Absolute Great Teacher - Chapter 1017

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Chapter 1017: 第1017章 这一刻,我愿尊你为大师姐!


Translator: Lordbluefire

AGT 1017 – At This Moment, I’m Willing To Truly Respect You As My Eldest Martial Sister

After they heard Zhou Xintong’s words, the students were completely stunned.

Because it was too hard to believe.

Although there weren’t the schools of Confucianism in the Nine Provinces, concepts like upholding justice, being faithful and loyal to the extent where you were generously willing to die for the king, and various high morals were still very popular.

Everyone acknowledged that something like dying for their family and country was called righteousness. This was a noble sentiment that everyone was enthusiastically promoting.

Once Secondary Saint Zhou apologized for his mistake, it would be like the first strike of lightning cleaving the world apart. It would surely be recorded in history.

Even if people said that Secondary Saint Zhou wasn’t bothered about trifles and dared to admit his mistakes, he would ultimately still appear as the bad guy. Moreover, his apology would also clad Li Ziqi in a layer of golden light.

Hence, the students had discussed earlier. Zhou Xingtong would rather let his beloved grandson die and wouldn’t agree. However, they had their faces smacked now.

(Does your Zhou Clan still want your integrity?)

The expressions of everyone immediately turned to one of contempt.

Because in the eyes of the people from the Nine Provinces, even if one had to die to defend the honor of their clan, they shouldn’t hesitate.

“Teacher Sun, are you satisfied now?”

Although he had decided to set an overt plot, after he said such a sentence, Zhou Xingtong felt an invisible hand ruthlessly slapping his face.

Shame, disgrace, embarrassment, and even rage…

But whenever he thought of the expression of agony on his beloved grandson’s face, Zhou Xingtong felt that this humiliation couldn’t be considered anything.

(I’m willing to save him at any cost!)

Zhou Xingtong looked at Sun Mo and uttered each word clearly. “If you are willing to save my grandson, I can even kneel to you.”

As Zhou Wentong spoke, he was about to kneel.

“You must not!”

Li Ziqi and Tantai Yutang’s reactions were the quickest. Their countenances changed as they rushed out from Sun Mo’s side and prevented Zhou Xingtong from kneeling.

It wasn’t that they felt heartache for Zhou Xingtong. Rather, if he really knelt, their teacher’s reputation would be damaged.

An elderly over 70 years old was willing to kneel on behalf of his beloved grandson. This was simply the showcase of deep familial love.

It was worthy of praise.

“You must not do this!”

Sun Mo hurriedly supported Zhou Xingtong, while he silently mused at how cunning Zhou Xingtong was. If he really wanted to kneel, why would his action be so slow?

However, Sun Mo didn’t want to expose him either. “As long as you give me a written pledge, I will make a trip over.”

Upon hearing the words ‘written pledge’, Zhou Xingtong’s facial features twitched, but he didn’t reject it.


Zhou Xingtong inhaled deeply.

“Yaoguang, go and prepare a brush and ink!”

Very soon, the written pledge was completed.

The two of them agreed that once Sun Mo managed to cure Zhou Wenbin, Secondary Saint Zhou would have to publicly apologize to Li Ziqi.

“Can we leave now?” Zhou Xingtong urged.

“Wait a minute, let me prepare something!” Sun Mo went up.

The students hurriedly followed him.

“Teacher, you must not go. The Zhou Clan will definitely not honor their promise.”

Jiang Leng persuaded Sun Mo. The loophole Divine Doctor Feng had said had been thought of by him as well.

“Teacher has been forced up the mountain, so he has no choice.”

Tantai Yutang sighed.

The Zhou Clan visited Sun Mo three times, and the master of the clan personally came twice with heavy gifts. The three visits to a thatched cottage* were merely so-so in comparison.

If Sun Mo still refused to go, he would surely draw criticism. Some people would say that he was someone who would watch passively and not help when others died.

“Actually, Teacher should still go even if the Zhou Clan doesn’t agree to this condition. After all, Zhou Wenbin is an innocent party!”

Li Ziqi looked at Sun Mo. “Teacher, I wanted to persuade you earlier. You definitely have to make this trip over.”

