Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2335 - Robbery

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Chapter 2335 Robbery

Qi Shuang and Yuan naturally couldn’t imagine that this sudden attack had actually been carried out by Ling Han and the others. After all, in their eyes, these four were lazy and irresponsible people.

They had already given up on Ling Han and the others long ago. When the latter came out from the mystery realm, Qi Shuang and Yuan would definitely give them a spray. If they didn’t yearn to improve, what did it matter that they were monarch stars? Perhaps they would give up after coming across the smallest of obstructions.

The first round came to an end, and the mystery realm opened back up. Everyone had to stop their fights. Otherwise, the obtained beacons wouldn’t count, and they would more so face severe punishment.

The teams in hiding also made their way back out. Because more powerful teams might also get robbed poor by others, it didn’t matter that some hidden teams didn’t possess many beacons. It was still extremely likely that they would obtain a decent ranking. For example, they might rank in the 300’s or 400’s. Ranking above 500 was already a victory.

Xun Feng and the others were dejected as they walked out from the mystery realm. In order to improve their ranking, they had continued to battle in the mystery realm. However, they had unfortunately come across a stronger team, and had all of their beacons stolen. Even though they had managed to obtain some more beacons afterward, it was nowhere near the amount that they had lost. Thus, they were naturally dispirited and deflated.

“Beautiful job!” Qi Shuang and Yuan said as they walked over. They were grinning from ear to ear.

‘Wh-what’s going on?’

Xun Feng and the others were all extremely confused. They had done a beautiful job? What in the world was going on?

“Lord Qi Shuang, are you trying to console us?” Wu Ya asked. The elites were far too mean now. They had clearly performed poorly, and they were clearly feeling dejected, yet these elites were still joking around with them? This kind of consoling wouldn’t help them at all. Instead, it would only cause them to feel even more vexed.


These were backhanded remarks; these were words of mockery!

Humph! When they advanced to the Ninth Lotus, they would definitely avenge this humiliation!

“Oh? You guys aren’t aware that you ranked 42nd?” Qi Shuang asked in surprise. Even though it was indeed impossible to see the rankings inside the mystery realm, couldn’t they at least estimate their ranking based on the number of beacons that they had obtained?

’42… 42nd!

Xun Feng and the others exchanged incredulous glances.

They had only obtained a total of 36 beacons, yet they had ranked 42nd?

Gasp! Just how many powerful teams had been robbed clean? Otherwise, how could they have ranked 42nd with so few beacons? To say nothing of 42nd, even ranking 420th would have been difficult!

However, would Qi Shuang and Yuan joke about this? Moreover, they were chuckling like fools at this moment, so they were definitely telling the truth.

Xun Feng and the others finally accepted this result. They had indeed broken into the top 100. Even though coming 42nd or 100th didn’t make much difference, coming 100th compared to 101st made a humongous difference.

The latter would be eliminated, and the former could proceed to the second round.

“Hahaha!” Xun Feng and the others all roared with laughter. They had suddenly gone from inconsolable grief to uncontrollable joy. The ebbs and flows of life were far too stimulating.

“Oh, that’s right. Lords, Ba and his three women were far too uncooperative. They insisted on parting ways immediately after entering the mystery realm,” Wu Ya said. He immediately started to snitch on Ling Han and the others. He had been viciously struck by Ling Han, and his wound was still hurting to this day.

The expressions of Qi Shuang and Yuan instantly became grim. They couldn’t help but feel angry upon thinking of Ling Han and the others. They had actually treated the Thousand Academy Tournament as a holiday? If it weren’t for the fact that three of them were monarch stars, they would have definitely given them severe punishment this time. In fact, they might have even expelled them from the academy.

“We know,” Yuan said in a solemn voice. “The four of them erected tents to rest near a lake.”

“That’s far too detestable!” Xun Feng exclaimed in rage. “While we were fighting for the academy, overcoming so many difficulties to break into the top 100, they were actually having a leisurely rest? Not only did they fail to help, but they even want to steal our glory?”

