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Clones Clubs Clumsy Love Interests Co-Workers code geass Cohabitation Cold Love Interest Cold Love Interests Cold Protagonist Collection of Short Stories College/University Colonization Coma Comedic Undertone Comedy Coming of Age Commoner Life Complete Complex Family Relationships Conditional Power Confident Protagonist Confinement Conflicting Loyalties Conspiracies Conspiracy Contagonist contemporary romance Contracts Cooking Corruption Cosmic Wars Counterattack Country Side Couple Growth Court Official Cousins Cowardly Protagonist Crafting Crazy Protagonist Creation Creatures Crime crime solving Criminals Cross-dressing Crossdressing Crossing Crossover Cruel Cruel Characters Cruel MC cruel protagonist Cryostasis Culinary Cultivation Cultivation World Cultivations Cunnilingus cunning cunning mc Cunning Protagonist Curious Protagonist Curses Cute Cute Children cute love interest Cute Pet Cute Protagonist Cute Story Dancers Danmei Dao Companion Dao Comprehension Daoism Dark Dark Fantasy DC Dead Protagonist Death Death of Loved Ones Debts Decisive Decisive Mc Delinquents Delusions Demi-Humans Demon Demon Lord Demon Powers Demonic Cultivation Technique Demons Dense Protagonist Depictions of Cruelty Depression Desperate Destiny Detective Detective Conan Detectives Determined Protagonist Devil Devoted Couple Devoted Love Interests Devoted lovers Different Social Status dimensional traveling Director Disabilities disability Disabled Protagonist Discrimination Disfigurement Dishonest Protagonist Disobedient Protagonist Distrustful Protagonist Divination Divine Protection Divorce Doctor Doctors Dog Doing Business Dolls/Puppets Domestic Affairs Domineering Doomsday Doraemon Doting Husband doting love interest Doting Love Interests Doting male lead Doting Older Siblings Doting Parent Doting Parents Douluo Douluo Dalu Dragon Dragon Powers Dragon Riders Dragon Slayers Dragons Drama Dream Dreams Drugs Druids Dungeon Dungeon Master Dungeons Dwarfs Dynasty Dystopia e-sport e-Sports Early Romance Earth Invasion eastern fantasy Easy Going Life Economics Economics Engineer Eidetic Memory Elderly Protagonist elemental Elemental Magic Elf Elves Emotional Emotionally Weak Protagonist Emperor Empires empress female lead Enemies Become Allies Enemies Become Lovers enemies to lovers Engagement Engineer Enlightenment Entertainment Entertainment Circle Entertainment Industry entertaintment Epic Fantasy Episodic Eunuch Europe European Ambience Evil Author Evil God Evil Gods Evil MC Evil Mother-in-law Evil Organization Evil Organizations Evil Protagonist Evil Religions Evil Sprits Evil Stepchildren Evolution exes Exhibitionism Exorcism Expressionless protagonist Eye Powers F*llatio face slapping Faceslap Fairies Fairy tail Fallen Angels Fallen Nobility Familial Love Familiars Family Family Building Family Business Family Conflict famous couple Famous Parents Famous Protagonist Fan-fiction Fanaticism Fanfic Fanfiction Fantasy Fantasy Creature Fantasy Creatures Fantasy future 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Interest Gentle Protagonist Get Rich Ghost Ghosts Gladiators Glasses-wearing Love Interests Glasses-wearing Protagonist Go Goblins God God Protagonist God-human Relationship Goddesses Godly Powers Gods Godzilla gold rush goldfinger Golems gong regrets Gore gourmet Grave Keepers green tea Grinding Group Pet Guardian Relationship Guideverse Guilds Gundam Gunfighters H*ndjob Hacker Hackers Half-human Protagonist Handjob Handsome Love Interest Handsome Male Lead Handsome Male Protagonist Handsome Protagonist Hard-Working Protagonist Hardworking Protagonist Harem Harem-seeking Protagonist Harem-seeking Protagonist Harsh Training Harry Potter Harsh Training Hated Protagonist