Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1254 - The Situation

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Chapter 1254: The Situation

The following days were a breeze for Abel. Besides spending large amounts of time in the Dark World, he would make potions in the golden castle.

A lot has happened in the front line. The Holy Kingdom gave out 10 of their resource points and retrieved their men because of the dimension crack.

Since they were not expecting the wizard union to seal the dimension crack successfully, they sacrificed a lot of power increasing the strength of their guardian wings.

At that time, Wizard Brennan immediately commanded his wizards to take over the knights’ resource points with the dwarves as supports.

By the time the Holy Kingdom realized what was happening, the wizards had already fully taken over the front line, with the nearest resource point able to attack the guardian wings at any moment.

However, the dwarves also realized the gems in the front line were starting to deteriorate without the dimension crack, and they could no longer mine as much as they pleased.

This was especially the case since a quarter of the gems had been retrieved by Abel.

The status of the elves had also taken a big step forward as the goddess temple successfully connected to Grandmaster Bennett again.

Although Grandmaster Bennett never showed up, vast amounts of potions were being exported from the goddess temple, and the Central Continent could once again enjoy this luxury.

Many powerful forces also began to double down on their association with the elves’ royal palace, hoping to get more potions from Grandmaster Bennett.

The wizard union did not forcefully get their hands on those potions as they did in the past. Instead, they sent out their ambassador to negotiate with the elves.

Although most people couldn’t understand what caused this sudden shift in attitude, some have guessed that Grandmaster Bennett was no longer someone to mess with.

Meanwhile, another name was beginning to grow in the Central Continent, Legendary Wizard Abel.

The wizard union did not disclose Abel’s blue dragon identity, but they still needed to give where credit.

Almost every wizard in the union had never heard of the name Abel before, and many organizations tried to do a background check on him. It was hopeless.

Of course, Abel’s identity as a blue dragon was known across the legend’s social circle. Therefore promoting him as a wizard could also save the reputation of the wizard union.

It worked. As Grandmaster Potions began to return, law-defying wizards were slowly returning to the front line to fight with the Holy kingdom again.

Abel shared the same information system with Lightnings. Although that news had nothing to do with him, he knew he had to get even more powerful.

The Holy Kingdom was also going through its own internal struggles.

In order to combat the emergence of hell, the holy kingdom has stopped its economy and began praying.

Although it was a kingdom run by religion, a full day of economic paralysis would still cause a huge loss.

Especially since not all citizens were faithful followers, and some spent the day stealing and destroying around the kingdom.

After the praying ended on the second day, many people realized their homes had been broken in. Although large numbers of holy knights were sent out, it still affected their normal operation.

Initially, this would not be much considering their grand scheme of things, but with 10 resource points lost. The wizard union could strike any time.

The Holy Kingdom could not do a second round of praying; the guardian wings have used up too much faith last time.

Since the Holy Kingdom was struggling to even take care of themselves, they stopped their operation against thief god Milton, which gave Abel an opportunity.

In order to track down another god, large amounts of resources were a must.

This would be a great time to increase my angel body’s followers! Abel thought to himself as he appeared on the Fire Tooth battle fort with a flash.

“Fire Tooth, go there!” Abel pointed at a marking on the map and said. It was the desert that led to the Holy kingdom.

The Fire Tooth speeded forward as Gold Dragon Kemble looked up from the garden.

“Blue dragon Abel’s toy is amazing. Its too bad I can’t find another one like it!” He sighed.

Abel speeded above the ocean. He did not go invisible since he had gotten approval from the dragons. Doing so would be disrespectful.

As long as Abel unleashed his blue dragon energy, no sea monsters would mess with him.

Of course, the Fire Tooth was an ancient sea monster murdering machine, so sea monsters feared it.

“Haha, its blue dragon Abel!” Suddenly, a clear voice emerged as a beam of flame appeared straight down from the sky.

Abel immediately flashed out of the operation room.

“Hello Fire Dragon Holman, I am just passing by!” He smiled and bowed at the dragon in human form.

Fire Dragon Holman was one of the dragons he met at the gold and black dragons’ wedding. Since it was the first time they met in private, Fire Dragon Holman was extra friendly.

“Blue dragon Abel, you can pass by anytime you want. I’ve taken this job from Gold Dragon Kemble, and I heard you gave him some amazing wine. Do you think you can trade some with me?” Fire Dragon Holman rubbed his hands and said in embarrassment.

“Of course, but there’s no need to trade. Here!” Abel knew what wine he was talking about, so he smiled and took out 10 barrels of grandmaster wine with two combinations.

Since he reconnected with the Lightnings, he obtained large amounts of rum. The reason he wanted so much was to make wine for the dragons. Of course, he would not be stingy about it.

Another reason was to trade his iron ores with the dwarves.

The dwarves love wine as well, so they were the perfect trader.

Fire Dragon Holman was trembling as he took a sniff at a barrel. He was intoxicated.

“Damn you Kemble. You gave me 10 bottles and forced me to take this job!” Fire Dragon Holman was furious as he mumbled.

Abel was caught off guard. Did he go too far? Dragons could drink up 10 barrels in no time, so Gold Dragon Kemble was a little cheap on his part.

“Blue dragon Abel, don’t worry. This has nothing to do with you. Your red wine from the wedding is good too but this suits my taste much better!” Fire Dragon Holman quickly added.

“If you want more, you can always come to the golden castle and my puppets will serve you!” Abel smiles.

“Then I’ll go for it. It seemed like Kemble has taken good care of the sea monsters here anyway. Slacking off for a day or two should be fine!” Fire Dragon Holman laughed, almost like his fury was gone at an instant.

After Abel said goodbye, he stayed in his battle fort.

Meanwhile, Fire Dragon Holman took a gentle sip of the barrel Grandmaster wine. After taking such a big gift from Abel. He had to repay him somehow.

Soon, Abel arrived at the desert, and he reached his finger forward. Then, just like last time, his druid soul did its trick, and he passed through the Guardian Wings’ energy shield.

He was in the Holy Kingdom, and he summoned thief god Milton.

Even as a god thief god Milton did not have much fighting power, so Abel rarely summoned him.

Of course, it could do something amazing if Abel was willing to give it some holy crystals. So this time, Abel gave it 10 holy crystals and 10 move in a flash scrolls.

He even gave it 100 full recovery potions since he was planning to leave thief god Milton in the Holy Kingdom.

The biggest strength of thief god Milton was its assassin and stealing skills. But there was nothing Abel couldn’t get in the outside world, so he was only useful in the Holy Kingdom.

Thief god Milton slowly became invisible, and Abel could no longer sense its presence.

This operation would be done entirely with thief god Milton, Abel would only check up on him from time to time.

His demands were simple. Kill preachers and retrieve their souls to the crystal angel statue in the druid soul.

After everything was set, Abel did not stay in the Holy Kingdom for long. After all, he was not invisible like Thief god Milton.

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