“We have to punish them severely!” the yellow bull shouted with rage.

Qi Shuang waved his hand, saying, “We’ll discuss the punishment when they arrive. Xun Feng and the rest of you, you’ve created history this time. Your team only had five people, yet you still managed to obtain over 1000 beacons. In fact, this result has even surpassed last time. Of course, this is even though a rank of first or 100th doesn’t make a huge difference, as long as one makes the top 100…”

He rambled on and on, yet Wu Ya’s and the others’ expressions had already changed drastically.

‘Over 1000 beacons?

‘Is this a joke? We only obtained 36 beacons!’


The five of them exchanged shocked glances as they came to a sudden realization.

The other beacons had been obtained by Ling Han and the others!

They were just about to explain this, yet they immediately decided against it.

It was impossible to bring beacons out of the mystery realm. Back when the competition had concluded, the formation had already calculated the results and retrieved all of the beacons—the beacons were, in fact, constructs materialized by the power of Regulations. They weren’t physical items. Thus, as long as they insisted that they had obtained these beacons, Ling Han and the others would have no option but to swallow this bitter pill.

Who told them to relax next to a lake?

The five people immediately exchanged these thoughts, coming to a unanimous decision.

At this moment, Ling Han and the others finally returned from the mystery realm.

Qi Shuang’s expression darkened, and he said, “You guys still have the face to return?”

‘Huh? How strange…’

Ling Han was astonished. Had they not obtained enough beacons to enter the top 100? That couldn’t be, right? After all, several teams with Eleventh Secret monarch stars had been robbed by him.

“What did we rank?” he asked.

“42nd,” Xun Feng interjected. “However, this was thanks to the five of us. You people are merely basking in our glory.”

‘Oh, so that’s how it is,’ Ling Han and the others thought.

As it turned out, these five people had stolen the credit for themselves. It was because of this that Qi Shuang and Yuan were convinced that they had done nothing in the mystery realm.

“Is that so?” Ling Han asked. He couldn’t help but chuckle. He looked into Wu Ya’s eyes, and asked, “You’re angry about being pummeled by me, so you’re twisting the truth as an act of vengeance?”

“Utter nonsense!” Wu Ya immediately bellowed. He naturally wouldn’t admit this.

“Enough with the garbage!” Yuan roared. He was extremely dissatisfied with Ling Han and the others. When they returned, he would definitely teach them a lesson and grind away their arrogance.

Ling Han simply smiled in reply. He didn’t try to argue anymore. Some things could be concealed for a short while, but they couldn’t be concealed forever. When the second round began, the truth would naturally come to light.

A large insect crawled over from the distance, and said, “Ba, I’ll definitely defeat you!” His speed was impressive, and his aura was more so as ferocious as could be. There were clearly two Ninth Lotus elites present, yet he acted as if he couldn’t see them at all. He was as haughty as could be.

This was only natural. After all, he was an Eleventh Leaf monarch star, someone who was destined to become an Eighteenth Lotus Ancestral King in the future. As such, did he need to pay any heed to two measly Ninth Lotus “weaklings”?

Ling Han casually waved his hand, and replied, “Yes, yes, yes, I’ll wait for you.”

The large insect took a deep look at Ling Han before turning around to leave.

“…” Qi Shuang.

“…” Yuan.

“…” Wu Ya and the others.

A monarch star at the Eleventh Leaf of the Eighth Lotus had especially run over to say this to Ling Han. What did this signify?

He had definitely suffered defeat at Ling Han’s hands!


‘Holy! F*ck!

“Ba!” Another young demon with a peerless aura walked over, saying, “I know that I’m no match for you. However, I still want to fight against you with no limits and restrictions. Can you satisfy my request?” An angel walked over, and said, “I also want to fight again.” This was another monarch star at the Eleventh Leaf.

A golden lion leaped forward, and said, “Me too!” It had nine heads, and it appeared as mighty as could be. It was also a monarch star at the Eleventh Leaf.

Qi Shuang and the others were numb with shock. Ling Han had actually defeated this many monarch stars?!

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