Absolute Great Teacher - Chapter 938 - Fervent Fan

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Chapter 938: Fervent Fan

Translator: Lordbluefire

Hearing this middle-aged man’s introduction, Zou Qi’s group drew in a cold gasp, looking extremely surprised. Although it was summer, they suddenly felt as if their entire body had turned cold.

In the Dark Dawn, other than the most mysterious Dawn Sovereign, there were three Dark Saints, five Doyens, and seven Starlords.

Each of them was an existence that could stir up a storm.

Think about it. Although the Saint Gate was such a massive organization with countless elites, they hadn’t been able to wipe out the Dark Dawn after several operations. This showed how terrifying the Dark Dawn was.

The ones who built up this power were these 16 dark great teachers.

The Green-robed Ancestor was one of the five Doyens, and each of them was a half-step saint. It didn’t need much thinking to guess how terrifying they were..

The Green-robed Ancestor had Left and Right Protectors working under him. They were his most trusted and reliable personal disciples who were also notorious in the great teacher world. They were considered evil people of the boss level.

“What… what should we do?”

Even though Lu Cangqiong showed an amiable attitude and was wearing a smile, Cui Xiangxin’s scalp turned numb. He felt as if he was suffocating.

Zou Qi stared at Lu Cangqiong. After some hesitation, he gritted his teeth and said to his colleagues, “When I start fighting later, I’ll try to drag more time while you bring the students with you.”

“Teacher Zou!”

The students instantly felt touched upon hearing this.

There was no way that Zou Qi would be able to win against Lu Cangqiong. He’d definitely die if he were to stay behind to hold him off.

“Tsk tsk, as expected of a 5-stars great teacher, your attitude is really admirable.”

Lu Cangqiong clapped. “I was actually following Sun Mo. After all, he has a great reputation and I also want to see his performance.”

“But you guys can only count yourself unlucky to have encountered me.”

Lu Cangqiong had his eyes on Sun Mo back in Qiushui City.

Although his teacher had given him the mission of searching for valuable plants, Lu Cangqiong hated such tasks the most. Moreover, given how amazing Sun Mo was, he’d definitely get something by following him.

The truth showed that he was right.

Sun Mo, who was an uprising new star, didn’t disappoint him.

“You can take the vine. Let them go,” Zou Qi proposed.

“Haha, did you get something wrong?” Lu Cangqiong sneered, “This vine is mine.”

“If I knew this would happen, we shouldn’t have fought Sun Mo for it earlier.”

Cui Xiangxin was too heartbroken.

“Alright, now that the chat is over, you can go on your way in peace.”

Spirit qi suddenly gushed from Lu Cangqiong’s body. “Oh right, you seem to use bugs too, right? Then let me have a look at your capabilities!”


Zou Qi let out an explosive bellow and then pounced toward Lu Cangqiong. At the same time, he made a strange sound with his mouth, which sounded like a bug’s cry.

However, Zou Qi had just taken three steps forward when a tremendous amount of bugs darted out from the grass around him. They were like tidal waves engulfing him.

The difference in their strength was so great that Zou Qi was unable to retaliate.

Lu Cangqiong looked at the teachers and students from the Bozi Academy. They were like rabbits that had been shot by arrows, fleeing into the forest. He couldn’t help but break into a smirk.

“It’s a waste of energy.”

Lu Cangqiong stood under the vine. He took out a book and started sketching the vine in it. At the same time, he recorded the conditions when it was discovered.

This was the assignment he was going to submit to his teacher.

The bugs left Zou Qi’s body and then chased after those teachers and students. Zou Qi, on the other hand, was like a puppet, stopping where he was.

About 15 minutes later, the teachers and students from Bozi Academy who had fled came back successively. It was just that they were expressionless and listless.

“Since I’ve gotten new toys, then let’s give our new rising superstar some trouble.”

Lu Cangqiong chuckled. “Follow this bug and find Sun Mo. Then kill him! En, but I feel that the chances of you guys getting killed are greater.”

Zou Qi’s group followed after a red ladybug and went after Sun Mo.

“If Sun Mo can get rid of these people, I’ll recruit him and give him a chance to pledge his loyalty to Teacher.”

Lu Cangqiong continued sketching and taking down the vine’s conditions.

‘With food in hand, the heart doesn’t feel anxious.’ With ‘No Return’ to back them up, Sun Mo’s group felt a lot more at ease. They also had the leisurely mood to admire the natural scenery.

Such a primitive forest that didn’t have any traces of humanity had an exceptional charm.

A desolate and deep aura was permeating. Humans were small like ants when they walked in it.

“This kind of mushroom doesn’t have a high level of toxicity. After eating it, it’ll agitate the nerves and induce a strong nauseous feeling. It can be used to induce vomiting.”

Sun Mo picked up a mushroom and explained to his students.

