Fate Online: ShadowChapter 390 - You Guys Are Next
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The most feared Assassin in the world died because of vengeance.

From Sidekick to BigshotChapter 843 - Exposing Wen Ruo (2)
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Previously, Jian Yiling was the supporting character who was destined to be cannon fodder. However now, with the memories of future events, Jian Yiling who had crossed into the novel transformed into a hidden big shot. Not only is Jian Yiling not int

Forty Millenniums of CultivationChapter 2719 - Paradox Of Supermen
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"Even if this universe is truly nothing more than a brutal bloody shadowy forest, we Cultivators will burn all that we have just to give off a single weak flickering spark in the darkness!

Fey Evolution MerchantChapter 678 - Jackpot!
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A century after the Spirit Qi Awakening, the world enters a new era. Humans are able to absorb the world's awakened spirit qi, allowing them to tread on a new pathspirit qi occupations! Simultaneously, the plants and animals on the planet are also

Fury Towards The Burning HeavenChapter 1725 - War Dispersion
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A young juvenile's dantian was sealed since childhood. He can learn all elementary laws and master all martial art techniques. Various Kings strive to reach the heavens, new warlords rise together simultaneously, great races stand with thousands of n

First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorceChapter 2061
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Five years ago, she replaced her twin sister to marry him who was burned beyond recognition and even became a eunuch. Five years later, when they met again, he pressed her against the wall in the corner A low voice sounded with doubt. "Is your daught

Forensic Doctor, Moe WifeChapter 1125 - Little Qi’s Side 112
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Born as twins, but Mu Qiqi was left suffering every torment and became the greatest scapegoat in history only because she was not a better actress than her sister!

Fields of GoldDrop of Cinnabar in the Heart (10)
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She transmigrated into the body of a little girl from a fishing village! Her father is honest and foolishly filial, while her mother is weak and ill. Moreover, her siblings are still young children.

Fatal ShotChapter 718 - Hidden Region Discovered
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As an international mercenary, Feng Luo entered a technologically advanced parallel world during a mission.

Forced to Date a Big ShotChapter 905 - Bai Shuang (2)
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Xue Xi is forced to fall in love at first sight with this dangerous man on their first meeting. With death being the only other option, she makes the first move:

Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife is very PopularChapter 870 - Onto the Stage
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Three years ago, President Qiao did not hesitate to sign the papers when Xia Ning placed the divorce papers in front of him.

Flower Master in the CityChapter 1553
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This is a story about a legend, of one that can never be forgotten.Summer, first time down the mountains in 16 years, after being raised by his 3 masters and Fairy sister.

Feng Mangspecial 3
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Han Dong works as an extra as well as a fortuneteller who foretells marriage fortunes extremely accurately. One day, he accidentally foretells his own fortune and discovers that he and a Mr. Golden will become "a match predestined by fate". As a stra

Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get MarriedChapter 955 - Uncle, My Boyfriend Is Coming Today
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Yan Qingsi was a woman so captivating that she could change the lives of anyone she crossed paths with. Shunned, shamed, and abused by her family, they wanted nothing more than to see her turn up dead. She had other plans though she was determined t

Father, Mother Escaped AgainChapter 182
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Xia Yuqing is a shut-in+fujoshi from the 21st century. After an accident, she transmigrates into the body of a young princess forced into a political marriage to another country.

Feng Yu Jiu TianVolume 18 Chapter 8 part3
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Feng Ming was only 19 when he lost his life saving a child from death without hesitation. The grateful father of the rescued child grants Feng Ming a second chance at life. Unknown to Feng Ming, his soul has whisked away to a far away ancient land (r

Feng Yin Tian XiaChapter 162.1
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For the wine to be drunk on her wedding night to actually have been a cup of poison and for the one to poison her to be her husband, who would believe it?

Fortunately, I Met YouChapter 256: Children's Day Cameos
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Cheng Xi, a guileless psychiatrist with a heart of gold, who would do anything for her patients. Lu Chenzhou, a frigid businessman who refuses treatment for his emotional detachment.

Fishing the Myriad HeavensChapter 641 - Wave Slash!
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Tired of the schemes and strifes of city life, Bei Feng finally returned to his hometown in the countryside

Fortunately, I met you in this lifeChapter 1179
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On the eve of the engagement, he lanjin saw her sister and her fianc conspiring against the he family in the toilet. She immediately reported them to the headlines, tearing apart White Lotus flowers with one hand and torturing them with the other.

Fourth Prince's DebaucheryChapter 572 Back in the Mansion 1
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As a wandering soul trapped in endless cycles of reincarnations, Claus must decide what to do in his current life.

Fortunate WifeChapter 215
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Shennugou is an old and infertile place. It's hard to find a woman to marry here.

Forsaken ImmortalsChapter 275 - The Hostess
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Finding an ancient treasure was not as fortunate as one might expect. As soon as Bai Rouyun had left the grave, countless sects and hidden families set out to kill her for the sake of obtaining her treasure for themselves.

Fake Dating the Amnesiac School PrinceChapter Ch68 - Little Secret
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Zhen Yuanbai, the good student, accidentally injured Shi Bufan, the school bully, after a crash. Blood spilled everywhere.

Fight the Landlord, Fall in LoveChapter 41 - Extra: Proposal
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A love story that came about due to Fight The Landlord. [1]

FFF-Class TrasheroChapter 424
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It was a life without regret. My parents were in good health, and I wasn't homey enough for me to combine my studies and part-time jobs.