Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2336 - Mission Accomplished

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Chapter 2336 Mission Accomplished

After seeing these monarch stars off, Ling Han turned around to face Xun Feng and the others, a smile on his face. He didn’t say anything

He didn’t need to. The appearance of the monarch stars had already said everything. Their appearance had already slapped many faces.

The faces of Xun Feng and the others were as red as a monkey’s a*s. This wasn’t so bad for the two demons, as their faces were already red to begin with. As such, it was hard to tell that they were beet-red with embarrassment. Their faces merely seemed darker.

“All of you, return to the residence!” Qi Shuang and Yuan immediately roared. They had naturally realized the truth.

However, they obviously couldn’t cause a commotion now. Otherwise, they would be losing face for the Hundred Battles Academy.

They couldn’t wash their dirty linen in public. Instead, they would close the doors before dealing a beating.

Everyone returned to the residence. The teams who had progressed to the second round would naturally be notified about when and where the second round would be held.

After arriving back at their residence, Xun Feng and the others were naturally subject to a severe scolding. Meanwhile, Ling Han and the others were also reprimanded. This was because they failed to show any team spirit, deciding to part ways immediately after entering the mystery realm.

Ling Han didn’t retort to this. However, he had already made up his mind. He would remain passive during the second round, and aim to come last out of the 100 academies.

When this tournament concluded, he didn’t intend to return to the academy, either.

Firstly, there was nothing in the Hundred Battles Academy that interested him. Secondly, he was about to advance to the Ascending Origin Tier, a cultivation level that was already above the academy’s upper limit.

Thus, he would be kicked out even if he wanted to remain. Thirdly, he was someone who couldn’t stay put for too long. He yearned to travel around.

For example… he wanted to travel to other dimensions.

The more dimensions he traveled to, the more Regulations he could comprehend and integrate. As a result, his battle prowess at the same cultivation level would also become stronger.

In high-level dimensions, there were freaks who possessed an Evolution Index of 12. Thus, their battle prowess at the same cultivation level was definitely superior to his. Ling Han was a competitive person, so he naturally wanted to travel through the dimensions to raise his battle prowess to a pinnacle state.

After resting for several days, the second round of the tournament finally commenced.

The 100 teams were divided into 25 smaller groups, with four teams in each group. After a series of battles, the bottom two teams from each group would be eliminated, and the top two teams would advance. The former teams would fight for the rankings from 51st to 100th, while the latter teams would fight for the rankings from 1st to 50th.

As it turned out, the results from the first round did have some small influence. The Hundred Battles Academy was placed into the second echelon, and the group that they were assigned to had a team from each of the first, second, third, and fourth echelons.

Theoretically speaking, belonging to the second echelon was already a sign of strength. Of the three other teams in their group, the team that belonged to the first echelon was naturally filled with confidence. Meanwhile, neither of the two other teams had seen Ling Han in action before, so they thought that Hundred Battles Academy had only made it to the second echelon thanks to good fortune.

The 25 groups commenced their battles at the same time.

The first round was the first echelon team versus the fourth echelon team, and then the second echelon team versus the third echelon team. The two victorious teams would then battle against each other, after which the victor would directly advance to the next round. The two defeated teams would also battle against each other, and the victor of this battle would fight against the loser of the battle between the two initial victors. The victor of this last battle would then also advance.

Ling Han and the others entered the arena. Their opponent was the third echelon Nine Light Academy.

Just like before, the competitors would be prohibited from drawing on any external power. However, solo challenges and ganging up on others were both allowed. The battle would conclude when one team surrendered or lost the ability to fight.

“If you don’t want to suffer any pain, I urge you to hurry up and surrender,” one of their opponents said.

“Indeed, that will save us some energy.”

“You’ve already completed your task by breaking into the top 100. Without You Yuan, you people can’t withstand a single attack. I urge you to recognize this fact.”

Xun Feng and the others all reacted with indifference. They had been severely scolded, so they were naturally feeling strong anger and resentment toward Ling Han and the others. Thus, they decided not to put in any effort.