Even Xuanyuan Po was learning attentively because they’d definitely have to enter the Darkness Continent to gain experience in the future. Learning more knowledge would increase their chances of survival.

Li Ruolan held an image-recording stone and pointed it at Sun Mo, recording non-stop.

Her initial intent was to gather materials so that it’d be easier for her to sort out after she got back, in case she missed out on anything. But by the looks of it, this image-recording stone could be used as a teaching material for botany.

On their way, the group had encountered many rare and strange plants. The students also kept on asking questions about the plants. Although Mei Ziyu was considered a well-learned botanist, she hadn’t been able to answer one-fifth of the questions.

In times like this, Sun Mo would take over.

Nothing was left out.

Sun Mo’s teaching style wasn’t boring at all. His [Art of Language] would let students uncontrollably want to take the initiative to understand and probe more.

Even Li Ruolan had a bit of an impulse to become a botanist.

Gradually, the students stopped asking questions but listened attentively to the discussion between Sun Mo and Mei Ziyu, taking notes seriously.

The duo’s conversation started to become hard to understand, filled with profoundness.

Suddenly, Sun Mo stopped. He looked at a bee that flew past and smiled.

“I found something good. Hurry up and follow me.”

Sun Mo led the way.

“Is there anything special about that bee?”

Lu Zhiruo was curious.

“This is a Crown Bee. They have a unique enzyme in their bodies, and thus the honey they produce would have an extremely strong nourishing effect. When taken often, it can strengthen the body and make it impenetrable by poison.”

Sun Mo explained, “For some minor illnesses, there’s no need to take medicine. Just drinking this honey will do.”

“This bee is so big!”

Xianyu Wei was surprised. It was the size of a tachibana orange and looked quite scary. When it flapped its wings, it’d release buzzing sounds.

Just like a bomber.

“Why are they called Crown Bees?”

Li Ziqi felt curious.

“Look at its head.”

Sun Mo pointed out.

There was a round bulge on its head. In addition to its body’s golden color, it looked like the bee was wearing a crown.

“Come on, let’s go catch that queen bee.”

Sun Mo chased after the bee, running all the way.

The Nine Provinces were like ancient China. There was a shortage of food, especially sweet food, which was miserably few. Things like brown sugar were extremely expensive and only eaten by the aristocrats. Even if one wanted to buy more, it wasn’t possible.

Therefore, even though the value of these bees wasn’t comparable to a medicinal plant to cultivators, the reason Sun Mo wanted to get his hands on them was because they represented economical value.

After all, money was good stuff and no one would complain about having too much of it.

“We can start the bee farming plan. With this, students without any cultivation prospects will have an additional way to make a living for themselves.”

Sun Mo felt that it’d be considered a small success when a person could provide for themselves and their family, not being a big baby and relying on their parents.

One’s life didn’t necessarily have to be grand and spectacular. After all, most people were ordinary.

“Master, I discovered a stranger.”

Half an hour later, the scarab gave off a warning.

“Someone’s around. Be careful and stay on your guard.”

Sun Mo had just finished saying this when he saw birds flying past the forest, circling above them. There was no need to ask. They were the spiritual battle pets belonging to that ‘stranger’.

“Teacher, should I shoot them down?”

Ying Baiwu asked.

“Let’s see how things go first.”

Sun Mo didn’t have to wait too long. In about five minutes or so, a group of people appeared in their vision.

“Teacher Sun?”

Bai Xiqing called out in pleasant surprise when she saw Sun Mo. She then came running over. “I didn’t expect to meet you here. Fate is something very amazing!”

Her face was filled with freckles and she was short, but her boobs were very big. She was the female great teacher who had expressed her strong admiration for Sun Mo on the square earlier.

She came from the Virtuous Academy.


Sun Mo smiled, feeling a little proud. This must be what they called fervent fans, right?

Sun Mo had been a teacher for two years and had been admired by students on many occasions, but rarely by teachers.

After all, great teachers had to be reserved and conduct themselves with dignity. Even someone like Gu Xiuxun who admired Sun Mo a lot wouldn’t reveal an exaggerated attitude like Bai Xiqing.

As expected, the Virtuous Academy’s leader felt displeased.

“Teacher Bai, take note of your attitude.”

The one speaking was a man who looked to be in his thirties. He had a rectangular face that was filled with the vigor of one in the prime of his life. The school emblem on his chest had four stars.

“Teacher Ji, why don’t we travel together with Teacher Sun? I heard that he has extensive knowledge of botany. Our students will be able to learn a lot of things.”

Bai Xiqing’s emotional intelligence seemed a little low. She didn’t mind Ji Kun’s reproach and counter-proposed.

The moment she said this, the other three great teachers from the Virtuous Academy felt displeased.

(Aren’t you boosting other people’s morale too much?)

“Teacher Sun, you guys must have found something, right? Why not take it out and show everyone?”

Bai Xiqing acted like she was in a close relationship with him.

