A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2136 - Alex Is Here!

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Chapter 2136 Alex Is Here!

The breakfast ended in a happy ambiance. As for Mag’s return and the restaurant’s reopening, Mag gave a negative answer to it.

“We are just resting for two days before we move onto our next destination,” Mag smilingly said. “So, the restaurant will not reopen for business for the time being. We will still follow our original plan of resting for a month.”

“Boss, you have no idea how much the customers miss you. There are dozens of people asking when the restaurant is going to reopen at the ice cream shop every day,” Yabemiya said with aggrievement.

“Yes, there are even perverts waiting for us below our dormitory.” Hannah nodded, and sadly said, “I thought they were lusting after our beauty, but I didn’t expect they just wanted to eat your dishes. Isn’t that too much?!”

Mag listened to the ladies talk about the funny incidents with the customers during this period of time. He was rather surprised that Mamy Restaurant had that special place in the customers’ hearts.

He thought a restaurant was just a place to eat. They could always go to the next one if this one was closed.

He didn’t expect so many people to stay and wait at his restaurant.

“It wasn’t just the regulars. Recently, there have been many customers who came from afar too. I heard they came because they had read a magazine called Perfect Food. They could only leave in disappointment when they saw that the restaurant was closed,” Miya said to Mag. “I read that magazine too. You wrote that article, Boss.”

“There are even people who come straight to the restaurant?” Mag was even more shocked. They even came just because of a magazine. He had indeed underestimated the chowhounds’ determination.

Yabemiya nodded, and said, “Yes. So, you’re really not going to open the restaurant in these two days? Even opening for two days can bring some consolation to the customers.”

“Forget it. They had just gotten used to life without me. It will only make them feel worse if they were to lose something again after getting it back.” Mag shook his head with a smile.

Mainly, it was because… he had to go save the world!

If this world ended, those chowhounds wouldn’t even get a chance to eat anymore.

Mag and everyone chatted for a while. He flicked a glance at the clock, and came up with an excuse to go out. The racial meeting was going to start soon. Of course, Mag couldn’t miss it.


Chaos City. The representatives of the various races began to take their seats at the round table in the meeting hall.

The organizer of this meeting, the lord of Chaos City, Michael, sat in the central position as the host of this meeting.

The giant dragons’ representatives were Louis and Douglas. The Golden Dragons and the Frost Dragons had buried the hatchet, and gained many supporters in the giant dragon race lately, so they gained the right to represent the giant dragon race at the dragon tribes’ meeting

For the elves, it was Helena and Sally. As the new princess of the elven race, Sally became more and more dependable and steady. Furthermore, her power had exceeded 8th-tier. She could be considered as one of the outstanding ones in the younger generations.

The orcs’ representative was also very eye-catching. Connie had become the only queen of the Twilight Forest. This was something that had never happened in the past hundreds of years in the orc race. Furthermore, the Hairless Monk was sitting next to her as her number one bald bodyguard. No one dared to underestimate this master-and-disciple duo.

The king of the dwarves came personally. He was chatting softly with the king of the goblins. Their topic was related to cannons.

The demons’ delegation was still a little messy as before. The top 10 demon tribes had all sent a representative. They obviously hadn’t reached a consensus yet.

Meanwhile, the most conspicuous of them was the new chief of the vampires: Camilla.

No one had expected the vampires to change their chief at such a time, even though it was a peaceful handover.

The new chief of the forest trolls sat in his seat demurely. After being taught a lesson by Mag, he had no temper at all.

As for Lantisde, High Priest Dexter and the king were both present. It was obvious how much importance they had placed on this meeting

As the power of the Lantisdeans slowly became obvious, they became the overlord of the sea. They could rival the disunited demons, and people couldn’t ignore them at


“The Night Elves. Irina has arrived!” someone loudly reported outside.

Everyone’s gaze moved to the door.

Irina walked in gradually. She looked around and eventually sat down at the position that had her name written on it.

Helena’s expression went cold, and she turned to look at Michael. “City Lord Michael, I think this is inappropriate, right?”

“Irina and the Night Elves support a peaceful Norland Continent, and are willing to pitch in to stop the army of the dead. It is perfectly appropriate for her to take part in this meeting,” Michael answered normally.

Irina smiled at Helena. Her gaze landed on Sally briefly before she looked away.

“Hmph…” Helena snorted coldly. However, the elves were getting weak, and today wasn’t an occasion that she could simply walk away. She could only show her displeasure and remain quiet.

Dracula looked at Irina with shock and murmured softly, “Seems like this girl has become even more powerful?” She seemed different from before.

“She became even more powerful?” Camilla couldn’t help sitting up even straighter to make herself look even more graceful. However, after flicking a glance at Irina, she still felt she was far inferior to that woman in front of her.

“Big Sister Irina is still as beautiful and powerful as usual.” Connie looked at Irina with admiration. Even though she was already the queen of the Twilight Forest, she knew she had only learned bits from Irina.

The hall was quiet, and there were still two vacant seats at Michael’s right. They belonged to the Roth Empire’s delegation.

Meanwhile, there was also an empty seat next to Irina. It belonged to that man.

“The Roth Empire’s delegation is here!”

Andre and Marshal Dominic strode into the hall.

Andre’s gaze swept over all the representatives present, and halted on the position next to Irina before he and Dominic walked to the seats next to Michael under the staff member’s guidance.

“Welcome, King Andre,” Michael said with a smile.

“Thank you for waiting, ladies and gentlemen.” Andre nodded slightly; his demeanor was no longer as proud as before.

No one could expect that the Norland Continent’s situation could change so drastically in less than one month.

Josh was working for the devil, and the army of the dead had converged in the snow plain in the extreme north under the devil’s lead, preparing to move southwards.

The arrogant Roth Empire could only shudder in front of the army of the dead and the devil.

The peace accord that had been rejected reappeared on the negotiation table, and it was still the same batch of people sitting here.

However, all of them knew the result this time round.

The negotiation was no longer the objective. How to resolve the army of the dead that threatened all the races and the Norland Continent was what all of them cared about.

“Alex is here!”

A man in a black light armor walked in from the door.

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