Absolute Resonance-Chapter 0721: Ocean's Spirit Pearl

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Chapter 0721: Ocean's Spirit Pearl

After seeing her determined expression of kindness, some of the wariness in Li Luo's eyes dissipated. However, this was not the main thing he was concerned about.

Li Luo's eyes were riddled with worry as he sincerely said, "Um... Aunt Yun, I have a very important situation that I require your help with. Hopefully, you can assist me. I will forever embellish this favor onto my heart!"

Jiang Qing'e's Heart of Light was still blazing, quickly exhausting her lifeforce. If this were to continue, she would perish without a doubt.

He was willing to casually give away the Heavenly Emperor's Writ for the sake of saving Jiang Qing'e's life. Although it felt slightly awkward to address the lady as his aunt, he was willing to do anything, even beg, for the sake of Qing'e's life.

If Ox Biaobiao and Chi Chan were unable to come up with a solution, he could only place his hopes in the even mightier and more well-traveled Li Rouyun.

"Is it because of her? Who is she to you?" Li Rouyun glanced at Jiang Qing'e, who Li Luo was tightly clutching at the moment.

"She is my fiancee," Li Luo replied without hesitation.

Jiang Qing'e gave him a look, and a trace of happiness could be seen in her eyes.

"Fiancee?" Li Rouyun was slightly taken aback as she sized Qing'e up. A look of pleasant surprise surfaced in her gaze and she smiled. "You little brat, you have good eyes."

She then walked forward, slowly examining her heart. A moment later, she seemed immensely surprised. "Is this a ninth-grade light resonance? In terms of innate potential, she can also be considered to be a proud child of the heavens, even in the inner divine continent. Since it's a ninth-grade Heart of Light, she must have indeed been pushed into dire straits. I truly must have arrived too late."

Li Rouyun's expression became solemn. "A ninth-grade Heart of Light is like a scorching supernova. Once it's sacrificially ignited, it will explode forth with unimaginable strength at the price of one's life, and it is almost impossible to reverse the effects. Not even the average King can save her, much less a Duke. The only way is if a Heavenly Emperor chooses to act."

Listening to her words caused Li Luo's face to turn pale, and his breathing halted momentarily. A Heavenly Emperor? Such an existence couldn't be found in the entirety of the East Divine Continent... and even if he managed to get a hold of one, why would they deign to help him?

"The Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li has a Heavenly Emperor, yes? Is that elder around? Can he help us?" Li Luo anxiously asked.

Alas, the only Heavenly Emperor he could possibly be connected with was Heavenly Emperor Li himself.

Listening to Li Luo's words, Li Zhiqiu lightly chuckled. "The ancestor has guarded the Heavenly Origin continent for countless years. He is an old man who is responsible for the survival of the entire human race. How could he have the time to spare on a junior's minor affairs?"

Li Rouyun fell into a moment of silence as well. "The ancestor has not returned to the clan for many years. We can't even find him. If you want his help, I'm afraid your fiancee's situation can't be delayed for so long."

Hearing these words caused Li Luo to feel as though he had been struck by a bolt of lightning, and his complexion turned ghastly pale. The usual calm he possessed was nowhere to be seen; it was evident he was at a complete loss.

However, Jiang Qing'e remained unfazed and collected. Perhaps she had already expected this result.

Li Rouyun sighed deeply and then said, "I might not have a solution to the problem, but I can temporarily alleviate the speed at which the Heart of Light burns. Although it won't be for long, it will buy some time for her."

Li Luo was shocked as he looked at Li Rouyun with great elation. "More time means more opportunities. I would like to beseech you to help out, Aunt Yun. I will owe you a great debt!"

"Family members don't have to go to that extent." Li Rouyun slightly smiled as she removed a dark blue pearl from between her fingers. It shone with an enigmatic light, as though it contained a piece of the pristine ocean within. At the same time, copious amounts of lifeforce seemed to emanate from it.

When the object appeared, Chi Chan's attention turned towards it. She possessed a water resonance, and the dark blue pearl seemed to contain boundless amounts of water resonance power. It was clearly a treasure for water resonances.

"Ah. Li Rouyun, I'm surprised you're willing to part with that. Isn't the Ocean's Spirit Pearl something you bought in the clan's treasure pavilion? If I recall correctly, weren't you planning to use it on your feeble and sickly niece? You’re using it here? Aren't you concerned your niece will hate you?" Li Zhiqiu grinned.