“I’d rather not.”

Sun Mo smiled awkwardly. In front of his fan, he felt embarrassed to say that he hadn’t gotten anything.

“Why not?”

Bai Xiqing lowered her voice. “If you don’t show others how outstanding you are, they won’t be convinced.”

“Why do I want them to be convinced?” Sun Mo was stunned. “It doesn’t matter.”

“How can a great teacher not have any pursuit? Don’t you want to be a Saint? To become a Saint, you’ll need a large number of disciples who will go around and spread your reputation.”

Bai Xiqing explained, “Even though you’re a three-time champion and a new rising star, you’re nothing to those senior great teachers. They’d feel that the examinations this year were simpler and that they’d get the first place if they were in your shoes.”

“I’ve explained many times how talented you are, but they can’t be bothered to listen.”

At the mention of this, Bai Xiqing felt very angry. She couldn’t help but take out a handkerchief and started biting it.

Li Ruolan assessed Bai Xiqing a little and then glanced at Mei Ziyu.

(Hehe, you have a rival now. Although you’re beautiful, men are creatures that like to have affairs. They are like cats, always wanting to eat fresh fish. Moreover, it’s a fish that offers itself.)

“Teacher Bai, can you shut up?”

After Ji Kun said that, he looked toward Sun Mo. “Teacher Sun, we won’t be disturbing you. Please go ahead!”

He was getting them to leave.

“Don’t leave, there’s something good here!”

Bai Xiqing secretly said.

This made all the other teachers and students from the Virtuous Academy fume, not just Ji Kun. (How can you work in the interests of outsiders?)

“I’m not wrong. You guys don’t have a way either, so why not let Teacher Sun try?”

Bai Xiqing argued.

“I’ve seen many bootlickers, but this is the first time I’ve seen a female bootlicker.”

Li Ruolan was surprised.

Many male great teachers were very compliant to Li Ruolan, currying up to her and afraid that they’d make her feel displeased that she’d end up cutting off ties with them.

There was no helping it. One could do whatever they wanted to when they were beautiful.

But a female bootlicker…

Li Ruolan shook her head. This person was making herself appear too inferior!

“Thank you, Teacher Bai, for your kind intentions.”

Sun Mo cupped his fists together. Given the extent that she was doing things for him, he had to express his gratitude too.

“It’s fine. I actually have great anticipation of your performance.”

Bai Xiqing’s face flushed up, looking a little shy. She then glanced at Ji Kun and explained, “Teacher Ji, we as great teachers should have a broad heart and compete fair and square. We can’t forbid the Central Province Academy from taking part just because we came first. Moreover, we aren’t able to get the honey either.”


Golden light circled around Bai Xiqing and then light spots shot out.

“It’s Priceless Advice!”

Xianyu Wei exclaimed. It was quite novel to see a Central Plains’ great teacher releasing a great teacher halo.


Ji Kun was almost driven to death. Bai Xiqing had even sent out Priceless Advice, so how could he dare to speak recklessly? It’d just make him appear narrow-minded.

“Honey? Is it the ones from the Crown Bees?”

Li Ziqi interrupted.

“Crown Bees? What are those?”

Bai Xiqing blinked while Ji Kun’s countenance turned grim.

To think that these people knew the name of those bees?

Their knowledge base was really good!

“We came chasing after a few Crown Bees. Teacher Ji, as the ones who came later, I’ll give you guys one hour. If you can’t get the bees, then I won’t stand on ceremony.”

Sun Mo said firmly.

“Wow, Teacher Sun is so confident.”

Bai Xiqing clapped softly.


Ji Kun felt like cursing. If he had a way to do it, he wouldn’t have wasted over a day here.

“Teacher Sun, you’re too kind. If you have a way to do it, please feel free to do so.”

Ji Kun thought to himself that rather than wasting one hour, he might as well do Sun Mo a favor. This would make him appear magnanimous too.

“Thank you.”

After saying that, Sun Mo continued to head forward.

“Those bees are really fierce and their stingers are thick and long. It hurts really bad to get stung by them and it’ll cause numbness as well as redness and swelling.”

Bai Xiqing explained.

Li Ruolan’s group looked at Bai Xiqing with stunned expressions. This female bootlicker followed Sun Mo very naturally and even introduced the situation in detail.

Given how enthusiastic she was, people might even think that she was a great teacher from the Central Province Academy.

“Teacher Bai!”

Ji Kun bellowed.

“Huh? It’s fine, don’t worry, I won’t get lost. Moreover, if I were to get into trouble, Teacher Sun would definitely help me out.

Bai Xiqing waved her hand, gesturing for everyone not to worry.

Ji Kun was so angry that he felt that his lungs were going to explode. (Am I worrying for you?)

(I just feel heartache for the two pairs of papayas. I haven’t even touched them before, but Sun Mo is going to get his hands on them!)

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