Ling Han chuckled and reached over, grabbing Xun Feng and the others, and launching them toward their opponents.


Just how powerful was he? Xun Feng and the others were shrouded by his power of Regulations, rendering them helpless as they shot forward like cannonballs.

Treating his teammates like weapons?

The spectators were all rendered speechless. They had never witnessed such a strange tactic before.

However, it was without a doubt that Ling Han was truly powerful. Shrouded by the power of Regulations, Xun Feng and the others were so powerful that their opponents didn’t dare to face them head-on. They could only duck and dodge, occasionally launching a few counterattacks in reply, showing that they were already trying their best.


Figures flew, and everyone could hear the furious bellows of Xun Feng and the others that were oozing with humiliation. However, this couldn’t change their situation at all. Meanwhile, their opponents weren’t faring much better. They were like fleeing ducks, ducking and weaving as they dashed around. The serious battle was reduced to a complete farce.

“Enough with the arrogance!” a monarch star from the enemy team roared. He was an Eleventh Leaf elite. He lunged over, causing the surrounding space to ripple as he did so. He threw a domineering punch.

Ling Han replied with his Fists of Fury, instantly gaining a comprehensive upper hand. In just 100 exchanges, the monarch star had no option but to admit defeat.

Everyone was stunned by this sight.

This was a monarch star, one who had reached the peak level of the Eighth Lotus, yet Ling Han had defeated him in just 100 exchanges? Just what kind of crushing might was this?

The strength of this person could most likely already rival that of the likes of Chuan Tian, Qing Hua, and Mo.

“No, you people are overestimating Chuan Tian and the others,” someone immediately said with a shake of their head. “Chuan Tian and the others were indeed in the top 10 on the Elite Leaderboard, but this was because most of the monarch stars hadn’t reached the Eleventh Leaf in the previous tournament. There was a gap in cultivation level, and it was because of this that they were so dominant.”

“That’s right!” another person said with a nod. “This time, their cultivation levels are all at the Eleventh Leaf, so only now is it a fair battle.”

“To defeat a fellow monarch star with such ease and composure… I’m afraid that this person is on the same level as Huai Jian.”

Upon hearing the name Huai Jian, everyone instantly fell silent.

This was a legendary prodigy who was destined to reach lofty heights. To say nothing of surpassing him, it was impossible to find someone who could even rival him.

Could Ling Han compare to Huai Jian?

Most people shook their heads in doubt. Huai Jian had already transcended the level of monarch star. He was peerless, and no one could hope to possibly match him.

In any case, it wasn’t long before the Nine Light Academy admitted defeat, ending the one-sided battle.

Ling Han was naturally scolded by Qi Shuang and Yuan. He could have clearly achieved victory in a proper and glorious manner, so why had he insisted on employing such unsightly tactics? Of course, they naturally didn’t dare to scold him too harshly. Firstly, they still had to rely on Ling Han to unleash his might. Secondly, Ling Han’s battle prowess was already equivalent to the Ninth Lotus, rendering him on the same level as them.

However, in the following battle, Ling Han didn’t join the fight at all. Instead, he decided to directly surrender, ending the battle between the victors.

This angered Qi Shuang and Yuan to death. However, they still had to treat Ling Han nicely in the hopes that he would try his best in the next battle. As long as they won this battle, the Hundred Battles Academy was almost guaranteed to rank around 50th.

However, Ling Han didn’t bother to show up at all, using the excuse that he had internal injuries which required rest.

Qi Shuang and Yuan naturally knew that Ling Han was purposefully making up an excuse. He was as lively as could be. Which part of him appeared injured? It was clear that he didn’t want to fight for the academy. Instead, he had his eyes set on the individual tournament for the Elite Leaderboard.

When Ling Han left the tournament grounds, Qi Shuang and Yuan both walked up with dark expressions, scolding him in fury and frustration.

Ling Han merely shrugged, saying, “Wasn’t it the two of you who said to guarantee a top 200 finish and fight for a top 100 finish? I’ve already accomplished this mission, so why are you still unsatisfied?”

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