Absolute Great Teacher - Chapter 856 - Teacher, I Shouldn’t Have Doubted Your Decision!

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Chapter 856: Teacher, I Shouldn’t Have Doubted Your Decision!

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Xiao Ri`nan sat in the library, fully focused on reading an elementary-level book on the study of spiritual control.

There was a thick stack of books on the table next to him; all of them related to the study of spiritual control.

Sun Mo was simply too outstanding. His capabilities in the study of spirit runes, botany, as well as combat were simply amazing. He was top-notch even amongst the great teachers in the Dragon Subduing Academy.

As long as there was nothing wrong with Xiao Ri`nan’s head, he would definitely give the suggestion given by such a great teacher a try.

Anyway, he wouldn’t lose anything from giving it a try!

Xiao Ri`nan then realized that the study of spiritual control was freaking easy.


Xiao Ri`nan closed the book and leaned back on the chair, letting out a long exhale.

“Didn’t they say that the study of spiritual control is the most mysterious, unfathomable, profound, and hardest to understand? Why do I understand it so easily?”

Xiao Ri`nan was perplexed. “Could it be as what Teacher Sun said, that I have great aptitude in the study of spiritual control?”

Thereafter, a strong feeling of superiority appeared in Xiao Ri`nan’s heart. After all, who wouldn’t wish to be more outstanding than others?

The northern barbarians herded animals for a livelihood, moving to places with water and grass. Therefore, they were born to like to get close to animals. The young men also aimed to become powerful beast tamers.

It was the dream of every young man in the tribes to be able to ride on a ferocious beast and gallop on the great plains.

Xiao Ri`nan was no exception. However, the study of spiritual control was seen as a non-mainstream subject that was hard to learn. Therefore, he hadn’t considered this subject before.

He hadn’t expected to reach the elementary level after just casually reading over ten books.

“Why not give it a try!”

Carried by a whim, Xiao Ri`nan recalled the summoning incantation he had seen earlier. After biting on his left index finger, he drew a diagram on the wooden table.

This was a spiritual formation.

He then started to chant the incantation.

As the last note ended, with a bang, a fist-sized ball of purple mist came out. After it dissipated, Xiao Ri`nan saw that a small beetle the size of a fingernail had appeared on the spiritual formation.

“Seriously? It’s a success on my first try?”

Xiao Ri`nan was astonished. He then smiled happily.

Who wouldn’t like to succeed?

“Come over here!”

Xiao Ri`nan commanded. The beetle immediately crawled over docilely.

“Turn around!”

Watching the beetle following his instructions, Xiao Ri`nan’s admiration toward Sun Mo became even stronger.

(Teacher Sun is really amazing!)

(He knows that I have talent in the study of spiritual control with just a look. What a terrifying judgment he has!)


Favorable impression points from Xiao Ri`nan +300. Respect (1,397/10,000).

“Should I go seek guidance from Teacher Sun?”

Xiao Ri`nan was still thinking when the stack of books next to him was suddenly hit toward him with a smack, smashing onto his body.

“Oh my, I’m sorry, I didn’t see these books.”

Wanyan Zhenghe sneered, sat on the table, and then picked up a random book to flip through it. “Oh, isn’t your dream to become a great beast tamer? Why have you started to read up on the study of spiritual control?”

Xiao Ri`nan’s countenance immediately sank.

(What do you mean that you didn’t see? You clearly hit these books over intentionally.)

“Student Xiao’s legs had broken, so he naturally can only change to pick up the study of spiritual control. After all, this subject just needs one to have a mouth.”

“Are you a fool? It’s not as if being a great beast tamer requires one to have legs.”

“Who says that it isn’t required? How is a cripple going to ride a dragon?”

The little prince’s lackeys seemed to be arguing, but they were in fact mocking Xiao Ri`nan.


Xiao Ri`nan smashed his fist onto the table. It was because his legs had been broken by Wanyan Zhenghe.

“Did you see that? Our great Genius Xiao is angry. Quickly apologize. Otherwise, he might just kill you.”

Wanyan Zhenghe reproached.

“I’m sorry!”

“Great Beast Tamer, please let me off.”

“What great beast tamer? He’s now a great spirit controller.”

The lackeys displayed all of their mocking capabilities.

Xiao Ri`nan took in a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. He knew that Wanyan Zhenghe wanted him to make a move so that he’d be able to beat him up again.

“Tsk, your temper has gotten a lot better. This isn’t our great Genius Xiao’s style.”

Wanyan Zhenghe’s lips twitched and patted Xiao Ri`nan’s head with the book in his hand. “Good luck, great spirit controller!”

The group then left.

“Just you wait. One day, I’ll get my spiritual beast to devour your flesh and blood.”

Xiao Ri`nan no longer had any hesitation. After tidying up the books, he went to look for Sun Mo.

He wanted to become stronger. He didn’t wish to wait for a moment longer.

After the spirit rune class ended in the morning, another group of teachers came to crowd around Sun Mo, asking him various questions.

The students were no longer surprised by this scene. After all, the content of Sun Mo’s lessons was no longer within the area that students could understand.

Xiao Ri`nan squeezed amongst the crowd, silently watching this and feeling extremely astonished. He then started to feel unsettled. Would such an important figure have the time to give him guidance?

Sigh, heck it. Chances were something to fight for and not something to be waiting for.

Xiao Ri`nan squeezed his way in front of Sun Mo then spoke up respectfully, “Teacher Sun, I have a question to ask.”

There was no need for any pretense. His respect was heartfelt.

Xiao Ri`nan was worried that Sun Mo would refuse and quickly added, “I’ve started to learn the study of spiritual control as per your guidance. I’ve encountered some problems because of that.”

