Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2175 - Betrayal of the Decree

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Chapter 2175: Betrayal of the Decree


Meanwhile, Sui Yuanliang was still activating the piece of damaged paper. This piece of damaged paper was far too high in level, so it was crucial for him to be extremely careful. Otherwise, he might even suppress himself. However, Ling Han’s punch brought with it an invincible willpower.

This punch was far too terrifying, and he felt as if it were impossible to block and evade.

In the next instant, the punch landed, striking his lower abdomen, and causing him to instantly curl over in pain. He felt as if he were about to vomit all of his internal organs, and his activation of his secret technique was immediately stopped.

He was absolutely astounded. In reality, the might of this punch wasn’t that powerful at all. However, the willpower that was imbued within it was far too powerful, so much so that it was surprisingly able to suppress his divine sense. He was unable to muster any thought of resistance.

If it weren’t for his strong desire to live, allowing him to forcefully activate a barrier of defenses, he would have perhaps been killed by that punch.

He was only a measly Dividing Soul Tier cultivator, so why did he possess such powerful willpower? It was as if he represented the heavens.

Sui Yuanliang naturally didn’t know that Ling Han possessed nine Source Powers of heaven and earth, all of which had been utilized in this punch. Those were Source Powers of heaven and earth! These were matters at the Celestial King Tier, so they could naturally suppress those at the Immortal Palace Tier.

Ling Han suddenly let out a loud laugh. Unleashing this punch made him experience a great sense of satisfaction.

This was a fist technique that he had created, and it was also the Dao that suited him the most. Even though the might of this fist technique wasn’t especially great at this moment, it was, after all, a technique that had yet to be perfected. Moreover, his cultivation level was also too low, so there was still much room for refinement and improvement.

Indeed, the might of this fist technique was inferior to that of the Great Clash of Source Powers, but its advantage was that it could be easily controlled. This was unlike the Great Clash of Source Powers, which Ling Han could only unleash. After unleashing it, however, it would completely break free from his control.

Uncontrollable powers were especially dangerous, even to their owners.

“Only the Dao that belongs to me can become the most powerful fist technique.

“I’ll call this… the Fists of Fury!

With a roar, Ling Han unleashed an endless flurry of punches, all of which were unleashed through the Fists of Fury. They could attack one’s mind, punish one’s body, and destroy all matter.

At this moment, he attained enlightenment. When this fist technique was perfected, its might would definitely be no weaker than that of the Great Clash of Source Powers. Moreover, once he reached the Celestial King Tier, the Great Clash of Source Powers would be limited by the might of the Source Powers of heaven and earth. However, the Fists of Fury would be different. They would only be limited by his cultivation level.

The more powerful he became, the more powerful the Fists of Fury would become.


He swung his fists, and because his raw power[1] had already reached the Ascending Origin Tier, his fists were able to punch at an astonishing speed. Even Sui Yuanliang was unable to block them all in time. He felt as if his vision was drowned out by flying fists.

Peng, peng, peng, peng, peng!

Ling Han’s Fists of Fury smashed down like rain, forcing Sui Yuanliang to retreat time and time again. Sui Yuanliang’s blood churned, and he felt as miserable and pained as could be.

He was beside himself with shock. Ling Han had clearly only possessed a battle prowess at the peak stage of the Fourth Secret, yet he had suddenly soared to a new height, with his battle prowess reaching the Fifth Secret. Ling Han now genuinely possessed the ability to threaten his life.

‘Is this brat on drugs?

‘No, no, no, he’s been on drugs this entire time. Otherwise, how can a measly Heaven Soul cultivator rival a Fifth Secret elite?’

It was just that he was too drugged up right now, so much so that even a Fifth Secret elite such as Sui Yuanliang was facing life-threatening danger.

“You dare to hunt my son? You’re seeking death!” Not only had Ling Han’s fury not subsided, but it had become even more intense.

Ling Han had always felt slightly apologetic to Ling Jianxue. He felt like he hadn’t been able to accompany and raise his son, making him an irresponsible father. Just when he was about to find his son to make up for this, he discovered that someone was actually trying to kill the latter. Moreover, they had almost succeeded.

How could Ling Han not be furious?

“I’ll kill you, bastard!” he roared in rage.

Sui Yuanliang felt extremely aggrieved. ‘Your son is only severely wounded and poisoned… But what about me? My son has genuinely been killed! Whom can I complain to?’

