A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2135 - Only You Can Do It!

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Chapter 2135 Only You Can Do It!

After the operation, Mag flew back to Chaos City overnight on the flying restaurant with the two children.

The flying restaurant shrunk and stopped at Mamy Restaurant’s balcony. The stairway was let down, and Mag carried Amy, who was already asleep, down while Annie followed after him with her picture albums in her arms.

The little one was obsessed with creating recently. She wouldn’t sleep until it was 11 pm or 12 am.

“Why did you guys come back overnight?” Irina came out from the room, and looked at Mag with surprise.

“I can’t sleep well when you are not around,” Mag answered with a smile.

“Ha.” Irina rolled her eyes at him. They wouldn’t really not sleep well tonight since he was here.

“Annie, go to bed after drawing this page,” Mag reminded Annie, and settled the two children in.

“Go and shower first. You smell of smoke and liquor.” Irina raised her hand and stopped Mag’s approaching body. “Together?” “No.”

Mag lay on the bed and stretched out lazily after a hot shower and exercise.

Speaking of it, Mamy Restaurant was indeed the most comfortable.

Mag lowered his head toward Irina, who was snuggling at his chest, and asked, “Do the Night Elves have any problems?”

“N-nothing…” Irina was panting slightly. “I’ve talked to Michael. I intend to take part in tomorrow’s meeting in the name of the Night Elves.”

“I’m afraid that witch Helena is going to act up.” Mag chuckled. He could already imagine Helena’s expression.

“This isn’t something that she can decide. At least I don’t represent the elven race,” Irina said nonchalantly.

“However, since we’re going to form an alliance and have allied forces, we’ll have to choose a leader to command the troops. What do you think about that?” Irina looked up at Mag with a serious expression.

Mag thought seriously for a while before shaking his head, and said, “Looking at it now, there is no one that can impress all the races. Even the dragons can’t choose a leader among themselves, let alone the allied forces.”

“If this is the case, I’m afraid even if we form the allied forces, we’re still in a state of disunity,” Irina said worriedly.

Mag also nodded gravely. They were facing Cthulhu and a fearless and obedient army of the dead.

If the allied forces were in a state of disunity, then they would have no chance to win this war at all.

There was already a clash of benefits among the races, and some of them even had feuds that couldn’t be resolved. It would be good enough if they didn’t stab one another in the back.

At such a moment, if there were no strict rules that could unify all the races and make them fight together and a strong commander that all the races were willing to take instructions from, this war would have been lost right from the beginning.

“I think that person can only be you.” Irina looked at Mag with bright eyes. “Me?”

“Yes. There’s no one more suitable than you right now.” Irina nodded. “Be it battling Cthulhu with lightning outside Chaos City, or the free man identity after breaking away from the Roth Empire, or your strong individual power and charm, you are the best candidate.”

“Am I really as good as you said?” Mag rubbed his chin and considered it seriously.

“This is also what Michael said to me today. This war will be an absolute disaster if the allied forces are in a state of disunity.” Irina looked into Mag’s eyes and nodded with conviction. “Now, the Norland Continent needs you.”

Mag was really deep in thought right now…

It wasn’t that he was afraid; he was simply worried that he couldn’t lead in a war of this scale. Furthermore, it even involved such a complicated situation.

And the experience Alex left to him was only restricted to small-scale battles with the orcs at the borders.

However, looking at Irina’s encouraging and expectant gaze and the current tight situation, he really couldn’t say no, either.

They indeed had no choice.

“Alright, I will stand out.”

Mag nodded.

Irina smiled and her red lips pressed onto his lips again.



Earlier next morning, Mag got Amy to go to the dormitory to ask Miya and the ladies over for breakfast.

Meanwhile, he had prepared a big table for breakfast.

Yabemiya carried Amy in, and stared at Mag, who was still busy in the kitchen, with a surprised expression, saying, “Boss, you guys are finally back!”

Angela followed her in, and excitedly said, “The familiar taste. Life with delicious breakfast. Is it going to begin right now?”

“Boss, Annie.” Jane greeted them with a smile.

“Boss, my rum is ready. Do you want to try it?” Hannah came in with a bottle of rum, and shook the bottle at Mag.

“Let’s not drink so early in the morning.” Mag came out of the kitchen with a row of steamers. He took the bottle of rum from Hannah, and put it on a counter at the side.

He had no doubts about Hannah’s brewing techniques. Since it was a bottle of rum that she deemed ready to be sold, it had to be good rum.

It seemed like the alcoholic beverage market was going to welcome a new savage now. A savage who could supply in bulk while maintaining its high quality.

Yabemiya looked at the soup dumplings in the steamers, and curiously asked, “What’s this? It’s round and looks so cute. Is this the new breakfast that you created, Boss?”

Everyone’s gaze was attracted by the steamers too.

“This is the soup dumpling, Father’s latest creation for breakfast. It’s super delicious.” Amy climbed onto her designated high chair. She took a plate and reached out to pick a juicy soup dumpling. “Let me teach you how to eat it.”

Mag placed a steamer in front of each of them. There were only three soup dumplings in each steamer. They were the focus of this breakfast.

All of them only felt relief after they watched Amy pinch that soup dumpling wobbly and put it onto her plate.

Then, they saw her bite a small opening at the upper corner and sip the soup before eating the dumpling together as a whole.

The whole seemingly ritualistic process befuddled all of them.

Amy licked the grease on her lips, and asked everyone, “Did you guys get it?

“Oh well, let me demonstrate to you again.” Before they could answer her, the little one picked up the second soup dumpling, and continued to teach seriously.

All of them quickly followed Amy’s example with a smile. They picked up a soup dumpling gingerly, and put it onto their respective plates before eating it in small bites while it was still hot.

Yabemiya finished a soup dumpling, and couldn’t help heaping praises on it. “This soup dumpling is simply too delicious. We can drink its soup and eat the meat and skin. It’s simply perfect!”

“But… the soup is so hot… I feel I have lost the sensation on my tongue…” Hannah poked her tongue out sadly.

Angela finished a soup dumpling gracefully before reminding Hannah, “This is the tongue of a millionaire brewer. You have got to treasure it.”

“I can help you cool it down.” Amy extended her hand, and a cold flame rose up gradually.

“I’m alright now!” Hannah quickly retracted her tongue, and shook her head in rejection.

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