"Li Zhiqiu, you're full of crap." Li Rouyun frowned.

She then turned towards Li Luo, who now had a complicated expression on his face. "There is no need to think too much about it. The situation with your fiancee is dire and time is of the essence. Your father helped me out in the past, and this can be considered returning the favor."

Li Luo attentively nodded. The situation with Jiang Qing'e was indeed the most important thing on his mind, and the favor he would owe Li Rouyun would forever be remembered in his heart. If the opportunity came about in the future, he would definitely repay it.

Li Rouyun's gaze then shifted onto Jiang Qing'e as she warmly asked, "What is your name?"

"Jiang Qing'e," she replied softly.

Li Rouyun smiled. "That is such an incomparably pure Heart of Light. Even after all these years, this is the first time I've seen one like this. However, the more pure it is, the harder it is to stop. The Ocean's Spirit Pearl’s essence was condensed in the depths of the sea, and it possesses boundless amounts of life force. I will guide it into your heart and use the life force within it to fuel your sacrificial ignition, therefore shielding your life force for the time being."

"Thank you, Aunt Yun, for your timely rescue. I have no words to express my utmost gratitude," Qing'e replied. She was not afraid of death, but being able to live was an even more wonderful experience. Additionally, she was not willing to see Li Luo fall into the depths of despair. Li Rouyun waved her hand before raising her palm. The Ocean's Spirit Pearl began to radiate with gentle light and the ocean within it began to roil with waves.

In the end, the Ocean's Spirit Pearl floated into the air and landed right on Jiang Qing'e's chest. When it came in contact with her skin, it liquefied and entered her body, tunneling into the shining Heart of Light.

After the Ocean's Spirit Pearl entered her body, the light erupting from the Heart of Light seemed to have become even more resplendent.

But its radiance dimmed with the passing of time.

"Ah. The Ocean's Spirit Pearl is being degraded at a speed even greater than my expectations. The strength of your Heart of Light is, frankly speaking, terrifying." Li Rouyun frowned as she watched what was happening. At the same time, she felt that things were a little strange. A ninth-grade Heart of Light might be rare, but she was from the inner divine continent and of the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li. Thus, she had seen and heard things the average individual never could have. Still, the phenomenon with Jiang Qing'e's ninth-grade Heart of Light seemed a little unique.

"Aunt Yun, is there something wrong?" Li Luo anxiously asked. He had been closely observing them.

Li Rouyun shook her head. "Her Heart of Light is burning up too fiercely. I will use a secret art to seal and suppress it. Otherwise, I'm afraid the Ocean's Spirit Pearl will be exhausted in less than ten days."

Li Luo's expression changed. Even a priceless treasure could only buy her ten days worth of time? It seemed the sacrificial ignition of Jiang Qing'e's Heart of Light was even more serious and troublesome than expected.

"Then I will have to rely on you, Aunt Yun," he said.

Li Rouyun nodded, and a light-blue sword light arose from the top of her head. It moved in a meandering fashion, seemingly turning into an illusory, blue dragon that had come to life. The only difference was that it exuded a sharp sword energy that instilled a sense of fear in anyone who saw it.

The illusory, blue dragon waved its tail and pierced through the void, directly shooting into Jiang Qing'e's chest.

The next moment, Li Luo could see that Jiang Qing'e's burning Heart of Light had an illusory, blue dragon coiled around it, as though it was sealing it. Endless sword light radiated from it, and it forcefully suppressed the blazing Heart of Light bit by bit.

After which, Li Rouyun gently exhaled as she explained to Li Luo, "This is the Water Dragon's Sword Heart Lock. It has sealing capabilities that can suppress the burning Heart of Light slightly. This way, the Ocean's Spirit Pearl's lifespan can be extended, taking up to three months before it is exhausted.

"However, the Heart of Light will erupt once again with even greater intensity in three months. If a solution has not been found by then..."

Li Luo fell silent. This also meant that Jiang Qing'e had managed to snatch another three months of time from the jaws of death.

Although this was akin to drinking poison to quench one's thirst, no matter how difficult things got, he would not give up hope. As his heart sank, sonic booms resounded in the air from afar and countless streams of light descended upon them.

The college and Yu Hongxi had finally arrived.