Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 1738 - : Refining Source Water

Chapter 1738: Refining Source Water

The Xuanyin Source Water was the coldest and most Yin water in the world.

Though it was attracted by Ling Han, or rather attracted by the Thousand Transformations Tortoise of the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll, and entered into his body, it was not the slightest bit docile. Wherever it passed, it would completely freeze that part of Ling Han’s body.

Thankfully, Ling Han’s body still contained the presence of the Nine Heavens Flame, which could resist the Xuanyin Source Water, and safeguard Ling Han’s life force. Otherwise, even if the Xuanyin Source Water had no intention to kill him, it would still destroy every single bit of his life force in this process, and Ling Han would really die for nothing.

WIthin Ling Han’s Dantian, the two great life forces of the heaven and earth were presently engaging in a fierce competition. The Nine Heavens Flame had solely monopolized Ling Han’s Dantian at first, but with the intervention of the Xuanyin Source Water, it, too, wanted to occupy a place. This naturally caused the two of them to begin a fight—I would not be subdued by you, and neither were you willing to yield to me.

And with that, Ling Han naturally would be suffering. Both of them were bosses, and in their essence, they were existences that could match Celestial Kings. If they really flew into a rage, Ling Han would definitely be insta-killed. Now that the two of them were clashing, the slightest bit of power that seeped out was incredibly frightening, causing Ling Han’s body to be horribly unfortunate.

After advancing into the Severing Mundane Tier, Ling Han’s physique naturally improved further, and was close to the height of Two Star Pseudo-Divine Metal—in the Celestial Realm, there were only a total of 10 levels of Pseudo-Divine Metal. Two Star Pseudo-Divine Metal was actually comparable to the level of third severance. Similarly, Three Star Pseudo-Divine Metal would have leaped to the level of Yang Soul Tier.

But this kind of physique was not even worth a mention in the face of two great life forces. Instantly, Ling Han felt like he was about to break down from the torture he was going through. He hurriedly entered into the Black Tower, wanting to use the power of the Black Tower to suppress these two guys. At least it would be able to slightly ease the agony, so it would not be so painful.

Weng, the Black Tower also began to exude power, aiming to suppress these two life forces of the heaven and earth.

The Nine Heavens Flame was fine. In the first place, it was a part of Ling Han’s body, and under the suppression of the Black Tower, not only did it not resist, it helped the Black Tower to suppress the Xuanyin Source Water together. But the Xuanyin Source Water was the life force of the heaven and earth, so how could it be easily tamed? It began a fierce resistance. It wanted to monopolize Ling Han’s Dantian.

This was the pride that belonged to a life force of the heaven and earth. How could it be that it would be willing to share its lair with another?

Ling Han unleashed his full power, and began to refine the Xuanyin Source Water. Only by turning it into a part of his own body would he make it no longer resist the Nine Heavens Flame from sharing the same space as it did.

But even if he had the help of the Black Tower and the Nine Heavens Flame, wanting to suppress the Xuanyin Source Water was still incredibly difficult. This was a precious treasure on the level of Celestial King Tier, so how could it be subdued so easily?

This was a tug-of-war. Ling Han slowly refined the Xuanyin Source Water, and his body was continuously freezing over. At first it was a bank of ice, and now it turned into a mountain of ice that wrapped him tightly within.

Ling Han was not worried. Refining the Xuanyin Source Water was presently ongoing in a methodical and organized manner. As long as he succeeded, he would be able to easily melt this mountain of ice.

One day, two days, three days… Time was continuously passing. When it was the fifth day, Ling Han’s eyes suddenly snapped open. Ka, ka, ka. Suddenly, innumerable cracks appeared on the mountain of ice before it shattered with a bang. Ling Han’s figure shook, and he walked out from among the broken shards of ice.

Wherever his feet passed, those shards of ice would actually turn into water automatically, and they would be then absorbed into his body.

The Xuanyin Source Water had already turned into his own life force. Thus, he had also become the source of all the waters of this world!

Of course, it was limited by his cultivation level. Whether it was the Nine Heavens Flame or the Xuanyin Source Water, their might was restricted, but as long as Ling Han’s cultivation level increased, the two life forces’ might would naturally rise accordingly.

What kind of concept was this?

After Ling Han became a Celestial King, it would be equivalent to him having fused two Celestial Kings within his body, and his battle prowess would be so strong that it could not be described!

