A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1816 - : The Crepe Cake Love Theory

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Chapter 1816: The Crepe Cake Love Theory

Gloria, who had regained her calm, opened her eyes wide, and looked at Irina with her mouth slightly open.

How could she ask something like that!

“I… I…” Gloria was a little eager to explain, but there were many things going through her mind, and she did not know what to say all of a sudden.

Liking Boss Mag?

She seemed to have never thought about it seriously. Perhaps… she had been avoiding this question.

Boss Mag was special to her.

If it was not for that tofu pudding, she might still be a young lady covering her face up with a black veil, living in a dark corner cautiously, and not knowing her worth.

It was Mr. Mag who made her throw her veil away, and find her goal and value in life.

And the ever-so-talented he would always provide her with aid gently from behind.

No other man had treated her like this other than her father.

Did she like him?


It was just that she had been hiding this thought carefully, afraid that others would see through it, and afraid that Mr. Mag would find out.

She was afraid that if she were to do anything rashly, Mr. Mag would be repelled by her actions, and she might lose his gentleness forever.

She looked up at Irina, sitting right in front of her, and suddenly seemed to have understood something.

Yes. Even someone who had met Mr. Mag for the first time was able to say something so bold. Why should she hide her feelings in such a lowly manner?

“Mr. Mag is a very gentle and talented person.” Gloria looked at Irina with a smile. “I think everyone likes him.”

Irina squinted slightly, and started to look at this beautiful and pure young lady properly.

Everyone liked him. That would naturally include her. The crux was whether she would like him the same way as everyone did.

Everyone would only say that Mag was a talented cook, but Gloria did not mention anything about food. Instead, she said he was talented. That meant that she had already seen past the first layer, and had a longer and deeper understanding of Mag, hinting that she came first.

As for gentleness.

That was a rather ambiguous term.

Gentle with his words?

Gentle with his actions?

Was he gentle in the restaurant?

Or gentle on the bed?

Pairing the word up with any location or noun would represent the depth of their relationship.

However, no matter which level it was at, she had already achieved the motive of making her dominance known.

This was the so-called crepe cake love theory. She only said a simple statement, and which layer one could reach would depend on experience.


Irina glanced at Mag, who was walking into the kitchen.

Mag felt a chill down his spine. He glanced over, saw Irina and Gloria sitting face-to-face, and could not help but swallow his saliva. He hastened his pace.

What was so scary about that? He did nothing!

Gloria blushed slightly. However, she was still trying to maintain her composure. At least she would not allow herself to lose to Irina once again in terms of presence.

This was a war that she could not lose!

“I came because I heard the food is delicious. Can you recommend me something?” Irina flipped open the menu, and looked at Gloria with a smile.

Gloria, who was prepared for a second wave of attack, was stunned. She did not expect Irina to seek her help, and out of courtesy, she replied seriously, “Mr. Mag is the most outstanding chef in Chaos City. Every dish that he makes is delicious. However, different people have different taste preferences, so they might like different things. I prefer slightly blander food. Therefore, I would usually order the sweet tofu pudding and the rainbow fried rice, which is also called the Yangzhou fried rice. Occasionally, I would also order the pepper steak, and the braised chicken and rice is also a very good choice…”

Irina listened seriously, and looked at Gloria with admiration. This lady was indeed very kind to be able to recommend food to her potential rival with sincerity.

“Thank you for your recommendation.” Irina nodded with a smile. After that, she calmly said, “I heard that the owner of this restaurant has a three-year-old daughter. Would your family agree to you marrying an old man with a daughter?”

Gloria, who thought that the atmosphere had eased, was hit by another unexpected wave of attack.

“Little Amy is a very cute and kind little elf. I think everyone could get along well with her.” Gloria smiled.

“That’s true. You’ll have to see who gave birth to her.” Irina raised her brow.

“Mr. Mag is at his prime. Compared to those immature and ignorant people of the same age, I prefer interacting with more mature people,” Gloria carried on.

The word “prime” was worth thinking over. Irina looked at Gloria. Compared to the shyness when she just entered, she had suddenly improved a lot.

“Do your family members have no opinions about that?” Irina continued asking.

“I…” Gloria was stumped for words. Judging from her grandfather’s character, if he were to hand the Moreton Family over to her, he would definitely not allow her to marry Mr. Mag. He might even request that her future husband marry into their family.

Mr. Mag was such an outstanding person. How would he be willing to marry into someone’s family, as if a gigolo?

“It’s very difficult for a marriage without the blessings of your family to turn out blissful.” Irina looked at Gloria, and comforted her, “I am different. I do not have a family.”

Gloria blinked as she looked at Irina. She suddenly felt a sense of defeat. This was the first time they exchanged blows, but it was apparent that she had lost.

Irina smiled. Although this was an insignificant victory to her, it was enough to make her feel better than whacking a useless 10th-tier fool with a foldable chair.

“I’m Audrey. You are very beautiful. May I know your name?” Irina asked Gloria with a smile.

Gloria was slightly stunned. She suddenly found herself to be a joke. She actually let her emotions be controlled by a person she did not even know.

“I’m Gloria. Pleased to meet you,” Gloria said with a smile.

“Your clothes are very beautiful. Are they custom-made?” Irina looked at the gray long down jacket that Gloria was wearing. Mag gave her something similar in white previously.

Although Mag gave all the ladies in the restaurant clothes, the ones he gave were uniforms. She did not care about that. However, if he were to give them to other ladies…

“This was made by our factory. It’s not really considered custom-made.” Gloria shook her head with a smile. She was a little shocked that such a beautiful lady like Audrey had not actually heard of Blue Suede. She hesitated for a while before asking, “Miss Audrey, did you just arrive at Chaos City?”

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