Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 1670 - First arrived at the Celestial Realm

Chapter 1670: First arrived at the Celestial Realm

Ling Han did not hesitate any further, and entered with a single step.

When he arrived in front of that “mirror”, he delivered the final strike.


A crisp sound rang out, echoing through the whole heaven and earth, and alerting both the Immortal Realm and Netherworld. This was the barrier between the Ancient Realm and the Celestial Realm. Only a Great Saint that had merged the Regulations of both Realms could manage to break through this barrier, and now it had shattered.

The great doors to the Celestial Realm had officially opened.

Boom, endless Spiritual Qi surged over, and that hole that he had pierced open was currently closing back up behind Ling Han. The heaven and earth had their own instinctive recovery ability, its speed astonishingly quick, approaching Ling Han swiftly, as well as stopping this large volume of Spiritual Qi from entering into the Immortal Realm.

Ling Han’s figure flashed, and shot towards the Celestial Realm. Behind him, that passageway was swiftly closing up.

Xiu, he flew rapidly, and suddenly appeared in the air. Behind him, a black hole opened up for a moment, and quickly closed off.

Ling Han stood in the air, while there was an indescribably expansive forest beneath him. Every tree was thousands of meters tall, and had leaves that were even larger than houses. Some had even bore fruit, which were incredibly and extraordinarily massive.

The Spiritual Qi here was too plentiful, a good many times denser than even in the Great River Mystery Realm. Ling Han had just swept an eye over, and had already found at least 17 Godly medicines that were above Level 10, and the highest grade even reached up to Level 15.

But… the scale over which his divine sense could spread over had also been greatly limited. Additionally, the height at which he could fly was also limited.

The Celestial Realm was different from the Ancient Realm.

This place was very big, and a city here was like a great star. However, the whole Celestial Realm was an integral whole, and was only separated by an ocean into two mainlands, which were called the Eastern Celestial Realm and the Western Celestial Realm.

There were also a few random small islands in the ocean. Of course, they were small only in relative terms to the two mainlands. In truth, any of the islands was shockingly as huge as a whole galaxy of the Ancient Realm.

According to the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire, the ocean was very dangerous. In a moment of carelessness, one could easily encounter a Severing Mundane Tier, Dividing Soul Tier, or even Immortal Palace Tier and Ascending Origin Tier-level Immortal Beasts. If they were the hot-tempered type, they would easily destroy the sea vessel along with everyone on board with a single move.

Thus, crossing the ocean was a very risky matter. Ordinarily, only very large forces would establish marine routes, and charge their passengers an exorbitant fee.

…Flying across the ocean? That would only be delusional because the altitude that one could fly at was limited, and if they encountered powerful Immortal Beasts, the latter could easily swallow any person who was flying just by opening their mouths, which was similarly dangerous.

Thankfully, Ling Han presently did not need to consider the problem of crossing the ocean. He did not even know where the Roc Palace was.

The first step was to find his footing here!

Ling Han released the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire, the large black dog, and the Empress from the Spatial God Tools and Black Tower, respectively. The Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire had been an Immortal Palace Tier elite in the first place, and the large black dog was also linked in countless ways with the Celestial Realm.

“I’ve finally returned!” the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire exclaimed ruefully. He had also become a young man in his twenties by now, and finally did not look so awkward.

“Where is this place?” Ling Han asked.

“With how big the Celestial Realm is, how should I know?” The Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire rolled his eyes at him. “Putting me aside, even a great many Celestial Kings might not have traveled through every corner of the Celestial Realm, what more when there are a great many restricted areas that not even Celestial Kings may dare enter.”

Ling Han sighed, and replied, “If you don’t know, just be frank about it. You don’t have to come up with so many excuses.”

“That’s right!” The large black dog hit him while he was down. “Youngster, don’t pretend you know if you’re ignorant.”

The Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire humphed. As his new body grew up, he had also become considerably more mature, no longer getting into a fight with the large black dog at the slightest provocation.

“Let’s go find a city first. We should not linger in this kind of primitive forest. With our present strength, we would be dead if we encountered any Immortal Beast. We would not even be able to flee.

“Additionally, we should not fly in the skies. That would make ourselves too big a target.”

Ling Han, the Empress, and the others all descended as he said. In this place, it was clear that the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire had the greatest right of speech.

As for the large black dog… could his words be believed?

In this kind of dense forest, Ling Han and his group were incredibly minuscule. Any single leaf that fell would be a great many times bigger than them.

However, it was not every Demonic Beast in the Celestial Realm that was incredibly powerful. Ling Han also saw ordinary ants. Of course, they were considerably bigger than normal, and possessed strength at least on the level of Spiritual Ocean Tier.

In the Celestial Realm, this was what ordinary was like.

According to the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire, most people would be in the Shattering Void Tier upon birth, and the stronger their parents, the higher the starting point for the child that would be born out of such a union. It was rumored that the son of a Celestial King could even be in the Severing Mundane Tier upon birth.

But any force that had the slightest bit of strength would disperse the infant’s cultivation level before the child had been born, converting it into natural fertilizer to improve their natural talent.

…In the Celestial Realm, it was relatively very simple to cultivate to the Genesis Tier, but it would be too difficult to further improve one’s natural talent after that. Thus, this was a wise choice. Furthermore, this was not something that could be easily done, either. The clan had to have an ancestor that was at least in the Severing Mundane Tier to be able to cast this kind of secret technique.

Don’t think that Severing Mundane Ancestors were cheap in the Celestial Realm. It was exactly the opposite. As long as one had advanced into the Severing Mundane Tier, they would be greatly valued by any force. However, since they had obtained an endless lifespan, what Severing Mundane Ancestor would be willing to live relying on someone else’s charity?

In the Celestial Realm, the unit of measure for forces would be cities. A Celestial King-level force could even possess cities that numbered in the hundreds of millions, and every city was comparable to a great star, which showed how strong a force was.

Even the smallest One Star City would have a Severing Mundane Tier overseer. Otherwise, it could not be called a city, and could only be called a gathering spot.

Ling Han’s group traveled in the forest. They did not have any goal, and were only heading in a fixed direction.

In the Celestial Realm, there was no difference between day and night. Though there were also stars scattered across the skies, they were like small worlds, and were not real stars but rather massive asteroids.

From a certain aspect, this was not much different from a small world, though the space was larger, and the Regulations were of an even higher level.

Thus, they could only use the time that had passed to calculate how many days had passed.

After about 10 days, they had finally walked out of this massive forest. A large river appeared ahead of them. It was incredibly wide, as wide as a thousand miles, and meandered for very far, without any end in sight.

“Yi, there’s a ship!” And behind them, there was presently a large ship that was riding the waves. This ship was astonishingly huge, as long as 3,000 meters, and just as wide. But traveling in this great river, it did not look remarkable at all, and would not have any difficulty in turning because of its humongous size, either.

It was moving at a very rapid speed, and soon surpassed them, heading forwards.

In the Celestial Realm, the limits of speed had been released. Even a ship could match the speed of Ling Han running at full speed.

“Now it’s easy. We can just follow the river, and we will definitely find a city on the way,” the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire said.

They would not be able to board this passing ship, but at least they knew that they would definitely come across a city as long as they followed the river course, which also set their minds at ease. However, they might come across a city even faster if they were to go in the opposite direction.

They gave it some thought, but still decided to head forwards.

Another month later, they finally saw a large city appear before them. It was so big that its boundaries could not be seen. They could only see that this great river was on the left side of the city, and there were at least a few hundred ships that were docked there.