“I have really gotten a great gain this time!” Ling Han showed a hint of a smile. Aside from perfectly advancing to the Severing Mundane Tier, he had also obtained the core secret of a Celestial King technique. In the future, when his cultivation level met the requirements, he would be able to form 10 battle beasts, and finally it was the Xuanyin Source Water.

Most importantly, this secret technique of the Multitude Beasts Celestial King was extremely creative because he could also fuse his own life force into the bodies of Immortal Beasts!

The Multitude Beasts Celestial King did not obtain any life forces of the heaven and earth like the Ancestral Flame and Source Water, but being able to become a Celestial King, his own life force should not be inferior to the life force of the heaven and earth. Both of them were equal. Thus, he had embedded a portion of his own life force into the bodies of his battle beasts so that the might of the battle beasts would be extraordinarily astonishing.

But the problem was that the Multitude Beasts Celestial King would also lose a portion of his own life force, which would lead to the weakening of his own battle prowess. And precisely because of this, the Multitude Beasts Celestial King had ventured to seek out the Source Water of heaven and earth, which matched the life force that he cultivated. Firstly, refining it would increase his might, and secondly, it was also possible that he could gain the approval of the life force of the heaven and earth.

He had indeed found the Xuanyin Source Water, but because of various reasons, he did not manage to collect it in time. Right after he had been killed by the Imperial Void Celestial King, his battered body had finally come here to retrieve the Xuanyin Source Water, yet he had ultimately not succeeded.

But Ling Han did not have this problem. Merely with the fact that he now possessed two types of life force of the heaven and earth, after he learnt this celestial technique, its might would far surpass its creator’s.

Ling Han couldn’t help but mumble to himself, “If I could obtain more kinds of life force of the heaven and earth in future, just how awesome would I become?”

“If you have a chance, try to gather as many types of life force of the heaven and earth as possible before advancing into the Celestial King Tier.” Small Tower suddenly piped up.

“Is there anything I need to pay particular attention to?” Ling Han asked.

“The more kinds of life force of the heaven and earth you get, the more life force you will be able to absorb after you advance into Celestial King Tier. This will increase your battle prowess extremely, and there is still a chance for you to break through to become a Nine Heavens Celestial Source. Otherwise, the difficulty level would be too high if you merely relied on your own effort,” Small Tower explained solemnly.

‘So that’s how it is!’

Ling Han nodded. He would remember all this clearly. Now, though, he had to leave this place. Calculating the time, it should be about time.

When he left, he still had to use the Nine Heavens Flame or the Xuanyin Source Water to resist the corrosive powers of the aura of the Celestial King. Eight days later, he burst through the water’s surface.

“Ling Han!” The Empress and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden both sighed in relief. Ling Han had disappeared for 20 days, and even if they were filled in confidence in Ling Han, it was still inevitable that they would be worried. Only at this moment when they saw him reappear did they finally release the breath that they had been holding.

Ling Han broke into a smile, and said, “I’ve made you two worry. Let’s go.”

“Where’s the Source Water?” the Empress asked.

Weng! With a wave of Ling Han’s hand, an extraordinarily icy aura instantly descended, completely freezing over even the air in the surroundings. In this territory, Ling Han was undoubtedly the ruler of ice.

Seeing this scene, both the Empress and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden were shocked.

They took out the wooden raft, and began their return journey. This time, Ling Han sped up the progress of the wooden raft. The time limit of three months was almost up. The flow of the river was becoming more rapid and violent. Occasionally, there would be splashes of waves, and if one was touched even the slightest, it was guaranteed that even a Celestial King would frown. That was because this was the Regulations of a Two Heavens Celestial King, and their power would not decrease just because he had died.

Thankfully, Ling Han presently had grasped two kinds of life force of the heaven and earth, which was enough to resist this power. After all, this was also a Celestial King that had long since died. The river water’s strength lay in the Regulations, and not in genuine battle prowess.

A few days later, they finally exited the Severing Mundane Pool.

At this time, almost everyone had left, and it was basically impossible that those that had not yet left the Severing Mundane Pool by now would appear again.

“Ling Han!” A voice filled with killing intent rang out—a fair-skinned, unbearded elder was directing a deadly glare at the three of them.

Ding Xing, a Severing Mundane ancestor of the Ding Clan, second severance!