Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 1625 - Hand the Evil Brat Over

Chapter 1625: Hand the Evil Brat Over

This was inconceivable. A cultivator at the Eternal River Tier had actually killed a Saint? Where was the iron rule of the martial arts world?

However, this brat only possessed battle prowess at the peak stage of the Small Saint. Thus, killing Zhong Badu was already his upper limit. He would naturally have no chance of victory against a Medium Saint—indeed, he had been sent flying by a smack from the ancestor of the Long Tribe before.

Zhong Ye stared at Ling Han coldly, and said in a haughty voice, “Since you’ve already seen me, hurry up, kneel down to accept your death!”

Ling Han laughed, and said, “Do you understand reason or not?”

“Reason?” Zhong Ye said with a cold chuckle. “I’m a Medium Saint, so what I say is reason! In any case, you killed a member of my Zhong Clan, so how can you still wish to live?”

The Zhong Clan was weaker than the other Forbidden Lands as it had only existed for a shorter period of time. There was only one Saint King in their clan, and they didn’t even have a Great Saint. Apart from Zhong Ye, there were only two other Medium Saints and four other Small Saints.

Thus, Zhong Badu had naturally been an extremely important member of the Zhong Clan. Moreover, he had possessed the potential to easily become a Saint, and even the potential to perhaps become a Saint King.

Now, however, he had died at the hands of Ling Han.

Ling Han had to die!

Not only him, but those close to Ling Han all had to die. If he didn’t massacre these people and form a sea of blood, how could he prove the might of the Open Clouds Forbidden Land?

However, there was a Great Saint here, so he wouldn’t target the other people just yet. He would only suppress and capture Ling Han this time, and take him back to the Open Clouds Forbidden Land to perform a blood sacrifice. The Open Clouds King would then personally come here to exterminate all life on this planet.

The might of Forbidden Lands couldn’t be challenged! Those who dared to challenge it would invite a massacre and an extermination of all life!

Ling Han nodded, and said, “I feel much more at ease after hearing what you had to say. My favorite thing to do is trample over evil villains like you. The feeling of exterminating evil for the people is so incredibly satisfying.”

Zhong Ye couldn’t help but chuckle coldly, and said, “Young man, you think that I don’t dare to target you just because you have a Great Saint beside you?” He thought that Ling Han’s confidence came from the Star Sand Saint, and he couldn’t help but sneer in disdain.

Did the Star Sand Saint dare to challenge him?

He swept his gaze over the surroundings, and his pupils involuntarily contracted again.

There were two female Saints!

‘Gasp! They’re so beautiful!’

He only glanced at the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden for a moment before shifting his gaze to the Empress. His heartbeat involuntarily quickened.

She was stunningly beautiful!

As a Saint, he should have remained composed even if the heavens were to collapse before him. However, his heart was thumping against his chest at this moment, and it was as if he had seen his first love, and as if he were making love with a woman for the first time. His Dao Heart was nonexistent at this moment, and all that remained was his carnal desire.

He wanted this woman!

“She’s your woman?” Zhong Ye asked as he pointed at the Empress.

“She’s my wife. Don’t have any improper thoughts. That will only lead to a quicker death,” Ling Han said calmly.

“Hahahaha!” Zhong Ye naturally wouldn’t pay any heed to this threat. After all, this woman was only a Small Saint. Even 1,000 Small Saints wouldn’t be enough to rival a single Medium Saint. He would be able to suppress all of them with a casual flip of his hands.

“I’ve come!” the large black dog exclaimed as he suddenly appeared at the scene. There was a child of around four to five years old beside him, and there was also a rabbit and a ginseng. The rabbit had ruby-red eyes and was half a human tall, while the ginseng was as thick as a human arm, possessed the ability to walk, and also had facial features.

This was the famous group of four troublemakers of the martial arts academy. Just the mention of their names was enough to instill fear in one’s mind.

“Oi, ugly ghost, why are you seeking my subordinate?” the large black dog asked as he stood up on his hind legs. At the same time, he used his paws to scratch his behind, causing a piercing screeching noise as his claws raked against his iron underwear. This sound was horrible enough to make one vomit blood. However, the large black dog was completely unfazed by this, and he even raised his paw to his nose for a sniff. There was a look of intoxication on his face.