“Isn’t this Xiao Ri`nan? I heard that he specializes in the art of spiritual beast control. Why has he started to dabble in the study of spiritual control?”

“It doesn’t matter what he dabbles in. Having offended Wanyan Zhenghe, he’ll still end up being crushed.”

“Look at his legs. They were broken by the little prince.”

The students whispered amongst themselves. Xiao Ri`nan was a top-notch genius to begin with. After having offended an important figure like Wanyan Zhenghe, his name had spread throughout the entire school.

“Hold on first. Come with me later.”

After saying that, Sun Mo explained the problem of the spirit rune structure to two great teachers, and it only ended after 15 minutes.

“Thank you, Teacher Sun!”

The few great teachers bowed slightly.

As they had received Sun Mo’s explanation, they had to address him respectfully as a teacher. This was the unspoken rule in the great teacher world.

“You’re too polite.”

Sun Mo smiled. “Student Xiao, let’s go!”

Watching as Xiao Ri`nan left with Sun Mo, many students felt jealous.

Xiao Ri`nan had also noticed this and thus felt even more respectful toward Sun Mo. He treasured this opportunity to receive Sun Mo’s guidance a lot.

The two of them discussed spiritual control techniques while heading for the training rooms.

Sun Mo threw frequent glances toward Xiao Ri`nan, feeling emotional.

As expected of a genius with extremely high potential value. His comprehension and learning capabilities were too powerful. It had only been two days, but Xiao Ri`nan was already able to complete a simple spiritual control technique.

The training room’s door was opened and Xianyu Wei, who was seated cross-legged and meditating, immediately jumped up and ran over.

“Teacher, I’ve leveled up.”

Xianyu Wei was elated.

“Stay calm!”

Sun Mo said admiringly, “Given your aptitude, it’d be a simple feat to break through three cultivation tiers within half a year. Work hard.”


Xianyu Wei nodded vigorously.

Xiao Ri`nan assessed this fat girl who was well-known in the entire school. He felt a little surprised. She had slimmed down again.

“There are many branches to the study of spiritual control. You excel in the summoning of insects.”

Sun Mo said outright.

This was the data he had obtained using Divine Sight.


Xiao Ri`nan frowned. Even if he switched to major in the study of spiritual control, he still wanted to summon powerful spiritual beasts. Insects?

“Excelling in it means that you can obtain results in this branch within a short period. You can then use it to accumulate experience, making it a lot easier for you when you learn the other branches in the future.”

Xianyu Wei looked stunned. Teacher knew the study of spiritual control as well?

“Your teacher is more amazing than what you’ve seen.”

Mei Ziyu teased.

Sun Mo explained, “It takes technique to progressively learn a subject.”

“Teacher, I understand now.”

Xiao Ri`nan apologized. “I shouldn’t have doubted your decision.”

“Alright, I’ll impart you with some foundational knowledge and my experience in the study of spiritual control now.”

Sun Mo instructed.


Xiao Ri`nan took out a book, ready to take notes.

“No need!”

Sun Mo had Xiao Ri`nan stand properly. “Focus and calm down your mind.”

Xiao Ri`nan didn’t understand, but he didn’t dare to go against Sun Mo’s orders. He then saw a white glow lighting up on Sun Mo’s right hand. He then punched out.

Xiao Ri`nan subconsciously wanted to dodge, but the fist of Sun Mo was too fast.


When the fist stopped in front of his forehead, the ball of white light smashed into his mind as well.

Instantly, countless knowledge fragments galloped in his mind like a long river.

“This is…”

Xiao Ri`nan was shocked.

“Calm down! Quickly remember them!”

As Sun Mo spoke, he tossed out an Encyclopedic Knowledge onto Xiao Ri`nan. “Xianyu, don’t look at him. Continue with your cultivation and recall your experience when you were making your breakthrough earlier.”

“What has Teacher done to him?”

Xianyu Wei felt curious. That punch seemed very mysterious.

After two hours, Xiao Ri`nan came back to his senses.

“Teacher, what was that? Why did so much knowledge about the study of spiritual control enter my mind?”

Xiao Ri`nan was stunned.

It’d be impossible for him to learn this amount of knowledge without at least three months given his learning speed. However, Teacher Sun had hit them all into his mind in just an instant.

“Soul Imprint. It’s a great teacher halo.”

Sun Mo explained.

“Soul Imprint?”

Xiao Ri`nan and Xianyu Wei frowned at the same time. There was such a great teacher halo? Why hadn’t they heard of that before?

“There’s no need to think! It’s unique to me!”

Sun Mo chuckled.

He wasn’t trying to act cool but was trying to gain some favorable impression points as well as establish his sense of existence to let these two genius students know how great he was.

“Unique? Doesn’t that mean unique creation? Ssss!”

Thinking this, both Xiao Ri`nan and Xianyu Wei drew in cold gasps, wearing astonished expressions. Even though they weren’t great teachers, they knew how difficult it was to comprehend a unique great teacher halo.

“Teacher’s talent is really deep and bottomless!”

Xianyu Wei sighed and contributed a wave of favorable impression points.

“Alright, let’s not focus on such things. Ri`nan, I’ll teach you another spiritual control incantation that’s specially used to summon insect swarms. Listen to it carefully.”

Sun Mo pouted his lips and let out a low cry that sounded like the cry of insects from the grass at night.

“How are people supposed to learn that?”

Xianyu Wei was stunned. Was this a sound that humans could make? She then turned to look toward Xiao Ri`nan, realizing that he also looked stunned and confused.


Everyone was equally stupid!

Xianyu Wei suddenly felt mentally balanced.

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