Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 1894 - Powerful Laxative

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Chapter 1894: Powerful Laxative

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This was such an important and dignified ceremony, yet someone had actually run over to cause trouble?

Grandmaster Zi Cheng’s expression instantly darkened. Zhao Qingfeng jumping forward to ruin the atmosphere wasn’t the most important aspect. Instead, it was what his actions signified.

In order for today’s ceremony to run smoothly, he had made many preparations. Among them, safety was naturally his top priority.

It could be said that this shouldn’t have happened.

For example, Zhao Qingfeng had already recuperated and rested for a long time. Even though he had already recovered several months ago, he hadn’t gone wandering around. However, to prevent any mishaps, Alchemist Zi Cheng had still deployed an elite to keep an eye on him.

Yet, Zhao Qingfeng had still managed to arrive here.

Who had let him out?

One had to realize that Alchemist Zi Cheng was the current chairperson of Alchemy City. The two other Four-Star Alchemists didn’t trouble themselves with the affairs of this city. In other words, no one could rival his power. Only when it came to a matter such as assigning a new Holy Son did he need to seek agreement from the two other Four-Star Alchemists.

Humph! Who dared to cause trouble?

“Impudence! A new Holy Son is being crowned, and this is no place for you to act wilfully! Scram!” a Dividing Soul Tier elite roared.

Even though Zhao Qingfeng possessed heaven-defying talent, he was only at the peak stage of the fourth severance. Thus, he was nothing in the eyes of this elite.

However, Zhao Qingfeng didn’t so much as spare a glance at the elite. Instead, he continued to stare at Ling Han, with his fighting spirit culminating into something tangible. “Ling Han, do you dare to battle against me?!”

Judging from his fighting spirit, he had become significantly more powerful than before!

“As expected of a freakish prodigy. Not only did his previous loss not affect his Dao Heart, but it even pushed him to improve and grow stronger.”

“How unfathomable. He’s clearly at the peak stage of the fourth severance already, yet his strength is still able to advance.”

“As expected of a prodigy.”

“Things are becoming interesting now. At that time, Ling Han only barely managed to defeat him. Now, however, Zhao Qingfeng’s strength has grown by an explosive amount. It’s hard to say who will win this battle.”

“Hehe, although this is a martial arts competition and not an alchemy competition, it will still be a huge stain on the new Holy Son’s name if he suffers a huge loss on the day of his crowning.”

“I’m curious about how Zhao Qingfeng managed to come here. I refuse to believe that he could come here easily.”

“Huh? You’re saying that… someone in the city is helping Zhao Qingfeng?”

Everyone was engaged in spirited discussions. Meanwhile, those who had analyzed the situation more closely all wore solemn expressions.

What did Zhao Qingfeng’s appearance signify?

Ling Han glanced at Zhao Qingfeng, and he said in a calm voice, “You’re nothing but a defeated opponent. Why would I not dare to battle against you?”

“Last time was last time. This time… is different!” Zhao Qingfeng said with a baleful expression. His killing intent was almost tangible, and it was clear that he had developed a stronger grasp on the Regulation of Slaughter.

This wasn’t strange. After their intense and inspiring battle, Ling Han had directly broken through to the fourth severance. Although Zhao Qingfeng had lost, and although he hadn’t gained any comprehension regarding the fifth severance, his killing intent had still pushed his Regulation of Slaughter to a higher level.

He was brimming with confidence, and he was sure that his current power could allow him to easily shatter Ling Han’s freakish physique with a single punch.

The Empress stepped forward and coldly glared at Zhao Qingfeng. Her dress billowed in the wind, hugging her body and revealing her flawless figure. She was as attractive as could be.

Even as Ling Han’s opponent, Zhao Qingfeng couldn’t help but be moved by the Empress.

She was beautiful, far too beautiful. Even though he couldn’t see her true appearance, just her figure and her indescribably noble aura alone was enough to make one want to kneel down to her and become her underling.

Zhao Qingfeng hurriedly suppressed his emotions and recollected his composure. An ice-cold killing intent radiated from his eyes.

His life was dedicated to cultivation, and it was dedicated to becoming more powerful. He had to abandon everything that would detrimentally affect his goal of becoming stronger.

“You’re seeking death!” the Empress shouted with a cold humph. She resolutely launched an attack.

The spectators all wore strange expressions upon seeing this.

