Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1253 - Compensation

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Chapter 1253: Compensation

Abel returned to the golden castle from the Dark World the next morning. It was already 9 am. He was a little late since the dragons had all returned to the dragon island last night.

“Master, Wizard Miles has sent a visit request 3 times, do you accept his request?” The research spirit asked as soon as Abel stepped out.

Abel’s teleportation circle was directly connected to the Lightnings by location without going through the Wizard Union’s network.

By that point, only the dragons have unlimited access to his teleportation circle—even wizard Miles needed to send a request before he came.

“I accept!” Abel smiled.

It must be his reward for sealing the dimension crack.

He arrived at the dining hall, and the puppets served him a glass of juice.

Although those puppets were extremely efficient under the control of the research spirit, he still preferred his elf servants.

After the dragons left, a certain sense of liveliness was lifted off the castle.

He shook his head. He needed a peaceful place to train nevertheless. What he saw behind the dimension crack was a great reminder.

Even with the dimension crack gone, his worries remained.

He had to level up even more with his current connection to the dragons and the wizard union.

“Greetings blue dragon Abel!” Wizard Miles appeared in the hall with a smile and bowed.

“Greetings Wizard Miles, welcome!” Abel bowed back with a smile.

Even with his bad blood with the wizard union, his heart was still with the Lightnings.

The puppets served up another water spirit fruit juice. It was a favorite beverage even for legends.

“Blue dragon Abel. I’m here today to thank you again on behalf of the wizard union for saving this world. Today I’ve brought with me 20,000 beginner light gems. The wizard union has also gathered 60 floating fortresses, but because they were too big, please go to the wizard union to retrieve them when you have time!” Wizard Miles said.

He then handed a portal bag to Abel. Abel scanned with his power of the will. There were 20,000 light gems inside.

It was a big sum of wealth. It was probably all the beginner knights they’ve killed in the past few thousand years.

“Wizard Miles, I believe the wizard union also wants the best for this world as well, but I don’t like being toyed with. I can take risks, but just make sure you make it clear. I’ll take the gems and I will get the forts today!” Abel said bluntly.

He didn’t know if Wizard Brennan knew the risk of igniting the god of war’s body, but that Master Burton was definitely hiding something.

Yesterday when he was igniting the body, its power reached peak level before the magic circle was even completed, and it blasted out without a single second delay.

Master Burton told Abel there would be at least 3 seconds delay, which was why he was furious.

If master Burton hadn’t dead, his relationship with the Wizard Union would have completely deteriorated.

Still, he was not going to trust the wizard union anymore. After all, Wizard Brennan might be the man behind all of this.

“Blue Dragon Abel, I can guarantee what happened yesterday was beyond any of our expectations, so please tell me if you have any request. The wizard union will do our best to satisfy you as long as what happens does not affect our future relationship!” Wizard Miles said in a sincere tone.

“I’ve got enough, so I’ll make it clear. I’ll only supply potions to the Lightnings. If another organisation wants some, they can negotiate with the goddess temple. I don’t want the Wizard Union to bother my training again!” Abel lowered his voice.

“Yes, I understand!” Wizard Miles nodded.

“Ok, now business is settled, let’s have some juice!” Abel didn’t like serious topics, so he immediately changed the topic with a smile.

“Of course, I know the food and beverage in the golden castle is number one in the world. Since I’ve tried your wine, I am going to try the juice today!” Wizard Miles also smiled.

Both sides lifted up their glasses and poured the juice down. The atmosphere immediately changed.

“Wizard Miles, I’ve promised legendary WIzard Loka, Wizard Duran, Wizard Larkin and Wizard Dolan to make each of them a longevity potion. So once they’ve obtained a blood of god, please tell them to send it to the goddess temple and I will make one for them. Just keep it a secret!” Abel still remembered the wizards who were good to him.

A promise is a promise, but he just didn’t want his grandmaster Alchemist identity to give him trouble again.

Only Wizard Miles and WIzard Brennan in the WIzard Union knew Blue dragon Abel was Grandmaster Bennett. As long as they didn’t say anything, no one would know.

“Blue Dragon Abel, wouldn’t the blood of god provoke the goddess of moon? If that’s not possible, the Lightnings are happy to help!” Wizard Miles smiled.

The two then began to chat about their collaboration in the future. From time to time, the Lightnings would purchase a batch of healing potion from the golden castle and gather their fulfilled wizards for a ten days retreat.

During those ten days, they would eat and drink exclusively from the golden castle’s supply.

Of course, it was all secret. No one would know they were from Abel.

“Blue dragon Abel. It’s getting quite late. I’ll take you to the union to get the floating fortresses!” Wizard Miles saw the sky getting dark and said.

“Thanks!” Abel smiled.

With Wizard Miles beside him, at least he wouldn’t worry about getting attacked.

Who knew if the crazy wizard union was plotting something against him.

But of course, Wizard Brennan has already given up all his bad intentions since Abel survived the blast.

Abel just has too many life savers.

Wizard Miles and Abel teleported to the Lightning ground and transferred to the wizard union headquarters.

As soon as they flew in, all the wizards bowed.

What happened yesterday was made public, and it was this young legend sealed the dimension crack, so Wizard Brennan ordered the wizard to treat Abel with extra care.

Abel was not expecting this since he never saw those wizards in his dragon form, but it was evident since he was with Wizard Miles.

“You’ve saved the world, and the wizard union has made that public!” Wizard Miles smiled.

“It’s my duty!” Abel shook his head.

There was no way I would take that risk if what’s beyond wasn’t the demon from hell.

He had no choice. This world meant everything to him. He would have done what he did even if the wizard union didn’t offer anything.

Abel gently bowed back at the wizard, and he continued to fly into the union with WIzard Miles.

There were 60 battle forts neatly placed in the square of the union.

“Blue dragon Abel. Here is your floating fortress!” Wizard Miles smiled and bowed.

Abel flashed next to them and began to scan with his power of the will before putting them away.

Finally, all 60 were put away. Not a single one was fully intact, and the extra gears were nowhere to be found.

But he was not expecting much anyway.

Those forts were enough to double his star light protection circle’s power.

Wizard Miles looked at Abel with envy. He knew Abel had a huge portal bag, but using holy objects was not very common for wizards. Can you imagine a god taking their object back from a wizard during the middle of a fight?

Although the Wizard Union had been researching larger portal bags, they still hadn’t managed to find material pure enough to make one.

Of course, the wizard union could send the battle forts to Abel, but Wizard Brennan wanted Abel to come for a visit.

No matter what, they still had a chance of repairing their relationship as long as Abel was willing to come.

It was a good plot with good intentions.

“Tell Wizard Brennan thank you!” Abel smiled.

“Now that’s settled, but I hope I can still visit you in the golden castle in the future!” WIzard Miles smiled.

“You are always welcome!” Abel smiled back.

He looked around at the familiar union headquarter. It seems like nothing changed even after he sneaked in here as thief god Milton to kill Wizard Jules.

Abel gave one last smile and left with a bow.

What happened was a hassle, but he was happy nevertheless!

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