A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2202 - Annie the Beautiful Genius Comic Artist!  

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Chapter 2202: Annie the Beautiful Genius Comic Artist!

“Have you girls sold books before?” Mag asked the two elves smilingly.

The two elves were about 15 or 16 years old. They had round faces and looked rather cute. They shook their heads with a blush.

“That’s okay. From today onwards, you two will be responsible for selling the picture books. It will be 1,000 copies a day until they are all sold. I will provide three meals for you and pay you a daily salary of 1,000 copper coins. How is it?” Mag smilingly asked.

The slightly taller elf’s eyes lit up and she asked, “Are we eating at Mamy Restaurant?”

“Of course, you’ll be eating with us.” Mag nodded with a smile.

The two elves looked at each other and simultaneously said, “We are willing!”

They had always heard Big Sister Firis say that Mamy Restaurant was the best restaurant in the world and the boss made really delicious food. However, because of the expensive price, they had never tried it before.

The food that Big Sister Firis made was very delicious, but she said her culinary skills were not even 0.0001% of Mamy Restaurant’s boss.

It would be fantastic if they could get to eat at Mamy Restaurant for free.

Mag introduced himself. “I am Mag, the boss and head chef of Mamy Restaurant.”

“We know you, Mr. Mag.” The taller elf smilingly said, “I’m Molly, this is my younger sister, Eve.”

“Molly and Eve, it’s nice to meet you.” Mag nodded. He took out the sign that he printed at the textile factory earlier, which was as tall as a man, and carried a table over. He took a few dozen picture books from the wooden box and displayed them on the table.

“There are 1,000 books here and the sign has already listed the price. Your job is to hand the books to the customers and receive the 1,000 copper coins. Each customer can only purchase two books.” Mag introduced the way of selling the books to the two of them.

“Mr. Mag, we have 10,000 picture books here, so why are we limiting its sale?” Isn’t it better if there are people who are willing to buy more of it?” Eve asked with doubts. Molly looked doubtful as well.

“Because the market value of this book will far exceed 1,000 copper coins once it is sold. If this picture book is brought to Rodu, it could be sold for 10,000 copper coins or even higher before the news of bulk sales is spread.” Mag explained with a smile, “I want to let more people admire this picture book and not let some people hog them, just so they can make money.”

“10,000 copper coins?!” Molly and Eve open their mouths. They couldn’t imagine that this picture book’s price would increase by 10 times once it went to another place.

“Use this box to collect the money. Don’t worry. Mamy Restaurant’s customers are all very refined, you can definitely handle them.” Mag carried a big box over and put it next to their feet before giving them two barstools.

“Thank you, Boss,” the two maidens said with a smile.

“You two get used to the working environment first, I’ll call you guys in for lunch shortly.” Mag told them before going back into the restaurant.

He went upstairs to change into his chef’s suit and began to prepare for the lunch service.

Firis came in and asked Mag, who was tying on his apron, “Boss, are Molly and Eve here to sell the picture books?”

“Yes. We are short of manpower. They sent the books over and I asked them to help since they look rather smart.” Mag nodded.

“Woah, look at the sign by the door. Annie really makes beautiful drawings.” Yabemiya came in and smilingly said, “I want to go upstairs and bring our great artist down to come look at her big drawing.”

“Having a book signing seems like a great idea.” Mag nodded. This was what a bestseller comic artist had to go through once she became popular.

Drawing was a lonesome task. To be able to receive the readers’ positive feedback would be very gratifying.

“I’ll go upstairs then.” Yabemiya ran upstairs and pulled Annie downstairs by her hand. She brought Annie, who was still rather dazed, to the door.

Annie stood at the restaurant’s door and looked at the large sign, which was of her in a long dress, holding a paintbrush, with wide eyes. She stood there with her mouth agape and a shocked expression.

Next to her drawing, were two lines of big words: Annie the genius comic artist’s first colored work: The Tale of The Little Mermaid. Limited edition. For sale right now!

1,000 copper coins per copy!

“Are you the genius comic artist, Annie? Your picture book is so beautiful.” Eve praised Annie from the bottom of her heart.

Annie’s throat moved. After recovering from her shock, she felt a sense of embarrassment. However, after hearing Eve’s words, she still expressed her gratitude with sign language politely.

Miya helped to explain smilingly, “Annie has some problem with her throat, so she’s using sign language to communicate for the moment.”

Molly and Eve nodded in realization.

Annie nodded to the two of them before going into the restaurant with a blush.

Mag said to Annie, who had a blush, “Do you like it? It’s the sale of your first work.”

Annie looked at Mag with shyness and gratitude. She nodded to express her gratitude.

Listening to people’s praises and seeing stacks of her books placed on the table that were about to be sold… It felt rather amazing.

It was as if she had just found the reason why she was doing this; to share something good with more people. Wasn’t it the initial reason why she picked up the paintbrush?

How wonderful it was to let more people hear Father’s stories and feel the warmth and love in them.

“I like it very much.” Annie signed.

“It’s great that you like it. We’ll be considered to be bestseller comic artists after we sell these 10,000 picture books,” Mag said with a smile, feeling very proud of Annie.

As for the book signing, Annie rejected it.

The little maiden was still very shy.

However, Mag began to think otherwise. Annie was just a newcomer, people might not want her to sign the picture books, so he gave up.

It was getting close to noon, so the customers began to line up at the restaurant.

The news of Mamy Restaurant’s reopening had already spread around. Those chowhounds, who had missed breakfast, rushed over because they were afraid to miss out on lunch too.

Mylo and Garlan were among them.

The two of them who were trapped in Chaos City due to the sudden war, looked much more haggard. Garlan had shaved off his beard at the hotel himself.

The two of them shed happy tears in the hotel when they heard they had won the war. They even prepared to go home in the middle of the night.

However, they didn’t want to make a wasted trip. After all, the new peace accord was already signed and the Norland Continent was going to welcome a long period of peace. They had already set the next target for their magazine: selling it throughout the Norland Continent!

Hence, the two of them made a trip to Mamy Restaurant to see if Boss Mag was around.

The signboard at the door attracted their gazes. At first, they thought it was about Boss Mag’s new dishes, but after taking a closer look, it was actually promoting a comic book.

“Annie the genius comic artist? I’ve never heard of her before.” Mylo scratched his head.

“Yes. A newcomer?” Garlan was also shaking his head.

“You guys don’t know about her, do you? Miss Annie is Boss Mag’s daughter.” A regular at the restaurant informed them smilingly.

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