However, Ling Han was far too powerful, powerful enough to make him shiver in fear. Thus, his fighting spirit naturally receded like a falling tide.

“Friend, since your son isn’t in any danger, why don’t we shake hands and make peace? I’m willing to compensate you!” When Sui Yuanliang said this, there was a burning sensation on his face. He wanted to dig himself a hole to hide in.

This was far too humiliating! His treasure had been stolen, and his son had been killed, yet he was actively asking for peace. Moreover, he was even offering to compensate his opponent!

This was unfathomable!

“No need!” Ling Han said in a cold voice, rejecting his offer. This person wanted to kill his son, so could he let this slide with some mere compensation?

If Sui Yuanliang genuinely wanted to compensate him, he could compensate with his worthless life!

“Friend, don’t take things too far! Otherwise, the only result will be a lose-lose situation. In fact, it might even lead to mutual death!” Sui Yuanliang howled.

“Only you will die!” Ling Han said, his fists not slowing down one iota.

Sui Yuanliang roared in fury, yet he was struck time and time again, which caused his flesh to fracture and split. His aura also fell significantly. A resolute expression flashed across his eyes. If this continued, he might genuinely be pummeled to death by Ling Han.

How detestable! He clearly possessed a powerful decree, one which could suppress any Immortal Palace Tier elite once it was activated. However, under Ling Han’s furious and unrelenting attacks, he was unable to find any time to unleash this trump card.

“Fine, since you’re forcing me, I’ll let you taste the evil fruits of your decision!” Sui Yuanliang finally decided to go all out. His body shuddered violently, unleashing orbs of black air that appeared indescribably sinister.

Ling Han had already been filled with killing intent, and this sight only made him even more enraged. “You actually defected to the force of darkness?! You truly deserve death!”

This sinister aura was none other than the unique characteristic of the other cultivation system. It was something that neither heaven nor earth could tolerate.

“Naive brat, what do you understand?!” Sui Yuanliang sneered. “Those who win are righteous, and those who lose are wrong. This world is destined to be conquered, and only the revered deities can remain undying. Moreover, the deities will bestow us with true immortality!

“This heaven and earth possesses Immortal’s Tribulation, but if the deities gain control, they’ll erase this Immortal’s Tribulation! At that time, everyone can enjoy immortality!

“You stupid fool, the Heavenly Dao is the true killer!”

He spoke with conviction and righteousness, and it was clear that these beliefs were already deeply ingrained in his mind. He had been completely brainwashed by the force of darkness.

“Then I’ll kill you in the name of this heaven and earth!” Ling Han said with a humph. Before his son, these matters were all of lesser importance. What did it matter if the man practiced the cultivation system of darkness or whatnot? Since he dared to hunt his son, Ling Han would kill him no matter what!

In a fit of chaotic rage, Ling Han unleashed his full battle prowess.

However, after unleashing the power of darkness, Sui Yuanliang also became significantly more powerful. This was even though he was now detested by heaven and earth, meaning that he was unable to wield the power of Regulations. However, this didn’t weaken his battle prowess in the slightest.

This was reflected by his astonishing recovery ability, and it was as if he possessed an indestructible physique. He instantly regained equal footing with Ling Han.

“Hahaha, I’ll send you on your way!” Sui Yuanliang said with laughter. His entire body was enveloped in black mist, and he started to activate the Celestial King Tier decree in his hand. Even though it was damaged, it was still powerful enough to kill any Immortal Palace Tier elite.

Ling Han only possessed a battle prowess at the Fourth Secret to Fifth Secret, so he was naturally unable to rival the power of this decree.


The piece of damaged paper lit up, unleashing a devastating aura. This was the mighty power of a Celestial King.

“Brat, die!” Sui Yuanliang shook the decree, and he was just about to unleash the Celestial King power to smash Ling Han into smithereens.


A ray of light burst forth from the decree, yet right after soaring out, it made an unfathomable turn, and slashed back toward Sui Yuanliang.

“What?!” Sui Yuanliang coughed a mouthful of blood in shock. Why was the decree turning around to attack him instead?

A ray of light flashed past, causing Sui Yuanliang to instantly stop all of his movements. He could only stare at Ling Han in a daze, and there was still an expression of disbelief frozen on his face.

Why had the Celestial King Tier decree suddenly betrayed him?


[1] From what I remember, it should be stamina, responsible for attack speed.

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