Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2326 - It’s you!

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Chapter 2326 It’s you!

You Yuan’s first reaction was to run.

It was very simple. The present Ling Han was already so terrifying, so just what kind of frightening extent would his strength reach after he survived the heavenly tribulation?

If You Yuan did not flee now, he would just be waiting for death. However, this was very humiliating. He did not dare to accept even a battle of equals. Was this how a Monarch Star should act?

But in the face of extremely realistic facts, You Yuan had still chosen to wisely save himself.

If he stayed stubborn, it would just be suicide. Where there was life, there was hope.


His speed was swift, with him running as fast as lightning

Zi, a bolt of lightning struck down, forcefully blocking the course of his path.

No, this was not a bolt of lightning, but rather a person. It was just that this person was entirely wrapped in lightning. Ling Han was bathing in the lightning, lightning crackling and dancing wildly. His hair fluttered in waves like he was a demon god. He asked calmly, “My good son, where are you planning to go?”

You Yuan humphed coldly. “Could it be that you want to stop me? Be cautious about the merciless heavenly tribulation so that you don’t get killed by it!” After advancing into the Eleventh Leaf, he had gained Ninth-Lotus-level battle prowess. This was heaven-defying. Thus, he would also be targeted by the heaven and earth, which would drop a terrifying great tribulation of lightning to get rid of this kind of heaven-defying criminal.

Ling Han actually dared to ignore the heavenly tribulation, and wanted to snipe You Yuan. Wasn’t that just committing suicide?

“It is not an easy matter to take my life,” Ling Han said smilingly. “However, your life will be ended here today!” He had exposed his secret of possessing Ancestral King blood essence, so it was natural that there was no possible way he would allow You Yuan to continue living.

“You had better solve your own problems first. If you still haven’t died after the heavenly tribulation, I will make up for it with another strike!” You Yuan’s figure retreated rapidly. To say nothing of the fact that Ling Han’s battle prowess could possibly increase explosively at any movement, even if the former was inferior to You Yuan’s, You Yuan would not dare move to attack the other man, either, because Ling Han was presently undergoing a heavenly tribulation, so that would be equivalent to getting his own fingers burnt. This heavenly tribulation… was very frightening

Ling Han had already used the Indestructible True Fluid to heal his body once, but beneath the lightning, he soon became battered and smashed again. On the surface, he was just a skeleton, with bits of flesh hanging here and there. He could not look any worse.

It could not be helped. The power of lightning was too violent, and even with his physique, he was just barely holding up to it.

However, understanding and enlightenment rose up in Ling Han’s heart. The Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll still had room for improvement.

At present, he naturally could not compare to a Heavenly Venerate in terms of power of creation, but the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable also had his own limitations because he had never left the Celestial Realm, and had only grasped the Regulations of the Celestial Realm, and if it was a Genesis World, the Regulations were actually even more abundant and complete.

Ling Han had assimilated the Regulations of two Realms, and also possessed the Origin Magic Cube. Merely in terms of height of Regulations, he was actually slightly superior to the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable.

This was just like how Wally definitely could not compare to a Heavenly Venerate in battle prowess, but in terms of theoretical knowledge, he might be able to defeat all other Heavenly Venerates.

Boom, a bolt of lightning descended. Because Ling Han was in deep thought, it landed solidly down on him.

This bolt of lightning was extremely frightening, having turned into a massive fist. Once it landed, Ling Han immediately disappeared from sight, forcefully smashed into the ground.

You Yuan saw this, and took the opportunity to turn around and run. This was his only chance of survival, or even an opportunity to turn the tables around. It should be no problem for Ling Han to survive the heavenly tribulation, but he would definitely be covered with wounds and injured severely. Then, You Yuan would only need to charge back, and Ling Han would still be dying in his hands.

Hence, he wanted to run. Pride and honor and all the rest could be set aside. History had always been written by the victors. As long as You Yuan lived and Ling Han died, then the former would be the ultimate victor, and Ling Han would become a stepping stone on his path to greater strength. No one would remember that there had once existed such a person.


Ling Han charged out of the ground. He used the Fists of Fury to parry the heavenly tribulation, using his extremely tiny body to face the latter head-on, yet could forcefully bear up to the might of the tribulation.

