Surprise Resignation of Female Substitute SecretaryChapter 57: The End of My Life

Su Tao had been in love with Xie Jin for four long years.Everyone knew that Xie Jin was paranoid and had a strong desire for control, while Su Tao was obedient and would listen to anything Xie Jin said.As a secretary who only knew how to follow orders, how could she stay by his side and have access to privileges that were beyond the reach of ordinary people?With the “help” of others, Su Tao finally discovered that Xie Jin’s paranoid demands were an attempt to mold her into the image of his former secretary. She was nothing but a substitute.Without leaving a trace, Su Tao only left a resignation letter and disappeared completely.No one could have imagined that Xie Jin, who couldn’t find Su Tao, was like a devil. No one was able to calm his rage when he went insane.—The next time Su Tao saw Xie Jin was at the annual meeting of a rising star company in the industry.She appeared as a shareholder and stunned the crowd, attracting the attention of countless young talents.Just as she was about to leave, Xie Jin suddenly grabbed her wrist and his fiercely red eyes were filled with madness: “Be good, don’t go.”Su Tao pulled her hand back and looked at him coldly, “I forgot to tell you, I’ve never been obedient.”Xie Jin held onto Su Tao’s clothes and choked out the words, “I’ll be good.”#ChasingWifeAtTheCrematorium#A paranoid CEO who becomes obedient to his wife X a calm and determined secretary.[Note:]1. HE (Happy Ending), 1-on-1 romance2. The female lead is not a substitute.