
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Being reincarnated in a cultivation world, Han Jue realizes that he can live his life like a video game. He can reroll his cultivation potential and connate providence.So, he spends 11 years rerolling for a good one[Unparalleled: Immortal beauty, t

Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the ApocalypseChapter 271 - Charming Little Monster *
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The legendary mana finally reached planet Earth, causing all living things to officially enter the path of evolution.Animals turned into terrifying beasts, some plants gained self-awareness, and humans who managed to withstand the wave of mana awak

Binding to Geniuses To Become StrongerChapter 161 - Becoming Stronger By Accident
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"Ding! Congratulations on binding God's Chosen One. You will receive 150% of the other party's

My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the StartChapter 388 - The Return Of The Severed Fingers Gang’s Higher-ups
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Traversing into a Fantasy World, Watson became the youngest son of a run-down baron, ranked eight in the family.

Return of The 8th Class MageChapter 250 [END]
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Humanity's first 8th Class Mage.

Soul Of NegaryChapter 437 - Vol6 Ch25: Being bald gives you extra crit chance
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Heed my call! O' Dragon of Eternal Sin, the Progressive Disaster, the Forerunner, the Land of Eternal Peace, the Flames of Soul Burning, He Who Owns The Deep Soul, the Sound of Origin, the First Cause of All Things, the Principle of Circles o' great

Lord of the OasisChapter 541 - Blood-red River In the Rain
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Bags of salt, spices and sugar stacked from inside the shop all the way out into the streets. Merchants loaded with goods going flooded the streets with their carriages.

Kill the HeroChapter 275 – Epilogue (END)
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In a game-like world where dungeons, monsters, and players appear.

Lightning Is The Only WayChapter 942 - 942 – Helping Hand
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With a father as strong as the highest heavens themselves, Gravis wasn't required to step into the cold and ruthless world of cultivation.

Ryuu Kusari no Ori -Kokoro no Uchi no “Kokoro”-Chapter 5.16
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Solminati Academy is a gathering place for youngsters with dreams, hopes, ambitions, and various thoughts. There was a boy here who entered the school to support his beloved's dream.

Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My HeartChapter 437 - Get Together 3
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When we lose our hearts to the wrong person, setting a betrayal in place, how well do we come out from such hurt?

FFF-Class TrasheroChapter 424
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It was a life without regret. My parents were in good health, and I wasn't homey enough for me to combine my studies and part-time jobs.

Fourth Prince's DebaucheryChapter 572 Back in the Mansion 1
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As a wandering soul trapped in endless cycles of reincarnations, Claus must decide what to do in his current life.

The Steward Demonic EmperorChapter 332 - Dragon Eater
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Zhuo Yifan was the Demon Emperor. One day, he managed to lay his hands on an ancient emperor's book, the Nine Serenities Secret Records. As the book was coveted by many, he was targeted by experts and was even betrayed by his student.

Walker Of The WorldsChapter 727 - An Oath
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Lin Mu was a common boy living in a small town, ostracized by the townsmen because of a mistake he made during the harvest, his house seized to compensate for it. Forced to fend for himself in the outskirts, he finds a rusty ring embedded in the tree

The Immortal's Wine StoreChapter 340 - Killing Hundreds With A Wave Of A Finger
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A Heavenly God was transmigrated into a different world right after he died. After arriving in that world, he resides in the body of a handsome young man with a mechanical voice inside his head providing him with missions. It also kept on telling him

Paragon Of SinChapter 564 - 560: A Renewed View
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The Heavenly Dao exists.

Forsaken ImmortalsChapter 275 - The Hostess
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Finding an ancient treasure was not as fortunate as one might expect. As soon as Bai Rouyun had left the grave, countless sects and hidden families set out to kill her for the sake of obtaining her treasure for themselves.

I Have Refined Qi For 3000 Years!Book 6: Chapter 19: Li
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Three thousand years ago, Bai Qiuran, who was extremely talented, was accepted as a disciple by the founder of Qingming Sect, and the young Taoist began to cultivate the path of immortality.

Ileus: The Dark PrinceChapter 422 - Contemplation
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(Mature Content)Escaping from the wedding she dreaded with Crown Prince, Aed Ruad, Princess Anastasia ended up becoming the captive of the Lore's most dangerous man, Prince Ileus.She knows of a secret she wants to trade with him but the price is high

Reborn Aristocrat: OppressingChapter 326 - Fate-Reversal Incident (4)
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In her seven years of marriage, she and her husband click perfectly well, sharing a loving and sweet relationship.However, in the end, all of this was just a mirage.She had given up everything for the sake of her marriage, only to be killed by her hu

Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s CounterattackChapter 566 - : Facial Transformation
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"It's my first time. I'm afraid of pain. Be gentle" Fang Xinxin's body is stiff with anxiety.Bai Qinghao pinches her dotingly. "We're just swimming. I didn't pull you with too much force; how did you manage to flop into the water like that?"In their

Rise of the Demon GodChapter 1292 - 1292: Defeated
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"The trials ahead to prove my worth? I'll crush them !! Enemies? I'll slaughter them!! " Waking up in a new body and a new world after dying on Earth, Long Chen embarks on a new journey in a world filled with gods and demons. A world where myriad o

Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the AlphaChapter 472 - Trinity - What Athair Mòr Found Out Part 1 (VOLUME 3)
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Eighteen-year-old Trinity is unlike any other werewolf in her pack. For one, there were unusual circumstances surrounding her birth, for another, she is the only pack member to never shift into a wolf form. So now she doesn't quite belong anywhere

Making the second male lead fall in love with me, the villainessChapter 390 - Spoiler, Announcement, The End Of This Novel.
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WARNING: MATURE CONTENT CHAPTER EXCERPT -- "Wait, someone might see." Charlton said, recalling the glass window. "I'm prepared for that." Serena replied as she bent to open her bag on the floor and then took out a film like looking sticker. "I found

Mrs. Huo is a CrybabyChapter 501 - It’s Okay. I Like You.
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Song Yaoyao had already died in her previous life. Her life ended on the day of her 19th birthday. Cause of death: heart failure.But now, she was alive again, and the throbbing pain in her temples told her that she wasn't hallucinating.Not only had

Tales Of The World Devouring SerpentChapter 611.2 Sea Behemoths' Disappearance (part 2)
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Fang Yun has become a snake and got a system, the system requires him to brush up to 10 million reputation values, or face eternal death. So Fang Yun began to crazily upgrade!A beautiful outdoor streamer in the mountains, facing the camera and the

I Become Baby Mafia BossChapter 554 - "A Fake Mafia Family?"
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Suddenly becomes a mafia boss in a superpowers world and you are only 3 years old?! Ainsley Sloan, a 20-year-old avid anime lover, suddenly transmigrated into a body of a toddler. The father eloped with a woman, and the mother was just a surrogate m

Inhuman WarlockChapter 439 - 439: Caught
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"The boy has no powers," they claimed.And thus, the Son of strongest Warlock was declared useless and sent to his death.But was it really possible for the son of the greatest heroes of humankind to be useless? Or was it the biggest mistake the humans

SPELLBOUNDChapter 328 - See You Soon
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[WARNING: MATURE CONTENT]He wanted her. Her body, her soul, her blood.'____In her daydreams, her wedding day always took place on a fine sunny day. Who would've thought she is going to get married in the middle of the night and to a creature of the

Naked Sword ArtChapter 254 - Yuan Fei
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Dual Cultivation is an art. The more you focus on doing the art, the worse it becomes. Only when doing it becomes part of the art itself, does one truly experience it to its fullest.You will know you understand only when you can't tell the singer