Absolute Great Teacher - Chapter 857 - The Life of a Genius Great Teacher Is So Dull, Dry, and Simple!

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Chapter 857: The Life of a Genius Great Teacher Is So Dull, Dry, and Simple!

After Sun Mo’s low-sounding incantation ended, subtle rustling sounds rang out from the surroundings, resembling the bone-chilling sound made when the underbellies of bugs crawled across tree branches, bark, and leaves.

After that, numerous bugs entered from the gap of the door, the window, and even the cracks of the wall. They soon arrived before Sun Mo and gathered together, forming a stretch of black.


Xianyu Wei might be big-sized, but she was a girl after all. When she saw so many bugs, she directly screamed.

Xiao Ri`nan’s countenance wasn’t too good either. This was especially so when he thought that he had to interact with so many bugs in the future. This made him feel somewhat uncomfortable.

(My dream of riding an ancient demonic beast as I soar through the blue skies…it hasn’t even started and has already ended.)

“Ri`nan, do you know what’s the difference between dreams and hobbies?”

Sun Mo had met too many students like Xiao Ri`nan, hence, he didn’t choose to force him. Instead, he counseled him.

“Dreams are something you have to pursue but through this process, there will be many difficulties, and you will have to endure much suffering and sweat a lot. Maybe, you also have to walk a path you didn’t want to walk but ultimately, you would become someone successful because you can accomplish your dreams.”

Sun Mo stretched out his hand and allowed a few bugs to land on the back of it.

“After achieving your dreams, you can retain a small hobby. But if you want to achieve your dreams through a hobby, that would be a foolish fantasy.”

Xiao Ri`nan sank into contemplation. As an intelligent youth, he understood Sun Mo’s meaning.

He had the highest talent in the study of spiritual control and could naturally achieve the highest achievements if he focused on this subject. As for beast taming, he could simply treat it as a hobby to take away his boredom.

If he continued being ignorant and chose to focus on the study of beast taming, he wouldn’t have many achievements his entire life.

“For those successful people, all of them know how to choose what’s the most advantageous for them and they wouldn’t ignore that for the sake of their hobbies.”

Sun Mo felt that Xiao Ri`nan was someone lucky. At the very least, he had someone to point out the path of success for him. As for some other people, they would continue making mistakes.

When Sun Mo was in college, there was a male student who followed the mainstream choice and ended up failing. After that, he repeated the course and failed again and eventually decided to change his majors due to persuasion from the language teacher. In the end, he only took a year of effort to pass with flying colors.

He regretted his choice. Back then if he had chosen the language class as a major, he would have had the qualifications to join any of the top universities he wanted to.

“Teacher, do I really have a very high talent in the art of spiritual control?”

Xiao Ri`nan was still doubtful.

“Did you not realize?”

Sun Mo counter-asked. “In that case, why don’t you try the earlier summon?”

Xiao Ri`nan fell silent for a few seconds. After that, he recalled the noises Sun Mo emitted. He then pursed up his lips and imitated Sun Mo.

Xianyu Wei wasn’t able to hear this, but Mei Ziyu who knew music was frowning in astonishment.

This was because the similarity was close to 30%.

After he finished, Xiao Ri`nan looked at the bugs who showed no signs of commotions and smiled in an embarrassed manner. After that, he felt a little at ease.

“Teacher, your estimation of me is too high. My talent isn’t as good as you predicted.”

Xiao Ri`nan felt that if his talent for the study of spiritual control was almost the same as beast taming, it would still be better for him to stick to beast taming.

Sun Mo didn’t reply, but he snapped his fingers.


The crowd of bugs dispersed and were like ants running away when they came in contact with water.

“Do you see it?”

Sun Mo asked with a smile.

“T…This is something I caused?”

On the ground, several insect corpses were dotting the area, resembling black sesame seeds on buns.

“Your spiritual incantation wasn’t complete, but there was already an effect. This is why some of the bugs died.”

Sun Mo explained.

“Ri`nan, spiritual incantations don’t only require for the syllables to be pronounced accurately. You also have to bestow your will and infuse your spirit qi before you can complete the recitation of an incantation.”