“My good son, don’t run so fast!” He used Void Space, and stopped You Yuan in an instant, his eyes cold.

You Yuan did not reply at all. His figure turned swiftly. His present goal was very simple, and that was to buy time.

Ling Han chuckled, and the Greatest Eternity Immortal Physique took effect. Time passed, and eternity seemed to fly by in just a snap of his fingers.

You Yuan discovered that everything around him had sped up, and was astonishingly fast at that. The falling leaves seemed to be descending like stars falling, and the ants crawled as fast as lightning, which was incredibly bizarre.

His heart immediately jolted, and understanding dawned on him. It was not that everything had become fast, but rather he himself had slowed.

…Ling Han had slowed the passing of time for him.

This guy was too terrifying, wasn’t he? The Regulations that he displayed consisted of as many as three, including Lightning, Time, and Space, and added with the Regulation of Darkness, that would be four different types of Regulations!

It was not shocking that he had grasped four kinds of Regulations. What was shocking was the Regulations of Time and Space could both be considered the highest tier, and even a Monarch Star like You Yuan would find it extraordinarily difficult to comprehend them, and could only do so with the air of celestial medicines. However, Time Element celestial medicines were incredibly precious, and it was unknown how much would have to be used to cultivate to the height of Eighth Lotus.

Why was it that only Ancestral Kings could cultivate various Regulations extensively?

Very simple: because only when one had reached the height of Ancestral King would he be able to easily harvest celestial medicines.

You Yuan roared in fury, and the Regulations of Light burst from his body, being pushed to the strongest level. Boom, the time flow on him finally returned to normal. Xiu, his figure immediately sped up, leaving Ling Han far behind.

Ling Han spread out his fingers, and grasped down at You Yuan again. His move turned into a giant cage that descended on You Yuan.

To say nothing of taking it head-on, You Yuan did not even dare to parry, because if he actively moved to attack Ling Han, that would be equivalent to interfering in the heavenly tribulation. In that case, a frightening bolt of lightning would immediately strike down on him, dragging him in as well. In fact, the might would even surpass Ling Han’s own heavenly tribulation.

It could not be helped. Who asked you to interfere in the heavenly tribulation?

You Yuan gritted his teeth, and his potential exploded, speeding up his body to the limits. He darted out before the cage descended fully on him.

This was very exhausting, yet allowed him to successfully escape this crisis.

“My dear son, when will you stop evading?” Ling Han asked smilingly. If anyone from the Hundred Battles Academy saw how pathetic You Yuan was now, who knew what kind of expressions they would have.

You Yuan did not answer. His determination did not waver. Once the heavenly tribulation ended, that would be the moment that he would blow the horns to begin his counterattack.

The two of them thus proceeded like this, one fleeing and the other pursuing, with time sweeping past swiftly.

A day passed very quickly, and the heavenly tribulation was also close to its end, but the degree of its fearfulness was growing by leaps and bounds. The stronger the existence, the more he was not recognized by the heaven and earth, which would drop a punishment of lightning to erase him. Especially in the case of the last three bolts; every bolt of lightning turned into a massive seal, bearing an air of eternity and age, which was extremely frightening

Ling Han held up to it, but cracks had appeared on all his bones, and his whole person seemed like it would fall apart at the slightest breeze.

You Yuan’s eyes lit up, and he suddenly charged back from the distance.

This was the time!

“Die!” He drew out a Divine Sword of Light. Wielder and sword merged as one, shooting out at Ling Han, and wanting to deliver a fatal strike on him.


Ling Han stretched out his hand, and grabbed the sword’s blade. Visibly, his blood and flesh were presently regrowing at an astonishing rate. It was really just the blink of an eye, and he had recovered his original appearance.

His true original appearance. “Y-y-y-y-you are the trash from that super low-level dimension!” You Yuan inhaled sharply. Ling Han’s name was very famous in the Foreign Realm. In a single battle, he had killed over 100 Ancestral Kings through trickery, resulting in the interference of a Heavenly Venerate, yet he had actually still managed to flee. Now, the whole world was hunting him down. You Yuan had never thought that Ling Han would actually be standing in front of him!

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