A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2121 - You’re Setting Fire Here!

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Chapter 2121 You’re Setting Fire Here!

Teaching a disciple who had no basic cutting skills, or he should have said, with misled cutting skills, wasn’t an easy task. Fortunately, Mala got the gist quickly, and was very proactively practicing in addition to Mag’s “Midas Touch.”

After practicing for the whole afternoon, Mala could already slice a potato into even, thin slices.

Mag watched Mala slice a potato slowly but steadily and nodded. “Mm-hmm. Not bad. I’ll give this cleaver to you then. Practice your cutting skills whenever you’re free at home.”

“Really? Master, this cleaver… is mine?”

Mala looked at Mag with surprise. Although this cleaver was rectangular, it was easier to use than the chef’s knife she had back home.

After spending the whole afternoon together and obtaining Mag’s permission, Mala started to address him as “master.”

“Of course.” Mag nodded with a smile. “That’s all for today. You can go back after having dinner.”

“Yes.” Mala nodded. After pondering, Mala hesitantly said, “Then… my young mistress…” “Miss Eiffie?”

“She doesn’t know how to cook.” Mala nodded.

“Go and get her over for dinner then,” Mag answered smilingly. He suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to ask Eiffie to recommend service staff after he got caught up in teaching Mala how to cook.

“Yes. Thank you, Master.” Mala smiled and placed all the sliced potatoes in a basin at the side. Master said they could be made into mashed potato and potato cakes.

Irina watched Mala jog out, and turned to Mag who was about to make dinner, asking, “Do you intend to let Mala make the side dishes in the future?”

“Yes. This child is quite talented in cooking, and she’s very enthusiastic, so I want to teach her a few side dishes to go with the drinks to maintain Saipan Tavern’s competitiveness.” Mag nodded.

However, this was equivalent to poaching from Eiffie. Whether it would succeed, it had to depend on Eiffie’s attitude. He couldn’t really force it, right?

Mala ran back to the tavern, and yelled loudly, “Miss, Master asked me to invite you over for dinner.”

Before she saw anyone, she smelled a burnt smell coming from the kitchen. There was also smoke.

“Is there a fire?! Miss, are you alright?!” Mala ran to the kitchen, and kicked open the kitchen’s door.

Then, she saw Eiffie, who was holding a spatula and covered in soot, turn around with reddened eyes.

Meanwhile, there was a puddle of unknown black objects in the pot that was smoldering.

Mala was stunned before coughing after choking on the smoke. She regained her wits, ran to a vat at the side, and poured a ladle of water into the pot to cool the unknown objects down. Then, she opened the window to let the smoke out.

After doing all that, Mala pulled Eiffie out of the kitchen with a perplexed expression, and asked, “Miss, what’s wrong? Are you trying to commit suicide?”

“Sui- my a*s.” Eiffie blushed. Fortunately, there was a layer of soot on her, so nobody could see the blush. She turned her head to the other side, and said in a low voice, “I-I just want to cook a meal.” “It doesn’t look like you are cooking here. If I came back a little later, the neighbors would be rushing in to put out the fire.” Mala shook her head seriously.

“I said I was cooking means I was cooking.” Eiffie waved the spatula, and asked Mala, “You have learned how to cook?”

Mala pulled out a cleaver.

“Wh-what are you doing? A mutiny?” Eiffie looked at Mala’s cleaver, and then looked at her own spatula. Obviously, she wasn’t very confident.

“No. This is the cleaver that Master gave me.” Mala shook her head with a smile. She even waved it around. “It’s a breeze to use.”

Eiffie was rather taken back. “Master? Did Mr. Hades take you in as his disciple?” “Yes. Mr. Hades agreed to let me call him master. I only learned how to use the cleaver today.” Mala nodded with an ecstatic look. Eiffie’s face was filled with envy, but she still pursed her lips, and said, “Isn’t it just cooking? I know how to cook too.”

“You’re setting fire here!” Mala corrected her. “Darn girl. How dare you.” Eiffie raised the spatula. “No, no, no. My miss is the best. Master asked me to invite Miss over for dinner. Let’s wash up and change,” Mala quickly said.

“Did Mr. Hades specially ask you to get me over for dinner?” Eiffie halted with a hint of joy in her eyes.

“No. I was worried that you might starve at home, and specially mentioned that to Master.” Mala shook her head honestly.

“Hmph.” Eiffie snorted, but she still put down the spatula, and went upstairs to wash up and change happily.

Eiffie changed her clothes, washed her face, put on light makeup, and then brought Mala to Saipan Tavern.

During dinner, Mag asked Eiffie, “Miss Eiffie, we would like to employ a few more servers, but we couldn’t find any suitable candidates. I wonder if you know anybody who is suitable?”

“Mr. Hades wants to recruit service staff?”

Eiffie looked at Mag. After pondering briefly, Eiffie understood. Saipan Tavern was having a roaring business now. It was obviously impossible to depend on Mr. Hades and his family alone.

Titan Tavern had eight service staff members, and even she felt overwhelmed in the past two days. She intended to employ two more servers.

“What kind of service staff do you intend to hire? How much is the salary?” Eiffie asked.

“They have to be fast workers and gracious hosts. It will be good if they can be younger. As for the salary, it will be around 5000 copper coins. Of course, if they are good, I can pay them more,” Mag answered.

Mag didn’t expect the service staff to come by themselves just like in Chaos City. As long as they could start to work immediately, it would be okay. After thinking briefly, Eiffie said, “I do know a few candidates like that. Are you free tomorrow afternoon? I can ask them to meet you at your tavern, and you can talk to them face-to-face.” “Thank you very much then.” Mag’s eyes shone. He had indeed asked the right person.

After dinner, Eiffie and Mala said their goodbyes. Titan Tavern was about to start its operation.

After coming out from Saipan Tavern, Mala asked Eiffie with wonder, “Miss, didn’t you ask to meet those servers for yourself?”

“Mr. Hades’ manpower crunch is worse than ours. He helped us so much, so this is nothing.” Eiffie shook her head with a smile.

“Oh.” Mala nodded. After thinking briefly, she said, “Since that’s the case, I will go help Master then.”

Eiffie turned to look at Mala with a weird smile. “Why? Do you already want to escape from me now?”

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