Accepting My Massive Inheritance After Divorce - Chapter 372 - Protect Him

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Chapter 372 372 Protect Him

Li Cheng really wanted to get close to the Fu family, but he didn’t want to suffer such a big insult.

In his opinion, Cheng An wasn’t even half as good ad Fu Hang. He was really blinded by the lard and actually chose Cheng An.

However, he didn’t have any regrets now because he had already offended Fu Hang. If he offended Cheng An now, he would really end up with nothing.

Thinking of this, Li Cheng could only endure his dissatisfaction with Cheng An and said softly, “Young President Fu, why don’t I take you inside to change your clothes? Your clothes are already…”

Cheng An was annoyed by Li Cheng’s words. He pushed Li Cheng away impatiently and walked quickly to the waiter nearby. He took the wine bottle from the waiter’s tray and walked toward Fu Hang aggressively.

“Fu Hang, you’re so arrogant. You’re so f*cking arrogant. You’re nothing without the Fu family. You’re addicted to living off women. F*ck you. I’ll show you who the young master of the Fu family is today!”

Cheng An returned to the Fu family, but because Old Master Fu cared about the customs and insisted on picking a good day to write him into the family tree, he hadn’t changed his surname yet.

He had been dissatisfied with Fu Hang for a long time. The people around him were all talking about how outstanding Fu Hang was, but to him, he was just a rich second generation who was waiting to die!

Cheng An picked up the bottle and smashed it at Fu Hang’s head without hesitation.

But before the bottle touched Fu Hang, his wrist was hit. He was careless, and the bottle in his hand fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

Cheng An was already making a lot of noise, and the sound of the bottle breaking instantly attracted everyone present.

Shen Yan first used the goblet in her hand to hit Cheng An’s wrist, which caused Cheng An to smash the bottle in pain.

Shen Yan took a step forward with a cold face and raised her eyebrows. “Mr Cheng, do you want to go against the Shen Family?”.

When she said this, there was a hint of a smile on her face, but there was no hint of a smile in her beautiful almond-shaped eyes. She looked at people with a cold look in her eyes.

Cheng An did not expect Shen Yan to jump out. He hated it when people mentioned the word “Cheng.” If he had not been carried by the wrong person, he would not have suffered so much.

“Shen Yan, I’m telling you, you better get lost. I Won’t let you get away with what you did to me just now. If you are stubborn, don’t blame me for hitting you!” Cheng An looked at Shen Yan angrily, he wanted to tear Shen Yan apart.

“Who are you going to hit?”

A gentle voice came from not far away. Cheng An looked over and saw Su Xiu in a white dress walking over.

Cheng An took a deep breath.

Su Xiu exuded a cold aura and stared at Cheng Sn without blinking.

Cheng An instantly cowered and said in a low voice, “Mom!”

Su Xiu looked at Fu hang with a trace of gentleness in her eyes, but that gentleness disappeared in an instant, leaving only coldness. “You should be in class now.”

A trace of awkwardness flashed across Cheng An’s face. He quickly lowered his head and didn’t dare to speak. His eyes rolled and he quickly covered his hands, he said in a wronged tone, “Mom, you don’t know. Shen Yan went overboard just now and directly smashed my hand with a wine glass. I was injured, and I may have hurt my bones!”

Cheng An said as he was about to fall to the side with a shameless expression.

Su Xiu held back her anger and glanced at Cheng An coldly. She threatened, “I heard that the Africa branch needs a president. You can go there tomorrow!”

Her light sentence directly stunned Cheng An. Cheng An didn’t dare to mess around anymore. He stood behind Su Xiu obediently and didn’t say anything else.

Su Xiu’s gaze paused on Shen Yan’s face. She nodded slightly to indicate that she had greeted him. Then, she looked at Fu Hang. She looked away with a complicated expression and left with Cheng An.

Shen Yan naturally saw that Su Xiu was reluctant to part with Fu Hang. She looked back at Fu Hang and met his smiling eyes.

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