Zhong Ye couldn’t help but grimace. The Open Clouds Forbidden Land was extremely secluded, and thus he hadn’t seen many other Saints before, especially debauched ones like the large black dog. His entire outlook on the world was about to be warped.

“Piss off!” the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire shouted as he kicked the large black dog aside. However, he also appeared like a hooligan as he said, “This brat is under my protection. What do you want?”

Zhong Ye grimaced again. ‘Such a young Saint?’

This person had definitely used his divine sense to possess another person. However, possessing others would cause one’s cultivation to suffer two limitations—one due to the divine sense and one due to the physical body. This was according to the principle of Liebig’s Barrel, where the shortest stave would decide the final capacity of the barrel.

Otherwise, how could there be such a young Saint? Just what kind of concept would that be?

Even if he had started cultivating in his mother’s tummy, how many years would that have added up to?

Were the people here all freaks? One had killed a Saint as an Eternal River Tier cultivator, one had reached the Saint Tier as a four- to five-year-old child, and one was an unbelievably detestable Dog Saint!

“Woof! Stinky brat, Grandpa Dog is going to bite your bum into three pieces!” the large black dog exclaimed as he charged into battle against the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire.

Both the child and the dog were extraordinary beings. This went without saying for the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire. He had been an Immortal Palace Tier elite before, and he was skilled in both the Regulation of Thunder and Regulation of Fire. His experience was far superior to that of Saints, and it was only due to the limit of his cultivation level that he could only unleash a battle prowess equal to that of Medium Saints.

The large black dog was even more peculiar than him, possessing an unbelievably powerful physique that even Medium Saints couldn’t wound. Right now, he was snapping his jaws at the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire’s bum.

Zhong Ye instantly felt like vomiting blood upon seeing this.

This was far too terrifying. Those two were clearly Small Saints, yet they both possessed the battle prowess of Medium Saints. In other words, they could easily battle against him head-on.

Perhaps he had cultivated in the Forbidden Land for too long, and the outside world had already changed beyond his recognition?

However, he forcefully composed himself. ‘This doesn’t matter. No matter what, they only possess battle prowess of Medium Saints. The Open Clouds Forbidden Land has a Saint King, so mere Medium Saints won’t be of any consequence.’

“Ignorant fool!” Zhong Ye said with a sneer. He turned his gaze back to Ling Han, saying, “Evil brat, are you not going to kneel and accept your punishment?”

“Are you forgetting about my presence?” the Star Sand Saint asked. He was unable to hold back his frustration any longer. He was a Great Saint, yet he was actually being ignored by this person?

“Unless you want to provoke the ancestor of my clan, I suggest you remain quiet and obediently stand aside!” Zhong Ye didn’t give him any face at all. As a member of a Forbidden Land, did he need to show any respect to other Saints?

The Star Sand Saint boiled with rage. He humphed, and said, “Don’t use the Saint King to threaten me. You think we don’t have any Saint Kings behind us?”

A few years ago, numerous Forbidden Lands had formed an alliance with Ling Han. Meanwhile, the representative of Ling Han was none other than the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy!

As powerful as the Open Clouds Forbidden Land was, could they become enemies with so many Forbidden Lands at once?

“It seems that you’re becoming more and more senile. You actually dare to become enemies with my Zhong Clan?” Zhong Ye couldn’t help but sneer in reply. The Open Clouds Forbidden Land was far too secluded, so how could they have heard about Ling Han’s stunning feat of slaying two Saint Kings before?

In his eyes, the Star Sand Saint was merely making things up to frighten him.

The Star Sand Saint felt a strong urge to smack him to death. However, their alliance with the numerous Forbidden Lands didn’t mean that he could wantonly attack anyone that he wanted. The other Forbidden Lands would only support him if he were in the right.

After all, he wasn’t Ling Han.

The Star Sand Saint was shaking with fury, yet he still forcefully composed himself. He flicked his sleeves, and roared, “Scram!”

“Hand the evil brat over and I’ll naturally take my leave!” Zhong Ye said haughtily. He would capture Ling Han this time, and the Open Clouds King would personally come to exterminate all life on this planet the next time!

There was an icy look in the Star Sand Saint’s eyes as he suddenly leaped before Zhong Ye. Was he forcing him to kill a Saint?

“Move aside!” There was a soft shout as the Empress gracefully strode over. She appeared mesmerizing as she walked, yet she radiated with a profound and domineering aura at the same time.