Ling Han had been incredibly audacious back then, and he had dared to fight with Zhao Qingfeng and beat up Alchemy Apprentice Mo. As it turned out, those beside him were also the same. What did it matter that this was Zhao Qingfeng or Zhao Heifeng? They would directly do battle with him!

However, the Empress was only at the fourth severance, so how would she battle against Zhao Qingfeng?

He was an emperor tier, and he was already bordering on the level of monarch tier. Apart from a select few people, who else in the same cultivation level could defeat him?


Before this thought could even flash past their minds, the Empress had already suppressed Zhao Qingfeng in an extremely domineering manner. As her jade-like palm flashed through the air, Zhao Qingfeng could do nothing but evade and block.

She was far too powerful! How was she this powerful?!

Everyone was rendered speechless. This was a prodigy who could only appear once every epoch, yet they were popping up all over the place now! Was there still any reason in this heaven and earth?

Fu Gaoyun and the others were even more stunned upon seeing this. They were aware that Ling Han was powerful, yet they hadn’t realized that the Empress was also this freakishly powerful. Now that they had witnessed the Empress’ demeanor, they were all won over by her incredible beauty and power.

Grandmaster Zi Cheng stroked his beard, and a slight smile spread across his face. No wonder his disciple had asked him for two Natural Peach Seals. This young woman was indeed a freak, and she indeed possessed the potential to reach the fifth severance. She was a talent worth nurturing.

During the first 200 exchanges, Zhao Qingfeng could still manage to block and evade. Afterward, however, he slipped into an absolute disadvantage. After 400 exchanges, he could do nothing but suffer a beating. It was clear that he was no opponent for the Empress. His defeat was already a foregone conclusion.

After 2000 exchanges, he couldn’t help but continue to vomit blood. He was barely hanging on to life.

“Trash!” Lu Xianming said with a cold humph. He was standing with the other Holy Sons and Holy Daughters, and there was a look of intense disdain on his face as he glanced at Zhao Qingfeng.

He had initially hoped to see Zhao Qingfeng causing Ling Han some trouble. Unexpectedly, however, he couldn’t even defeat a woman beside Ling Han. He had instead become a stepladder, making Ling Han appear even more lofty and powerful.

Just look! Even some woman beside Ling Han was a supreme prodigy!

An Immortal Palace Tier elite stepped forward, and said, “Enough!” With a single motion, he separated the Empress and Zhao Qingfeng.

The Empress was extremely dissatisfied, and she shot a glare at the Immortal Palace Tier elite. It was as if she wanted to beat him up.

The Immortal Palace Tier elite couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Before the Empress’ stunning beauty, he found that he couldn’t become angry at all. Of course, her relationship with Ling Han was also a part of the reason. She was the woman of this new Holy Son, so he naturally had to give her some face.

“Ling Han, can you only hide behind women?” Zhao Qingfeng shouted, with fury and indignance on his face. After becoming more powerful, he had been filled with confidence, certain that he could defeat Ling Han with a single strike.

To his disbelief, however, he had been defeated before he could even fight with Ling Han.

He was truly about to explode with anger.

The Empress was infuriated, and there was a menacing glint in her eyes as she looked at Zhao Qingfeng. She radiated with an aura of paramount dignity.

Ling Han stepped forward and placed a hand on her slender shoulder with a smile, saying, “Let me deal with him.”

The Empress nodded before stepping backward.

Ling Han glanced at Zhao Qingfeng before retrieving a pill vial and tossing it at him. “Here, don’t say that I’m bullying you. This is an Ice Mist Jade Pill, and it can temporarily suppress your wounds and help you recover to your peak state. However, its effects will only last for an hour.”

This was an incredibly useful pill, and in some situations, it could even save one’s life.

Zhao Qingfeng was astonished. He hadn’t expected that Ling Han would still accept his challenge in such a situation. Moreover, he was even offering him such a valuable alchemical pill.

He didn’t hesitate as he accepted the pill vial and ingested the pill. He didn’t take a second glance at it.

If Ling Han dared to play any tricks in this kind of situation, would he still have any face in the future?

“Aiyah!” Ling Han suddenly exclaimed. He patted his clothes, and he said, “I’m so sorry! I retrieved the wrong alchemical pill! That’s actually a powerful laxative!”

‘Holy! F*ck!’

Zhao Qingfeng grimaced upon hearing this, and he almost vomited another mouthful of blood.

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