Kuma Kuma Kuma BearChapter 298: Bear-san’s Journey in the Desert
RomanceComedyActionSlice Of Life

Yuna, a 15 years old girl started playing the world’s first VRMMO. She has earned billions of yen in stocks. She confines herself in her house playing the game without going to school. Today, a huge update has arrived. She obtains a non-transferable rare bear outfit. But the equipment is so embarrassing that she can’t wear it even in the game. Furthermore, when she answers the survey regarding the new update and relaunches the game, she appears in unknown forest in a bear outfit. Where is this? Email from God? Different world? If she wears the bear outfit she’s a cheat, if she takes it off she’s a normal girl. Her adventure starts just like that. Yuna began doing as she liked.

Demon Sword MaidenChapter 37Book 12: : A Land without Exit
ActionEcchiFantasyGender Bender

This story revolves around a boy who was sent to a dark, mysterious parallel world in the body of his beautiful senior sister known as Lily. The lone girl ran into the night parade of a hundred ghosts the very day she arrived; seeking survival amongst the warrior’s dispute in a chaotic world, and forging her own demon sword! This is an unimaginable other world adventure!

MTL - Blame The Villain For Being Too BeautifulChapter 255 Extra Story 2 (Childhood sweetheart)
FantasyShoujo AiYuri

Song Yu Xi is a tasker.The system told her that she has a great and glorious task on her shoulders – to save the world!Song Xu Yi is dedicated to her work, remembering the first rule of the Fast-Travel Code of “no love”, and is dedicated to reforming the world-ending villain and strengthening the power of the protagonist, but she never thought that every world would develop in an unpredictable direction:The beautiful and charming villainous movie queen hugged Song Xu Yi’s neck and breathed like an orchid: “Kid, why do you always blush when you see me?”The sickly and delicate villain Omega raised Song Xu Yi’s chin: “My dear Miss Song, how does it feel to have an Alpha become an Omega?”The cold and beautiful villain student sneered and put the five million check into her school bag: “There is no other way to repay the favor of funding, only the promise of your body.”The villainous prince disguised as a man slowly tore up the peace proposal: “If you want to negotiate peace, you can let your Grand Princess Song Xu Yi come and make peace…”System ((艹皿艹 )): Say no to love and don’t fall in love!!!Song Xu Yi ((╥_╥)): Sorry!I blame the villain for being too beautiful, I couldn’t see her tears…The love story of a hardworking wage earner tasker and a gloomy world-destroying paranoid villain. - Description from Novelupdates

Blunt Type Ogre Girl’s Way to Live StreamingChapter 92

Futayado Nanako(二宿菜々香) calling herself a part time warrior, though all the places she worked at got bankrupt, now has too much time on her hands. And to that opportunity, she was invited by a very close friend of hers, a pro gamer and a live streamer, and decided to do the world’s first VRMMO with a live stream function 《WorldLive-ONLINE》. And so, a real cheat girl who has extraordinary strength (21 yrs old) carries a blunt weapon and rampages through the VR world, a bludgeoning refreshing story where the viewers tremble in fear!

MTL - Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend MyselfChapter 99 Real world (end)

Bending herself to fall in love with the female master. The straight pipe, writer Ke is bind to the romance system, the task is to love the female masters from each novel she written.In order to complete the task, she dresses as a vicious female matchmaker, at the expense of her thick face, she approaches the female lord.However, the female lord just reached out her hand…Ke Li: Don’t be jealous, I will bend myself!The female host silently retracted her hand, which was ready to beat someone.After bending herself….Ke: The male master can rollMale Lord: …. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - School Heroine Secretly Loves MeChapter 96 Private car
DramaFantasyRomanceSchool Life

“Wen Wenyao is so good-looking, don’t you feel moved?”The system began to doubt…Song Nanqiao: “No… I don’t…”System: “But your match value with her is 100%, you will definitely like her…”Song Nanqiao: “I don’t!”Song Nanqiao is all about study and work, not about loveBut Song Nanqiao slowly discovered that the heroine was quietly paying attention to her.One night, Wen Wenyao grabbed the corner of her coat, deliberated, and said shyly, “Did you used to…liked me…”Song Nanqiao: “Ah…that…used to like, but now probably not.”Wen Wenyao took her hand and whispered in her ear, “But I’ve liked you for a long time…I like you so much…Can you give me a chance to chase you?” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Considering the Possibility of Falling in Love With the VillainChapter 99 White coat **** extra
RomanceShoujo AiSupernatural

When the apocalypse’s greatest villain self-detonated to destroy the world, Shen Qingjia died and was reborn a month after Doomsday. No power, no gold finger, no space, no way to gather food, just opened her eyes and not long after has to face fierce zombies!! What kind of non-mainstream rebirth is this ah?!Escaping, she met a cute girl with a beautiful voice but found that she was the villain who killed everyone. For the sake of the peaceful and sustainable development of all mankind and her own safety, Shen Qingjia decided… to relentlessly reform (fall down with) her! !Shen Qingjia, “What you want to do?! I don’t like girls… Don’t suddenly rush over!… So soft, I won’t accept, ah ah!!!” - Description from Novelupdates