Healers Healing Heart Breaking Heartwarming Heaven Heavenly Tribulation Hegemony Hell Helpful Protagonist Hentai Herbalist Heroes heroine Heterochromia Hidden Abilities Hidden Gem Hidden Identity Hidden True Identity Hidden Weapons Hiding True Abilities Hiding True Identity Historical Homunculus Honest Protagonist Honkai Impact horror Hospital Hot Blood Hot-blooded Protagonist Human Experimentation Human Trafficking Human Weapon Human-Nonhuman Relationship Humanoid Protagonist Hunter Hunter X Hunter Hunters Hypnotism Identity Crisis Idol Illigitimate Child Imaginary Friend Immortal Immortals Imperial Examination Imperial Harem Incest Incubus Indecisive Protagonist Independent Protagonist Indifferent Protagonist Industrialization Industry industry elites Inferior Inferiority Complex Infinite Flow Inheritance Inscriptions Insects Interconnected Storylines Interdimensional Travel Interstellar Introverted Protagonist Inuyasha Investigations Invisibility Isekai Jack of All Trades Jackie Chan Adventures Jealousy Jiangshi Jobless Class JoJo JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Kidnappings Kind Love Interests Kindergarten Kingdom Building Kingdoms Kingdoms Knights Knight Knights Knights Level System Kpop Idols Kuudere Lack of Common Sense Laid Back Language Barrier Late Romance Lawyers lazy Lazy Protagonist Leadership League of Legends Legend Legends Level System Library Life Limited Lifespan LitRPG Little White Face Live broadcast Livestreaming Living Abroad Living Alone Loli Lolicon Loneliness Loner Protagonist long lived main character Long Separations Long-distance Relationship Lord Lord of the Mysteries Lost Civilizations Lottery love Love at First Sight Love Contract Love Interest Falls in Love First Love Interests Fall in First Love Interests Falls in Love First Love Rivals Love Triangles Lovers Reunited loving family Low-key Protagonist Loyal Subordinates Luck Lucky Lucky Protagonist M*sturbation machine Mage Magic Magic Beasts Magic Formations Magical Girls Magical Space Magical Technology Maids Male Lead Male main character Male MC Male Protaganist Male Protagonist Male to Female Male Yandere MaleProtagonist Management Mangaka Manipulative Characters Manipulative System Manly Gay Couple Marriage Marriage of Convenience Married Couple Martial Art Martial arts Martial Spirits Martialarts Marvel Marvel Universe Masochistic Characters Master-Disciple Relationship Master-Servant Relationship Masturbation Match made in heaven math Matriarchy Mature Mature Protagonist Mech Designer Mecha Mechs Medical medical female lead Medical Knowledge Medieval Mental Illness Mercenaries Merchant Merchants mermaid Military Mimicry Mind Break Mind Control mind reading Ming Dynasty Mismatched Couple Misunderstanding Misunderstandings MMORPG Mob Protagonist Models Modern Modern Day Modern Fantasy Modern Knowledge Modern Life modern love Modern Romance Modern World Money Grubber Monster Catching Monster Girls Monster Society Monster Tamer Monsters Moralless protagonist Motherland Movies Mpreg Multiple Bodies Multiple CP Multiple Identities Multiple Personalities Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists multiple realm Multiple Realms Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Multiple Timelines Multiple Transported Individuals Multiple Worlds Multiverse Murders Music Mutated Creatures Mutations Mute Character MxM mysteries Mysterious Family Background Mysterious Illness Mysterious Past Mystery Mystery Solving Mystical Mythical Mythical Beasts Mythology Naive Protagonist Narcissistic Protagonist Naruto Nationalism Navy Near-Death Experience Necromancer Neet Netorare Netori Nightmare Nightmares ninja Ninjas No common sense No Cp No Gold Finger No Harem No Romance No System no-misunderstanding Noble