A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2122 - Are You A God?

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Chapter 2122 Are You A God?

The news of Titan Tavern being robbed and its Boss Eiffie experiencing a scary night had already spread in the tavern circle.

Fortunately, after Titan Tavern rested for a day, it resumed its operations. The lady boss looked fine, which made the customers relieved.

“As long as you are fine, Miss Eiffie. I didn’t sleep for the entire night when I heard the news two days ago. I was afraid something untoward had happened to you,” Marcus said to Eiffie with relief.

“I’m sorry to have made the president worried.” Eiffie poured the liquor for the members of the Wine and Liquor Association with a smile.

Fergus angrily said, “Boris was really a scumbag, and to think that we’ve even given him the silver award for promoting the brewery industry.”

The others at the table had similar expressions.

Everyone still couldn’t quite believe it when the news of Boris being the perpetrator first spread.

Only when Boris’ taverns were closed down and the news of Boris committing suicide were confirmed did the news finally spread in their circle.

Eiffie’s background was already very pitiful. Her parents died in a burglary.

And Boris actually hired an assailant to commit the same crime against Eiffie and reenact the nightmare in order to steal the Titan Liquor’s formula.

Fortunately, Eiffie was blessed. She escaped unscathed, and the perpetrator was punished.

Eiffie drank a glass with them smilingly before she went off to busy herself.

She knew very well. She wasn’t blessed, but she happened to meet Mr. Hades.


After daily operations, Mag saw the last customer off, and was about to close the tavern when he saw Xi standing out there.

Mag looked at her and pondered a little before saying, “Do you want to come in for a drink?”


Xi’s answer was as short and cold as usual. Xi walked by Mag and straight into the tavern.

Irina had already cleaned the tavern with magic. Amy was asleep with Ugly Duckling in her arms on the chair behind the bar counter, while Annie took out her drawing supplies from under the bar counter, and was about to start her work at night. “She would like to have a drink,” Mag explained to Irina.

“What would you like to drink?” Irina asked Xi, treating her just like how a lady boss treated her customers.

“Maotai, please,” Xi answered.

Irina took a bottle of Maotai from the bar cabinet and waved gently. That bottle landed on the table in front of Xi lightly.

“Thank you,” Xi said as she sat down, but her gaze was on Annie.

Annie hugged the picture book in her arms tightly subconsciously. She was a little afraid instinctively.

Mag went forward to block Xi’s gaze, and smilingly said to Annie, “Annie, go upstairs to draw, but you’ll have to sleep early tonight.”

Annie nodded obediently, and ran upstairs with her picture book and drawing supplies.

“Do you like side dishes?” Mag turned around to ask Xi that question with a smile.

He knew Xi didn’t mean any harm to Annie, otherwise she wouldn’t have given him that ring.

Looking at it currently, the Elder Things hadn’t come to take Annie away, so he still treated Xi as a “customer.”

Furthermore, Xi had saved their lives in the snow plain previously, so it was only right for him to make a few side dishes for her.

Xi flicked a glance at the menu on the wall before calmly saying, “I would like all of them.”

This is indeed how a willful adult places her orders. Mag raised his eyebrows slightly, but he didn’t reject Xi’s request.

He was about to go to the kitchen to make them…


…but Xi spoke again.

Mag faltered in his steps. He was a little surprised that there was a hint of emotions in Xi’s perpetually calm tone of voice.

“Red braised pork. Do you know how to cook it?” Xi said with her usual cold expression.

“Red braised pork? I do.” Mag nodded and stared at Xi strangely.

It seemed like Annie’s drawing skills were indeed powerful. It made Xi bring up red braised pork on her own accord.

There was a hint of joy in Xi’s eyes, but she concealed it quickly. She murmured, “Add a helping of red braised pork too.”

“Red braised pork. That would take some time,” Mag said.

Red braised pork wasn’t hard to make, but it would take time to braise. It couldn’t be served quickly. “It’s fine. I have time to wait.” Xi was patient.

“But I want to sleep.” Mag frowned.

Xi was a little taken aback, and she stared at Mag. This fellow actually dared to reject her?

“Why don’t I exchange a helping of red braised pork for a battleship with you?” Mag said in a negotiating tone.

“No way,” Xi answered coldly without any hesitation.

This human was simply dreaming. He wanted her to exchange one of the Elder Things’ most advanced battleships for a food item.

“Then, how about exchanging for a main cannon. The one that sent Cthulhu flying.” Mag lowered his expectations.

Xi simply looked at him quietly. She didn’t even bother to open her mouth.

“I don’t need the electromagnetic gun, even an ordinary cannon will do.” Mag didn’t want to give up yet. After all, this was a reward that the system would never give him. The Elder Things’ technology was way more advanced than the Norland Continent’s and the Earth’s. Any one of their cannons would be the main combat force against the army of the dead.

“You’re a human knight, and she is a magic caster. You guys can’t use the cannon even if you are given one,” Xi said.

“You’re looking down on me in this case. Isn’t it just firing a cannon? Why are you looking down on me?” Mag pursed his lips.

Irina rolled her eyes at him and blushed. No one knew what she was thinking.

“I said before that the existence of the Elder Things has to be kept a secret. Do you think it’s reasonable for a battleship’s main cannon to appear in this world?” Xi said to Mag.

However, Mag seriously replied, “Any attacks made by the powerful are reasonable. At most, we will just carry it on our shoulders and use it as a weapon. That will be very reasonable.”

Xi frowned, as if it was hard for her to imagine that scene.

“The army of the dead is not alive. They do not fear, and they’re not afraid of death.

“Even if all the races on the continent formed an allied force, there are families behind all those brave warriors who went up north to stop the army of the dead. It isn’t just a simple number if they die on the battlefield. There will be many broken families.

“If possible, I want to give some more power to the allied forces. We can reduce the allied forces’ casualties as long as we can kill more of the undead,” Mag said gravely.

Xi looked at Mag with a respectful gaze for the first time, but she still coldly said, “I want to try its taste first before deciding if that red braised pork is worthy to exchange for a cannon.”

“Sure. Please give me some time.” Mag’s eyes shone, and he went into the kitchen.

He knew there was a chance to get the cannon tonight when she nodded.

He needed a powerful solo combat weapon and a seductive bait.

Was I convinced by him? Xi frowned slightly, feeling as though she had stepped into a trap

Irina sat across from Xi, looked straight into her eyes, and asked, “Are you a god?”

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