Xiao Ri`nan was astonished. After that, he knelt down.

“Student Xiao Ri`nan sincerely pleads for Teacher to impart this spiritual incantation to me.”

As he spoke, Xiao Ri`nan kowtowed forcefully three times.

“I won’t be saying this if I don’t intend to teach you.” Sun Mo smiled. “Listen attentively.”

Xianyu Wei at the side also pricked her ears up.

An hour later, Xiao Ri`nan completed the summoning. He looked at the bugs flying around in accordance with his finger movements, and his mood became much better.

“This spiritual controlling technique is very rare. Don’t teach it to others.”

Sun Mo warned.

Upon hearing this, Xiao Ri`nan hurriedly knelt and kowtowed. “Teacher, I’ve remembered your words.”

After that, Xiao Ri`nan felt a little embarrassed because although he had learned something so good from Sun Mo, he didn’t wish to take Sun Mo on as a master.

“You can leave. You don’t have to feel bothered by the false reputation regarding teachers and students!”

Sun Mo didn’t mind it. “I taught you not because I want to be your personal teacher. I only hope that you won’t waste your talent!”


Priceless Advice activated.

Golden light illuminated the training room.

Mei Ziyu had long since known Sun Mo’s character. But Xianyu Wei and Xiao Ri`nan were both stunned.

Priceless Advice had activated and this meant that Sun Mo wasn’t joking.

Moreover, one must know that in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, everyone treated secret arts and techniques more important than their lives.

Xiao Ri`nan’s expression turned solemn as he kowtowed again. “Many thanks for Teacher’s understanding!”


Favorable impression points from Xiao Ri`nan +1,000. Respect (2,397/10,000).

“Go on. If you have anything you don’t understand, you can come and ask me before the autumn hunt starts.”

Sun Mo indicated that Xiao Ri`nan could leave.

After Xiao Ri`nan closed the door and left, Xianyu Wei couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Teacher, are you not a little too generous?”

Xianyu Wei’s lips twitched, feeling that it was unfair for her teacher. She felt that it was really atrocious of Xiao Ri`nan not to take Sun Mo as his personal teacher after Sun Mo had taught him so much.

Mei Ziyu glanced at the fat girl while mentally musing. (You have also not taken Sun Mo as your personal teacher and what you learned is the Dharma Skyshock Fist, a peerless saint-tier cultivation art.)

It was because Xianyu Wei was too pure-minded and had forgotten about this matter. Actually, she had long since treated Sun Mo as her personal teacher and would think about how to quickly improve her strength every night before she slept. She wanted to fight in the Autumn Hunting Sacrificial Ceremony on behalf of her teacher.

“I’m not someone who wants returns just because I treat someone well!”

Sun Mo waved his hands, not wanting to continue talking about this topic. “You should continue your training!”


Xianyu Wei continued her training, but she was distracted.

“Ask whatever you want to ask!”

Sun Mo frowned. The fat girl had an unbearable look on her face, like she was constipating.

“Teacher, what is your expertise in the study of spiritual control?”

Xianyu Wei ran over and blinked as she asked.


Sun Mo’s reply was resolute and filled with confidence.


Xianyu Wei was shocked. She couldn’t help but tug Sun Mo’s arm. “Teacher, do you think I’ll be able to learn that?”

Earlier when Xianyu Wei saw Xiao Ri`nan directing the bugs, she felt it looked very impressive.

If Li Ziqi or Lu Zhiruo acted coquettishly like this, Sun Mo would directly dote on them, feeling a type of domestic bliss. But as for Xianyu Wei…

(Please, can you lose some weight first?)

She was like an orange cat—so fat that its legs and throat couldn’t be seen—acting coquettishly toward you. (Also, can you hug my arm with less force? My arm is about to be tugged off.)

“Don’t think too much, you should just focus on training the Dharma Skyshock Fist!”

Sun Mo warned repeatedly.


Xianyu Wei’s expression was downcasted, but she didn’t dare to rebut.

“Xianyu, you completely didn’t hear my earlier words.”

