Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 1739 - Crushed by Regulations

Chapter 1739: Crushed by Regulations

Since Ling Han vanished, the Ding Clan had been searching for his whereabouts all this while. However, the Celestial Realm was too big, and the Ding Clan was only a one-star force. Even in Dark Moon City, they did not have full power, what more when they were out of Dark Moon City.

Thus, they could only guess a few locations where they could possibly find him, such as Black Moon City, the Severing Mundane Pool, or other locations for severing mundane. Perhaps, even if Ling Han wanted to sever mundane, he would not dare to go to the Severing Mundane Pool. Knowing that the Ding Clan was watching out for him, he might switch to another place.

There were only over a dozen Severing Mundane ancestors in the Ding Clan; furthermore, they could not turn out in full force, either. What if the other two clans took advantage of the opening and robbed them? If there was a chance, they were sure that the Duan Clan and Long Clan would definitely not be reserved.

Ding Yaolong had to stay back as overseer. As for Ding Shan and Ding Song, one of them had gone to Black Moon City, while the other had gone to the Han Clan. Even if Han Lu had torn the Ding Clan’s ancestral shrine apart, the Ding Clan still had to send someone over to give an explanation, which would resolve their misunderstanding with the Han Clan once and for all.

There were too few elites, so only Ding Xing alone had come to the Severing Mundane Pool.

Because if Ling Han wanted to sever the mundane, there were only those few places where he could do so. The Ding Clan knew that Ling Han was freakish. Once he broke through to the Severing Mundane, it was extremely possible that even a first severance grand elder would be no match for him.

Thus, the one standing guard here was Ding Xing.

A second severance!

A second severance against a first severance, and one that had just broken through at that. If the matter still could not be resolved, what justice was there left in this world?

Ling Han glanced at Ding Xing. Though he did not know his name, he had seen this person at the Ding Clan’s ancestral shrine before. Recalling the Ding Clan’s ancestral shrine, Ling Han couldn’t help but ask, “Er, are the repairs of your ancestral shrine done?”


Ding Xing’s self-control was definitely excellent. Among those who could cultivate to the level of the Severing Mundane Tier, just which one of them had not experienced innumerable storms, and wasn’t a person who would not show their emotions? But when Ling Han said these words, Ding Xing immediately wanted to leap up in fury.

‘You actually have the nerve to ask?’

“Evil brat, if it were not for you, how could the ancestral shrine of our Ding Clan have been torn apart!” He couldn’t help but roar loudly, his eyes bulging in fury.

“You’re already so old, yet you still do not know how to cultivate your moral and mental character. Shouting and screaming so loudly, what if you disturb kids?” Ling Han asked with a grin. He did not mind making things worse for the Ding Clan and pouring salt on their wounds. “The members of your clan have done so many misdeeds, so what is the point of worshipping the memorial tablets of those villains? A crooked stick will have a crooked shadow.”

“Die!” Initially, Ding Xing had planned to put on airs of superiority so that Ling Han would fully feel the pressure of impending death, but he had exploded in fury when they had just barely exchanged a few words. He could not stop himself from stretching out a hand to press down on Ling Han.

Ling Han had not moved, and the Empress was the first to move. She had just broken through to the Severing Mundane Tier, and was presently eager to try out her new strength.

Shua, a flash of sword light streaked out, dazzling the Nine Heavens.

Ding Xing’s expression changed drastically, and the large hand he had stretched out immediately withdrew. If that flash of sword light struck him, the Regulations of heaven and earth would lash back, and he would be injured. As for how severe his injuries would be, he was unsure.

But he did not dare try. What if it was a powerful attack?

He felt lingering fear. Aside from those limited few that he had come across, there had never been anyone else that could make him feel immense pressure and fear that he would lose if he fought with just a single move.

He knew this woman. She was Ling Han’s companion. Previously, she was only in the Genesis Tier, but was now in the Severing Mundane Tier. This meant that she had just successfully severed the mundane, and also meant that she was only a first severance.

He was a second severance!

The Empress was not going to be merciful. She charged out, and began a merciless offensive against Ding Xing.

Ding Xing could not do anything, and could only parry. But after they had exchanged blows, his disadvantageous position was really too clear. He vaguely showed a hint of dropping into a disadvantage.

This was not unusual.