Strongest Swordman’s Re:STARTChapter 126: Doubt
ActionAdventureFantasyGender Bender

A swordsman hailed as the strongest has reached his end, and was reborn as an elven girl.This is the story of the swordsman only knowing how to kill in his past life aiming to be the best healer as a girl.In the final battle against a monstrous entity with his teammates, the strongest swordsman, the Hero’s mentor and the only one in their party incapable of magic yet the most skilled with the sword, sacrificed his life to end the battle once and for all. Reincarnated as an elf girl, the strongest swordsman decided to live a different life from his blood-stained past and pursue the magic that he has never used before. As a girl, she apprenticed under the old potion maker and healer of the village to be like someone she had admired in her previous life while keeping her condition sharp with sword training as she had done in her past life.After learning the ways of a healer and convincing the elf village that she is capable enough of leaving for the outside world, she hitched a ride with a party of adventurers passing by the village and went out to see how the world has changed.

MTL - The Noble Consort’s Pet EmpressChapter 150 Second world 2
ComedyFantasyHistoricalMartial Arts

Shen Yuqing and the Emperor had a secret arrangement––She was his pampered consort, and she would hit wherever the Emperor directed her to strike;The Emperor “loved and favored her forever”, and she could do whatever she wanted.Later, she set her eyes on the Empress who had the same type of marriage only in name… - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - My Disciple Consumes Too MuchChapter 89 |
ComedyFantasyRomanceShoujo Ai

When Shu Tang, a sickly young woman, fell ill and passed away in the 21st century, she thought she would finally be able to drink a bowl of Meng Po’s soup, take a trip across the Neihe bridge, and not be such a sickly person in her next life. But, after her soul left her body, forget about Meng Po’s soup, she didn’t even see soup dregs before being transmigrated into the body of a pig! After being adopted by Fuyu Shangxian, one of the three great immortals and heaven’s peerless beauty, hilarity ensues. - Description from Novelupdates

The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon NapChapter 220
HaremPsychologicalFantasySlice Of Life

A polite and lethargic boy was reincarnated in another world as a vampire bishoujo. In this world of swords and magic, this protagonist who was reborn replete with all kinds of cheat powers was searching for one thing――! “Three meals a day, snacks and an afternoon nap, I guess.” Are you really the protagonist! And thus begins the fantasy comedy of a vampire looking for the ideal moocher lifestyle…?

Nigotta Hitomi no LilianneChapter 218.1
FantasyComedyGender BenderAdventure

After coming out of a tunnel... it was pitch dark. When I awoke, it was pitch dark. First, I need to grasp the situation... While lost in thought, white, foggy figures appeared, and as usual, it was utterly dark, just what is happening? When I noticed, I reincarnated! Moreover, my gender has changed!? Wouldn’t you usually get a cheat ability when reincarnating!? God! Isn’t this conversely a start with a handicap! *This is a heartwarming story of a little carefree girl.

My Sister the Heroine, and I the VillainessExtra Chapter: Happy Days
RomanceFantasyShoujo AiSlice Of Life

Upon meeting the girl who would become her adopted younger sister, the duke’s daughter Christina regained memories of her previous life. Through those memories, she learned that her new sister, Mishuli, was the heroine of a certain story. And though the story depicted a Christina who abused her sister, the real Christina turned into a siscon who spoiled Mishuli to no end. Unfortunately, one day, Christina realized something. The best future for Mishuli depended on that story’s ending. And by following that story, whether it was execution, suicide, or exile, nothing fortunate would await Christina. Even knowing this, Christina would not waver. It was all for the sake of her sister. This is a story about a siscon girl who ignored her own destiny, to bring happiness to her sister.

I Became a Magical Cheat Loli WitchChapter 92Vol 4 : Bandit Suppression

A goddess of another world who called herself Goddess Liliel gave a unique skill [Creation Magic] to the nameless protagonist who is going to be reincarnated into another world.Although she had knowledge of Japan in her previous life, she couldn’t remember the specifics—-the girl who decided to call herself Chise, invented the [Seed of Magic] in order to increase her mana, and continued creating them with her increased mana.The girl who obtained massive amounts of mana stopped aging, and eventually obtained perpetual youth.The forever young loli cheat creation witch Chise brought her companion Tet, her golem daughter who can’t grow old, to become an adventurer, and traveled around various places in a different world with the safe land as a base that she personally created.

Demon Maiden Poison Maiden – Lilith and Sara's Faithless JourneyChapter 4: Faithless Journey
FantasyShoujo Ai

A pair of young girls that appear to be the same age act like a mother and a daughter. They are on a journey for one reason: to obtain a medicine that will stave off the daughter’s disease. Killing demons, deceiving people, and giving her everything in hope that there’s a way of rescuing her daughter. This is the story of their fragile hope and overwhelming despair.