Nobles Nobles Politics NoCp Non-Human MC Non-human Protagonist Non-humanoid Protagonist Non-linear Storytelling NonHuman Protagonist Nudity Nurses Obsession Obsessive Love offical Office Romance Official Older love interest Older Love Interests omega Omegaverse One Piece Online Game Online Romance Onmyouji Op Female Protagonist OP MC OP Protagonist Operation Or*y Orcs Ordinary Organized Crime Orgy Original Orphans Otaku Otome Game Outcasts Outdoor Interc**rse Outdoor Intercourse Outer Space Over-Powered Protagonist Overhead History Overpowered Overpowered Protagoninst Overpowered 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Love Interests Righteous Protagonist Rise of Grassroot Rivalry Romance Romantic Subplot Romantic Subplot Ruthless Protagonist Roommates Royalty RPG RPG System Ruling Class Russian Ruthless Protagonist S*ave Harem S*ave Protagonist S*aves S*x Friends S*x S*aves S*x Slaves S*xual Abuse S*xual Cultivation Technique Sadistic Characters Saiki K Sailing Saint Saint Seiya Saints Salaryman Samurai Saving the World Schemes And Conspiracies Schemes and Conspiracy Scheming Schizophrenia School Life Sci-Fi Science Science Fiction Scientists SCP Sculptors Sealed Power Second Chance Secret Crush Secret Identity Secret Organization Secret Organizations Secret Relationship secretary Secretive Protagonist Secrets Sect Sect Development Sects Seduction Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Self-discipline Selfish Protagonist Selfless Protagonist Seme Protagonist Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Sentient Objects Sentimental Protagonist Serial Killers Servants Seven Deadly Sins Seven Virtues Sex Slaves Sexual Abuse Sexual Cultivation Technique Shameless Shameless MC Shameless Protagonist Shapeshifters Sharing A Body Sharp-tongued Characters Shield User Shikigami Short Story Shota Shotacon Shou Protagonist Shoujo-Ai Subplot shounen ai Shounen-Ai Subplot Showbiz Shuangwen Shy Characters Sibling Rivalry Sibling's Care Siblings Siblings Not Related by Blood Sickly Characters Sign Language Sign-in Sign-In/Check-In Simulation Simulator singer Singers Single Heroine Single Mother Single Parent Siscon Sister Complex Skill Assimilation Skill Books Skill Creation sky city Slave Slave Harem Slave Protagonist Slaves Sleeping Slice of Life Slow Growth at Start Slow Paced Slow Romance Smart Smart Couple Smart female lead Smart mc smart protagonist Snow Girl Soccer Social Outcasts Soft Sci-fi Soldiers Son-in-law Soul Power Souls Space Space Opera Spaceship Spatial Manipulation Spear Wielder Special Abilitie Special Abilities special power Spies Spirit Advisor spirit realm Spirit Users Spirits Stalkers stallion 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Sheep Tennis Tentacles Terminal Illness Terrorists Thieves Threesome Thriller Time Loop Time Manipulation Time Paradox Time Skip Time Travel Timid Protagonist Titans Tokyo Ghoul Tomboyish Female Lead Top MC Torture Toys Trade Tragedy Tragic Past Transformation Ability Transmigation Transmigrating Transmigration Transplanted Memories Transported into a Game World Transported into Another World Transported into Game World Transported Modern Structure Transported to Another World Trap travel Tribal Society Trickster Tsundere Tsundere Love Interest Tsundere Protagonist Turtle Twins Twisted Personality two-way redemption Type-moon Tyrant Ugly Protagonist Ugly to Beautiful Unconditional Love Undead Underestimated Protagonist Unique Cultivation Technique Unique Weapon User Unique Weapons Unlimited Flow Unlucky Unlucky Protagonist Unreliable Narrator Unrequited Love Upgrade and practice Urban Urban Life Urban Love Urban youth Valkyries Vampire Vampires Variety Show video games Video-Game 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