Absolute Great Teacher - Chapter 872 - Getting Three Stars in One-Shot, Extremely Brilliant!

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Chapter 872: Getting Three Stars in One-Shot, Extremely Brilliant!

“Teacher Duanmu, let’s talk about this next time.”

Sun Mo smiled. He patted Tuoba Cong on his shoulder. “You can get up now. Ge Gen, you are next.”

“I…I’m also included?”

Ge Gen felt overwhelmed by favor. Because his talent was ordinary, he was always an insignificant character in school, the type where no one would care about.

But now, Teacher Sun actually took the initiative to treat his injuries?

How touching!

“Sit down!”

Sun Mo had long since inspected Ge Gen’s injury. It was located on his shoulder and it wasn’t considered heavy. He would be able to recover after resting for two months.

As for being stung by a scorpion, it would heal once he applied some herbal medicine.

However, Sun Mo treated them because he wanted to earn some favorable impression points.

Ge Gen sat down with trepidation.

Very soon, he saw the appearance of the muscular dude. When its large hands pressed on his body, Ge Gen’s entire muscles instantly tensed. And after that…

After that? There was no after that.

Ge Gen instantly sank into the comfort of the massage provided by the genie.

This feeling was like when you didn’t bathe for a year and suddenly soaked yourself in a hot spring. There was even a masseuse with 50 years of experience rubbing and kneading your back.

It was so comfortable that he couldn’t breathe.

Heaven must feel like this, right?

Ge Gen directly fell asleep and even started drooling.

“You guys have to keep the massage today a secret.”

Sun Mo instructed.

The judging panel didn’t permit examinees like them to use their ultimate skills under the public eyes. However, if they used it in private and didn’t get exposed, it wouldn’t be against the rules.

Five minutes later, Sun Mo’s treatment was concluded.

“Tuoba Cong, help to shift him to the side.”

Before Sun Mo finished speaking, Tuoba Cong already ran over because he was a good judge of the situation.

“How magical!”

Seeing Ge Gen’s swollen thigh return to normal faster than when using medicinal herbs, Tuoba Cong sighed in admiration. (I really feel like learning this!)

“Xiao Ri`nan, do you feel that there’s any meaning in your victory today?”

Sun Mo looked at Xiao Ri`nan and asked.

“This is the combat method of spiritual controllers.”

Xiao Ri`nan couldn’t control it and decided to speak out for himself.

“You can sit down first!”

Sun Mo could only silently sigh and decided not to speak too much when he saw Xiao Ri`nan being over persistent about winning. He had an overly pragmatic and utilitarian state of heart.

For such a student, if they didn’t suffer a disadvantage, they wouldn’t take the lesson to mind.

In any case, it was very easy for Sun Mo to treat Xiao Ri`nan’s broken legs.

Sun Mo treated this as a charity, but he didn’t use the ancient whale oil on Xiao Ri`nan.

The genie appeared. After that, its hands directly came in contact with Xiao Ri`nan’s injured legs and started to set his bones. Actually, it had been a while since Xiao Ri`nan’s legs were injured and he almost recovered naturally.

Xiao Ri`nan widened his eyes, wanting to watch the treatment process. However, it was useless. The massage was too comfortable and he couldn’t focus.

When he regained his senses, he discovered that Sun Mo had already washed his hands and sat back up, evaluating Ge Gen and Tuoba Cong with Duanmu Li and the other great teachers.

The two students were very moved. After all, such a chance was very precious.

“Tuoba Cong, do you want to become my personal student?”

Arishan didn’t manage to control himself and spoke out.

After he finished speaking, he glanced at Sun Mo. (He shouldn’t have his eyes on Tuoba Cong or he would have long since made his move, right? So, I probably won’t offend him if I ask this question.)

Regardless of the favor he owed Sun Mo or Sun Mo’s capabilities, these were all factors that Arishan felt reverence for.


Tuoba Cong started. Where did this come from?

Honestly speaking, because Tuoba Cong placed all his energy into making money, he was average in his studies and cultivation. Speaking of the number of times great teachers wanted to recruit him, he did receive a few offers before – but only about three to four times.

Beardie’s lips twitched. He also regarded Tuoba Cong very highly, but because Sun Mo was present, he didn’t dare to speak.

It would be too embarrassing if he got rejected by a student.

Ge Gen immediately revealed an envious expression. He was an inferior student, the type that would be happy for three months if there was a great teacher who wanted to recruit him.

Tuoba Cong was someone very calculative. Before he even thought about it, he already rejected it instinctively. However, he was very smart. He revealed an expression of serious consideration and conflict for some time before he spoke.

This had already given Arishan sufficient face.

“I’m indebted that Teacher regards me so highly, and I’m truly thankful. However, my aptitude is low and I’m worried I might embarrass you.”

This was a tactful rejection.

Arishan sighed and shook his head.

Seeing that the atmosphere was not very good, Mei Ziyu hurriedly changed the topic. “Student Xiao, are you awake now? Quickly look and see if your injured legs are better.”

Xiao Ri`nan moved a little and was immediately shocked. The sense of numbness, swelling, and pain from the past had completely vanished. It was as though he was never injured.

However, he didn’t dare to be careless and still stood up cautiously before he started moving.

Not only Ge Gen and Tuoba Cong, but even Beardie and the others were sighing in admiration.

If you suffered a serious injury, you would need at least 100 days of recovery. For something like bone fractures, you had to rest for even longer. Yet, the speed of Xiao Ri`nan’s full recovery was simply too fast.

“You don’t have to worry that your bones didn’t grow well. They would be even sturdier than the past, so you can give it your all in combat.”

Sun Mo rose.

“Many thanks for Teacher Sun’s kindness.”

Xiao Ri`nan knelt and had an excited look on his face. (Now, I’m even stronger. Wanyan Zhenghe, just you wait.)

“Xiao Ri`nan, I cured you because I hope that you can spar against those geniuses and learn from their strengths, accumulating experience!”

Sun Mo sincerely spoke. “I hope you can remember that at your current age, victory is not everything. Growth is what you should focus on.”


Priceless Advice was activated.

Xiao Ri`nan furrowed his brows. He then bowed respectfully. “Student has remembered this!”


Favorable impression points from Xiao Ri`nan +100. Respect (2,557/10,000).

“Alright, you guys can leave.”

Sun Mo felt somewhat disappointed in Xiao Ri`nan, but he soon relaxed. Xiao Ri`nan was just a 15-year-old kid. It was normal that he hadn’t matured yet.

If not, why would there be a need for teachers?

The three students bowed and left the tent. But after Tuoba Cong walked out, he went back again. He looked at Beardie. “Teacher, do we request white stars from you?”

Given Sun Mo’s aid to the three of them, he was naturally qualified to receive white stars.

“You guys should go look for the judges!”

Beardie couldn’t make the decision alone. Matters like this needed at least half of the judges to be agreeable.


Such a thing shouldn’t be delayed. Tuoba Cong exited the tent and spoke to Ge Gen and Xiao Ri`nan. The three of them then went to find the judges together.

Not long later, the three of them entered a large tent.

“Teachers, we want to request stars!” Tuoba Cong spoke directly.

“Come over here and register,” said the teachers. They were bored and had nothing to do.

“A white or a black star? To whom?”

This was a routine question.

“White star, Teacher Sun!”

“White star for Sun Mo, Teacher Sun!”

“White star, Teacher Sun!”

The three of them replied.


The three great teachers who were preparing to record this paused and stared at them in astonishment. (If there are no surprises, the Teacher Sun they are talking about should be Sun Mo, right? But doesn’t this mean that he might get three white stars in one go?)

(This is more than impressive!)

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