Sun Mo frowned. “It’s because Xiao Ri`nan has no talent in beast taming which was why I allowed him to change his focus to the study of spiritual control. As for you, you are the most proficient in close-combat fights.”

“Teacher, I was wrong.”

Xianyu Wei lowered her head.

“You are someone who could become a battle god. Don’t let your talent down.”

Sun Mo encouraged. “Naturally, after you have some minor achievements, I will teach you the art of spiritual control if you want to learn that.”

“Battle god? Teacher, you must be bluffing me!”

Xianyu Wei had never heard about a female battle god appearing in the history of the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces. (However, Teacher is so kind and is willing to teach me, holding nothing back at all.)

During this time, Sun Mo was giving lectures and guiding Xianyu Wei and Xiao Ri`nan. In addition to his own learning and cultivation, time flew by very quickly.

Life was plain but substantial.

Because everyone had to hide their names and wear a mask for the examination, it was very rare for the examinees to know of each other’s identity. Hence, everyone was silently working hard. Besides, they were at the very least 2-star great teachers and felt disdain to use tricks to get ahead of everyone.

As for the great teachers in the Dragon Subduing Academy, they also were very tactful and didn’t find Sun Mo for trouble. Firstly, it was because he had broken the record. Secondly, his fame rose sharply due to his feats, and he also had profound knowledge in the study of spirit runes. Everyone wasn’t able to afford to antagonize him.

Another thing was because the Autumn Hunting Sacrificial Ceremony was coming. Everyone was reserving their strength and waiting to shoot to fame after a single battle. No one wanted additional trouble.

Hence, during these two months, Sun Mo’s life was exceptionally calm.

There wasn’t even anyone who came to find trouble, and this caused Sun Mo to have no way to posture even if he wanted to.

“Ai, the life of genius great teachers is so dull, dry, and simple.”

Luckily, on a sunny morning, Murong Ye announced that the Autumn Hunting Sacrificial Ceremony had officially begun in a meeting. The location would be the Scarlet Stone Mountain.

Because this mountain was filled with red stones and rocks, it got named as the Scarlet Stone Mountain. It was said that the living environment was so vile that it was hard for beasts or even a blade of grass to survive here.

And it was precisely because of this that the Autumn Hunting Sacrificial Ceremony was held here every time.

After the entire school meeting concluded, the great teachers and students who wanted to participate in the Autumn Hunting Sacrificial Ceremony had brought along their prepared luggage and set off toward the mountain.

If the students couldn’t arrive at the mountain before nightfall, they would lose the qualifications to participate in the autumn hunt.

This was the first trial designed to test the endurance and will of the students.

The great teachers had the qualifications to sit on horses or some other mounts, but the vast majority of teachers chose to walk on foot so the students would have a favorable impression of them. After all, teachers could do whatever the students could.

Very soon, Xianyu Wei carried a large bag and appeared before Sun Mo.

“Teacher, I’ll be going first.”

Xianyu Wei waved her fists and had a look of determination on her face. “Don’t worry, I will go all out and fight to the death to obtain the title of ‘hunting king’.”

“Be careful on the road, use your brains more if you encounter problems.”

Sun Mo instructed. He had taught everything there was to teach. The only thing remaining was to watch Xianyu Wei’s performance.


Xianyu Wei nodded heavily and ran toward the school gate.

Many students were like the fat girl. Because the distance from the Dragon Subduing Academy to the Scarlet Stone Mountain wasn’t near, at least 30% of the students would be eliminated every year during the starting phase of the hunt.

“Sun Mo, do you want to split?”

Mei Ziyu was also prepared. She didn’t care about victory or defeat, and she also didn’t participate in the competition. This was why she decided to ride a horse. However, Sun Mo couldn’t do so.

If he did so, it would lower the students’ evaluation of him!

“Let’s stick together!”

Sun Mo pulled out his chasing cloud dagger and directly summoned his spirit steed. A moment later, several gazes were drawn over.

“Oh right, did you hear the low roars of giant dragons recently?”

Sun Mo asked.

During this period, it was unknown whether he had a problem with his hearing or was having a nightmare. Every night after he slept, he would be awakened by the roars of giant dragons.

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