“Are you not angry?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

“I’m angry, but I’m also very happy because Teacher is thinking of me. However, for something like an apology, I will continue to work hard and become so outstanding to the point where even if Secondary Saint Zhou didn’t want to admit, the entire Nine Provinces would also know that he was in the wrong.”

Li Ziqi spoke frankly with assurance, “As for Zhou Wenbin, he is just an innocent youth.”

“Wow, Eldest Martial Sister. Your thinking and heart realm are at such a high level. You should really let Zhou Xingtong hear your words.”

Qin Yaoguang praised.

“At this moment, I’m willing to truly respect you as my eldest martial sister!”

The sickly invalid teased.

Honestly speaking, the little sunny egg’s action at this moment caused him to look at her in a new light.

“A very ambitious target!”

Sun Mo patted the little sunny egg’s head.

“Teacher, let me accompany you.”

The papaya girl recommended herself. However, Jiang Leng had already stood behind Sun Mo and carried his bag for him. Within the bag, there were things like bottles of ancient whale oil and spring water beauty medicine packets, etc.

Xianyu Wei wanted to go as well, but she was stopped by Helian Beifang.

(You shouldn’t go and partake in the liveliness)

(The two of us are barbarians and don’t know the customs of the Central Plains well. If we acted discourteously out of ignorance, others might feel that our teacher’s guidance is problematic.)

“Zhiruo and Xianyu, go with me. The others are to stay behind!”

The little sunny egg had a conflict with the Zhou Clan, Tantai Yutang’s body was too weak, hence, Sun Mo didn’t bring them along. As for the others, Jiang Leng could be relied on and could also fight. Hence, it was better for him to stay behind to take care of the others.

Helian Beifang could help in fighting, Qin Yaoguang was crafty and smart. With this grouping, the combat strength of this group was completely sufficient to handle small problems.

Sun Mo then went down and grouped with Zhou Xingtong before they went to the Zhou Clan Mansion.

“Can you introduce Wenbin’s symptoms?”

Sun Mo asked.

“He was only unconscious at the start and was like sleeping. There were no injuries, but his breathing was weak and his life force was waning!

“After that during the second day, purple streaks the size of fingernails appeared on his body. His breathing also started to become disjointed, and we could only depend on ginseng soup to extend his life.

“And just earlier, those purple spots suddenly spread throughout his body. There were even lumps appearing. His breathing would also suddenly stop. It’s all due to Divine Doctor Feng that Wenbin managed to temporarily preserve his life.”

Zhou Xingtong didn’t dare to conceal anything.


Sun Mo asked for some minor details again before sinking into deep thought.

Zhou Xingtong didn’t know what to say. Hence, the atmosphere was awkward. But very soon, his attention landed on the fine horse Sun Mo was riding.

Good horse!

This horse’s legs had finely sculpted muscles, its mane was white like the snow. It was really very beautiful

Who wouldn’t have a hobby?

And Zhou Xingtong’s hobby was precisely collecting famous horses.

Naturally, in the modern era, those expensive sports cars were toys only the affluent second generation could play with. In this world, only the wealthy clans could afford rearing and collecting fine horses.

First, let’s not talk about how expensive a famous horse was. Just the food it ate every day would include many high-grade ingredients. Besides, there was also a need to hire a professional caretaker for the horse.

To put it unpleasantly, the food eaten by poor families might be even lousier compared to the food eaten by a pet horse from the wealthy clans.

Sun Mo regained his senses and laughed when he saw Zhou Xingtong’s gaze. “This is a mount from the Longzhong Emperor of Great Tang.”

“Ah? Is it that Chasing Cloud?”

Zhou Xingtong had heard of this horse before. It was a horse imported from Western Liang. It had accompanied the Longzhong Emperor and fought wars on all sides, achieving numerous meritorious contributions.

It was said that when the emperor had fought against another powerful country and was ambushed, he only managed to escape by depending on this fine horse.

“Not bad!”

Sun Mo patted Chasing Cloud on its neck.

Honestly speaking, riding a horse was something cool and graceful. But there was a problem. Sun Mo felt pain in his testicles due to the jotting impact!

Zhou Xingtong silently heaved a sigh of relief.

Actually, when Li Ziqi had gone to the Zhou Clan and wanted to enter the tutelage of Secondary Saint Zhou, Zhou Xingtong was the one who received her. He had also persuaded his father to accept Li Ziqi back then.