The Empress had already cultivated to the true pinnacle level of the Eternal River Tier. This meant that she only had to break through to the Severing Mundane Tier, and she would be invincible among her peers. Furthermore, she had struck the heaven and earth, and had advanced into the Severing Mundane Tier through a flawless severance, which made her invincible among her peers again.

With these two advantages added together, she would be invincible even against an opponent that was superior to her by a whole minor level!

A second severance that could match her would either had to have cultivated to the true pinnacle level of the Eternal River Tier, or had to similarly have advanced by striking the heaven and earth. Now, though Ding Xing was superior to her by a minor level, he had not achieved either of these two requirements, and was not a king tier at all, so how could he possibly be able to compete with a king among kings like the Empress?

Ding Xing’s expression changed to a shocked one, yet he still could not turn the situation around, and was at the brunt of the Empress’s blows, his aged face incredibly sullen.

The hierarchy of the Celestial Realm was strict. A second severance was absolutely capable of crushing a first severance. Even if there were occasional appearances of king tiers, surpassing that gap of a whole minor level would result in a tie with a veteran elite at most, and it was utterly impossible that the latter would be overwhelmed.

Hiss, why were those people that were with Ling Han all monsters!

Ding Xing struck a few more times, his expression becoming uglier and uglier. After he had blocked a few moves, he turned around to flee.

No, if they continued, he would die here. Then what was the point of fighting any longer? Furthermore, both Ling Han and the Empress were so freakish, so if they became third severance, wouldn’t that mean that even Ding Yaolong would not be able to suppress them?

He had to bring this news back so that the three great elites Ding Yaolong, Ding Shan, and Ding Song would move out personally. By now, only they would be capable of suppressing these two freaks. Otherwise, if they were given more time to grow, then it was really possible that the Ding Clan would be done for!

“Why are you in such a rush to leave? We haven’t reminisced enough!” Ling Han stepped in his path. He had cultivated the secret technique of lightning, so his speed was extraordinarily fast. His whole person turned into a bolt of lightning, capable of cutting off even a second severance grand elder.

“You’re courting death!” Though Ding Xing had begun to flee, he was still putting on airs of a second severance grand elder. He rebuked Ling Han coldly, and waved a hand to deliver a palm strike at the latter.

He had cultivated Water Regulations, and had also used a secret technique in this attack. Ice formed, planning to freeze 1,000 miles around them.

Ling Han couldn’t help but smile. A competition of Regulations with him? You had to cultivate to the third severance, at least, to even be qualified.

Boom, he released the Nine Heavens Flame. Immediately, the flames formed nine streaks that surged out from his body. Every streak of flame had taken the form of an Immortal Beast. There were dragons, phoenixes, and vermillion birds, and they were numerous.

As the Immortal Beasts of flame stormed, the coldness immediately retreated, and no longer appeared.

A muscle twitched in Ding Xing’s cheek. He had not even unleashed his powerful move, yet could no longer follow up on it.

His Regulations had been hindered, but how could this be possible!?

No matter how freakish Ling Han’s battle prowess was, it was still limited by his cultivation level. How could the comprehension of Regulations of a first severance compare to a second severance? But the reality was really that exaggerated. Someone that had just broken through to the first severance actually managed to completely crush a veteran second severance in terms of the height of their Regulations.

…He naturally would not know that this was not the Regulations that Ling Han had grasped, but rather that the Nine Heavens Flame was the life force of the heaven and earth itself. And you, a mere second severance, actually dared to compare the height of your Regulations with the life force of heaven and earth?

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, “Let me pay you back with a move!”

He withdrew the Nine Heavens Flame, and channeled out the Xuanyin Source Water. Immediately, the high temperature around them that was like a volcano dropped madly. Multiple swords of ice with patterns of great dao inscribed on them appeared in mid-air, their coldness sinister and frightening.

‘Holy! F*ck!’

At this moment, Ding Xing’s surprised expression was as if he had just seen a ghost.

Water Regulations! This was f****** Water Regulations!


Ling Han had only just advanced into the first severance, and could at most just barely strengthen one Regulation to the height of the Severing Mundane Tier. But not only could Ling Han crush him with Fire Regulations, his Water Regulations were also incredibly terrifying, definitely being superior to his own grasp over the Water Regulations.

‘Where did you get so much time to cultivate? Have you taken the wrong medicine?

‘My heavens, how could it be that such a monster would exist!’