A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2134 - She Is Mine

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Chapter 2134 She Is Mine

“System, can you identify the language sung by the Maestro just now?” Maestro asked inwardly as he boarded the horse-drawn carriage he hailed.

Vicki’s singing just now shocked him, and at the same time made Mag increasingly curious about her identity.

The System gave Mag a language pack that included all languages in the Norland Continent so that he could understand the languages of all races.

However, he could not understand what Vicki


Of course, it was normal that there were some languages he did not understand.

For example… yordles?

After hearing that, one could only exclaim: f*ck!

However, Vicki was not yodeling. The tone was deep and filled with sorrow. It had to be very meaningful


“The language is not within the System’s language bank. There is no way of ascertaining and translating. This is not a commonly used language by the races on the Norland Continent,” the System replied very quickly.

Mag said softly, “Do you mean she is a transmigrator or from some hidden race? Or maybe she’s like Xi, she came from underground?”

“50% hidden race, 30% transmigrator, 10% from the underground world, 10% an unknown existence.” The System gave an analysis report.

“50% transmigrator, 10% hidden race, 30% underground world, 10% unknown existence. This is my conjecture.”

Based on her awareness of copyright, Mag thought that she was not a hidden race like Noya. She should be someone who had lived in a place where copyright and patent protection were highly valued.

The Elder Things had high technological standards. Therefore, there also had to be an equal standard for copyright and protections.

If she was a transmigrator, the problem of language and the opera-singing standard surpassing that of Norland Continent’s could be explained.

Of course, she should not be from Earth.

This lady is not simple. Mag thought about which shop he wanted to convert into an opera house.

Based on the current situation of the Black Cat Opera, they would not even have enough money to feed themselves, much less afford the rent of 50,000 copper coins.


Mag had decided, with the idea of getting a high return of interest, that if Vicki came to look for him, he would build them an opera house, but at the same time ask for a portion of the opera troupe’s profits in return.

Judging from Vicki’s abilities and the holistic standard of Black Cat Opera, Mag was very confident that this opera troupe would be able to make it big and profit.


“Mr Bobby, I regret to inform you that the Black Cat Opera still rejected our cooperation. On top of that, that darn woman even scratched me.” Pascal held his face which was filled with bloody scratch marks angrily.

The young man standing in front shook his head, and said,” I am sorry for what you’ve encountered, but Miss Vicki is a very gentle lady. You should not malign her like that.”

“I…” Pascal was full of grievance. “You have not seen her hysterical! She is a lioness…”

Black Cat Opera took out a bag of silver coins, and passed it to Pascal as he said calmly, “This is your pay. Deliver a part of it to Black Cat Opera. They are in a very difficult situation right now, but many of them are very excellent performers. You know it, such chances are hard to come by.” Pascal received the bag of money, opened it, and his eyes lit up. He immediately changed his attitude and nodded respectfully as he said smilingly, “I do. I will make another trip to Black Cat Opera again to make most of them part of the Maca Opera.”

“Remember. You can make Black Cat Opera land in a sticky situation, but you must not harm Miss Vicki. She is mine,” Bobby said with a warning look.

“I understand, I understand.” Pascal kept the money, and watched Bobby leave in his carriage before muttering to himself, “Heh, what’s so good about that woman? She has neither figure nor good temperament. Why is he spending so much money on her willingly?”


Mag taught Mala how to make drunkard peanuts in the afternoon.

This was a relatively simple dish. However, it still posed a challenge to Mala.

Mag taught as he demonstrated how the dish was made step by step. Lastly, he used his golden finger to add the final touch, dispelling all her queries and confusion. After spending the entire afternoon on it, Mala finally managed to master the first steps of making the drunkard peanuts.

“Now, it is the time to become familiar with the steps. After that, take time to practice at home to quickly master the dish.” Mag grabbed a handful of slightly charred peanuts, and threw one into his mouth. The fire was still not controlled well, and the taste was a little off.

“Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.” Mala nodded hard with excitement.

This was the first dish she had learned from her master. Although it was still not perfect, she felt that she had already learned a lot.

“But Master, are these really peanuts made by drunkards?” Mala could not help but raise the question that she had been holding inside the entire afternoon.

Her master did not seem like a drunkard, either. Why did he give it such a strange name?

“No, this is peanuts that would make one turn into a drunkard.” Mag shook his head with a smile. “Because it goes very well with alcohol.”

“Oh… I see.” Mala understood. It was very different from what she thought.

“Right, Mala. We’ll be going out tomorrow, and might be gone for several days. If a lady in a black dress comes looking for me, help me pass this to her, and bring her to shop 101.” Mag passed Mala a cowhide bag.

“What is her name?” Mala received the bag.

“She’s called Vicki.”

“Alright, I got it. I will keep a lookout.” Mala nodded seriously.

Mag did not make Mala stay for dinner. After all, there was still Eiffie back there waiting for her to feed.

Amy carried Ugly Duckling in her arms, looked up at Mag, and asked, “If we’re going back tomorrow, should we bring the big sisters some presents?” “Yes. If Little Amy hadn’t brought it up, I would have forgotten about it.” Mag nodded with a smile. They had already been out for two weeks. It was only right to bring some gifts back for the ladies.

In the evening, the four new employees came in advance.

Mag arranged for them to do work. Jones, who had the experience of being a cashier, had the most important job of manning the cash register. The other three ladies were in charge of ordering, serving, and cleaning up.

With the addition of new employees, Mag’s workload was lightened significantly.

However, after the end of the day, Jones looked at the exhausted colleagues, and could not help but suggest to Mag, “Boss… Perhaps we need more colleagues…”

Saipan Tavern’s business was way better than what they had expected, and it was not like what they experienced in their previous taverns.

It was really too difficult for four servers to handle such a tavern. Even if they were very experienced, they would still make mistakes due to the high volume.

“Yes. I will continue to look out for some potential candidates.” Mag nodded. He had also realized the problem.

He had still not adjusted from Mamy Restaurant mode, thinking that one employee could complete many jobs. This was really too much to ask of a normal server.

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