A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1749 - Women's Beauty Salon

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Chapter 1749: Women’s Beauty Salon

In a room lit only by an oil lamp on a square table.

A muscular dwarf and scrawny old goblin sat on two sides of the table. There was a bottle of alcohol, two cups, and some peanuts on the table.

“Issen Castle has already closed all exits and expelled all other races. Even if the racial war starts again, I am very sure that Issen Castle can hold out,” the dwarf said loudly as he took a big gulp of alcohol.

“To us, goblins, war is just a different way of earning money. The prices for food and weapons will soar during wartime. Five years ago, we have already saved up enough food, and we can sell your weapons to any place that needs them.” The old goblin smiled, revealing his blackened and yellowed teeth.

“But this time, the giant dragons seem to have put a little too much attention on the peace talks. They would hardly be implicated in the racial war. Why are they so concerned? They had always been nonchalant about other races.” The dwarf poured some alcohol for himself as he frowned in bewilderment.

“I can’t really guess what those giant fools are thinking, either,” the goblin said with a smile. “If we can enjoy another 100 years of peace, that will be an equally good thing for our races. The railroad between Chaos City and my race has already completed its first trial operation. Although I have yet to try it, I heard them say that it was a large cart that could run with coal, and it would never get tired. It will probably change how we transport goods, and bring about new business opportunities.”

“The demons and orcs might be facing unrest recently, but the Roth Empire would never give up the chance to start a war so easily. The growth of humans for the past 100 years has been shocking. Just Alex alone sent shivers down the giant dragons’ spines.”

“But during these 100 years, there was only one Alex. Besides, the Roth Empire even pushed him to their opposing side personally,” the goblin said with a grin. “Now, he’s on the side of Chaos City with Irina.”

“Then this time, which side are you goblins on?” the dwarf asked.

“We are always on the side of profit.” The goblin was still smiling.


On the first floor of the restaurant, Mag, who was sitting by the window, put his book down and looked at Irina, who appeared in the restaurant, and said, “Amy’s asleep. What would you like to eat?”

Irina thought for a while, and said, “Maybe some crayfish and beer. It would be best if I could have some kebab as well.”

“Alright. Take a rest.” Mag stood up, and walked towards the kitchen while he put his apron on.

“I want to watch you cook.” Irina followed him to the kitchen. She leaned against the kitchen door, and watched him with a smile.

Mag lit up the grill, put in some fruit-tree-wood-charcoal, and waited for it to turn red-hot. After that, he picked up the net and scooped up two crayfish. He turned around, and asked Irina, “How many would you like?”

“Two. Spicy crayfish,” Irina answered without hesitation.

Seeing her radiant smile with a hint of shyness of a young lady, Mag felt that she was rather cute…

Mag then scooped two crayfish for himself, and considered whether he would want to order some oysters from the system.

“Grilled oysters. Men’s fuel booster! Women’s beauty salon!

“Top-grade deep-sea oysters, 1000 copper coins each! Buy it as soon as you can!”

The system’s voice suddenly appeared in Mag’s mind.

“What lies. Use them to deceive a child.” Mag rolled his eyes.

“Host, there is medical backing to this. According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, oysters—”

“Half the price, and I will get two dozen,” Mag interrupted the system.

“Deal!” the system replied quickly.

“Ding! 24 oysters delivered!

“12,000 copper coins deducted!”

Mag looked at the two dozen oysters that had appeared in the tank, and reached over to take them out.

The oysters were of similar proportions, each around the size of an adult palm. The shell was clean and white, and Mag wondered if oysters living in the deep sea were all this clean.

Irina took a step forward, and curiously asked, “What’s this?”

“This is an oyster. I bought it back in the morning. It’s said that it tastes pretty good grilled,” Mag answered. He also took out a fat head fish, and started preparing the food.

The grilled oyster had to leave its name in the world. A bite of delectable garlic grilled oyster was Mag’s favorite. That taste was unforgettable.

“If you say it’s not bad, then it’s definitely good.” Irina nodded. She leaned against the door, and watched Mag prepare the food as she said, “I went to meet two people today.”


“I saw Josh from afar today. Richard, that old dog, was beside him, so I didn’t take action. However, on their way here, they were attacked by some mysterious people. Two of them were 10th-tier powerhouses. They seemed to be sent by the demons. I couldn’t take a good look from the distance, but they did not succeed,” Irina said.

“Sean would not be stupid enough to lay hands on Josh at this juncture. However, if Josh were to die in an accident, that would cause quite a commotion in the Roth Empire,” Mag said with a smile. “It’s a good thing.”

“Josh has two great magic casters and a 10th-tier knight with him. He’s not easy to assassinate.” Irina pressed her lips together.

“Then we’ll keep him alive for a while. If he were to die now, Sean would become the only inheritor. The Roth Empire would start a war sooner or later. He is way more ambitious than Josh.” Mag placed the prepared ingredients aside, and poured some oil into a large wok. When the oil was around 70 percent hot, he poured in the prepared ginger, garlic, and a large handful of dried chili and Sichuan Pepper.

The spicy smell got stronger, and the crayfishes were put into the pot. Mag turned up the fire. He held a large spatula in one hand and the rim of the wok with the other as he started stir-frying. After a while, the greenish-black crayfishes turned slightly red, and the fragrance got even stronger. At this moment, Mag poured two big glasses of beer in, and put the lid on the wok to let the spicy crayfish simmer.

When it was time for the crayfish to be served, Mag took out a piece of mutton from the fridge. He chopped it into small cubes, and skewered them up. He brushed a layer of oil on the grill, and placed the mutton skewers on it.

The mutton, which had some fat on it, started sizzling, and the fragrance of the roast mutton started wafting out.

While he was grilling mutton on one side, Mag found some time to go back to open up the oysters. Perhaps it was because they were from the deep sea, but these oysters were very clean inside and out. The oyster meat was also very succulent, and there was even a light scent of the sea.

“A type of shell?” Irina asked curiously.

“Yes. You can understand it that way.” Mag nodded. He placed the opened oysters on the grill, and started to make minced garlic.

Mag had mastered multitasking after helming the kitchen to cook for hundreds of people. Now, he could cook three different kinds of food and prepare the ingredients all by himself without being flustered. Instead, all his movements were very smooth.

“My man is indeed good inside and out of the kitchen.” Irina, who was standing at the kitchen door, nodded with satisfaction.

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