Even if she was talentless, her status was still a noble princess of the Great Tang Empire!

There would be many benefits.

But sadly, his father was too stubborn and simply refused to accept her.

“Sigh, if father had agreed back then, this horse would have already entered my stables now.”

Zhou Xingtong was envious.

He thought that this horse was something Li Ziqi had gifted to Sun Mo. He had no idea this was a gift from the three-dynasty Premier of Great Tang, Zheng Qingfang, who gave it to Sun Mo to thank him for his famous painting.

Lu Zhiruo followed behind them. After seeing that Zhou Xingtong was very fond of Sun Mo’s horse and even wanted to stretch out his hands to touch it, her lips couldn’t help but curl.

(This is just a horse. If we were to tell you that my teacher even has a cloud as a mount, wouldn’t you be so jealous that you want to die?)

There were horses with a higher grade of bloodline and talent compared to Chasing Cloud. However, that cloud of her teacher was the only cloud in the Nine Provinces.

Sun Mo entered the Zhou Clan mansion and had to pass through a few courtyards before he arrived at the backyard.

This caused him to feel incomparably envious.

When would it be his turn to own properties all around the country?

Also, he was only interested in large properties like this.

The great teachers who had been waiting for a long time immediately crowded over.

“Teacher Sun, I’ve long since heard of your name.”

“Nice to meet you!”

When Liang Hongda saw that these people wanted to chat, he hurriedly interrupted them. “Let’s leave the pleasantries for later. Saving Wenbin is more important!”

Sun Mo instantly frowned the moment he entered the bedroom.

This was because he smelled a faint sour smell.

Logically speaking, everyone should wait outside. However, all of them were curious about God Hands and they followed Sun Mo in. Luckily, they were all very tactful and didn’t say anything, simply staring at Sun Mo.

Sun Mo first cast a glance at the skinny old man by the side of the bed. If there were no accidents, this person should be Divine Doctor Feng. After that, his gaze landed on Zhou Wenbin’s face.

“Could you please share the information you discovered?”

Sun Mo asked while he activated Divine Sight.

Zhou Wenbin, Blood Ignition Realm.

Strength: 31. Although you are not born with divine strength, your usage of techniques is very good and you can often win through skill.

Intellect: 36. First-tier genius.

Agility: 32. As swift as a bird, as agile as a swimming dragon. The words graceful and confident are not sufficient to describe you.

Will: 36. Your will is tough. You could originally just lie down, do nothing, and enjoy life. Yet, you chose to stand up and suffer, willing to work hard and learn many things for the sake of the Zhou Clan’s glory.

Endurance: 37. Daily effort has managed to build you a strong ironman-like body.

Potential value: Extremely high!

Note: The ‘thousand li horse’ of the Zhou Clan. If he doesn’t die, he can allow Zhou Clan’s glory to improve to another level.

Note: He is destined to be a new rising superstar that will unleash his brilliance. It’s a pity that he ran into Li Ziqi or he would have been the brightest new star of this batch.

Warning: Signs of life are fading and he might die any time.

Sun Mo sighed ruefully when he saw this data.

Truly outstanding!

No wonder Zhou Xingtong didn’t mind performing the ‘three visits to a thatched cottage’.

“But no matter how strong you are, I don’t envy the Zhou Clan because my eldest disciple is even more outstanding.”

Actually, there was another reason why Secondary Saint Zhou didn’t want to accept Li Ziqi.

It was because of Zhou Wenbin.

Secondary Saint Zhou was an upright man. As long as he accepted a disciple, he would meticulously nurture that person. But in the recent ten years, other than him being in seclusion to try and achieve a breakthrough to the saint realm, the time where he exited seclusion was all used on guiding Zhou Wenbin. He no longer had any time or attention left for Li Ziqi.

“Can you save him?”

After Divine Doctor Feng shared the information they discovered, he also asked this question in passing.


Although Divine Sight didn’t display what problems Zhou Wenbin had, Sun Mo’s knowledge was enough to resolve this for him.

However, his answer was like a clap of thunder in the ears of everyone and caused them all to be so shocked that they were dumbstruck.

[1] Three visits to a thatched cottage – In the romance of the three kingdoms, Liu Bei visited Zhuge Liang thrice before finally obtaining his help.

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