Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao-Chapter 2610: Three great elites

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Chapter 2610: Three great elites

The black Qi would naturally not obey Ling Han. It still continued floating towards him.

Ling Han shook his right hand, and threw a punch towards the black Qi.

Boom, the fist swept out, and these streaks of black Qi all fluttered out endlessly, separating and dispersing. However, they immediately reunited. Furthermore, they were no longer separate streaks of black Qi, but rather fused as one.

Strangely, it was a fusion of over a dozen streaks of black Qi, but it did not become thicker. It seemed to have sustained heavy “injury” from Ling Han’s punch.

But Ling Han knew very well that it was not that the black Qi had been “injured” from his attack, but rather that it had become even more concentrated.

The black Qi surged out, darting towards Ling Han like a spiritual serpent.

Ling Han drew his sword. Shua! The Divine Demon Sword slashed quickly at the black Qi.

The black Qi made a clear dodging motion, but this sword strike from Ling Han was too fast. How could it manage to dodge?

Peng! His sword pierced through it, and the black Qi instantly dispersed once more. However, after turning into a mist-like substance, it fused back again very rapidly, turning once more into a black-colored spirit serpent, and continuing on its course to wrap around Ling Han.

Yet Ling Han revealed a hint of a smile. This time, it looked like it had again been wasted effort. However, he acutely sensed that the density of the black Qi had lowered slightly.

Though it really was just a slight bit.

Ling Han delivered a series of strikes with his sword. Shua, shua, shua! This time, he did not wait for the black Qi to gather again. The Divine Demon Sword shot out repeatedly, endlessly slicing the black Qi into bits, and in this process, the black Qi was also gradually fading. After over a dozen breaths later, the black Qi had finally faded completely and disappeared.

After all, the Divine Demon Sword was a Celestial Tool. Its destructive power far surpassed Ling Han’s.

However, if the people here saw how Ling Han was being so “wasteful,” they would definitely go mad with fury. This was the source of their strength he destroyed. This kind of wastefulness definitely could not be forgiven.

Ling Han withdrew his sword. This black Qi was truly stubborn. Even with the Divine Demon Sword, he had to attack for such a long time. If it was his bare fists, perhaps he really would not be able to deal with it.

Ling Han killed over a dozen people in a row, and finally established his authority. Though there were still a considerable number of people watching him in the surroundings, and they showed keen and eager expressions, they ultimately did not make a move on him.

It was indeed true that the black Qi would affect the personality, turning one bloodthirsty, but it could not completely alter one’s intelligence. If there was the slightest bit of opportunity, these people would take the risk and make an attempt, but when the power gap was so large that there was absolutely zero chance, they naturally would not choose to die for nothing.

However, it was not that there were no truly strong beings here.

A man strode over. He was like a massive gorilla, his body about as tall as three meters, and his back was slightly hunched, with his extraordinarily large head jutting forwards. His tongue was lolling out of his mouth, measuring about a foot in length. It was red as blood, and he looked like a ghost that had died from strangulation1.

On another side, an old woman bearing a sword on her back also appeared quietly, dressed in cyan.

And behind Ling Han, a young man in red walked out stealthily like a panther spirit. Not the slightest bit of fluctuation appeared in his aura, and he could not be detected by divine sense at all. He could only be seen by the naked eye.

Ling Han’s eyes turned cold. “Do you guys wish to die?”

“You are merely a Fourth Heaven Celestial King!” the gorilla said disdainfully. He strode out, his every step causing the ground to tremble, which emphasized his intimidating presence.

With a ding, the old woman had drawn her sword. She rasped, “Your battle prowess is not too bad, though. Stealing your cultivation will have some benefits for me.”

Only the young man in red did not speak. He had extreme confidence in his stealth, and he was sure that there was no way Ling Han could sense him.

Ling Han stood, his hands crossed behind his back. He had said all he wanted to say. The only thing left now was battle.

“Die!” The large gorilla pounced first. His arms spread out, seal after seal lighting up on the surface of his body, and causing his skin to become metallic while reflecting light in a blinding manner.

He leaped up high, his arms turning into twin hammers that pounded heavily towards Ling Han.

Shua! The old woman slashed out with her sword at the same time, its chilling light blazing.

However, the most fatal attack still came from that young man in red behind Ling Han.

He had already snuck to a spot less than three meters behind Ling Han. With a shake of his hands, a tri-clawed blade appeared in each of his hands, which he stabbed towards Ling Han soundlessly.

The young in red revealed a cruel smile. Though his tri-clawed blades were not Celestial Tools, they had been forged from a precious metal that was inferior only to Divine Metal, so they were extremely sharp. Adding his own power, even an Eighth Heaven Celestial King could possibly lose their life in a moment of distraction.

He was an absolute assassin. Just as the tri-clawed blades looked like they were merely an inch away from Ling Han, he finally shouted loudly, “Die!”

“The one who should die here is you!” Ling Han suddenly turned his head, his Divine Demon Sword stabbing out. Pu! It directly pierced the forehead of the young man in red.

This was a presence that surpassed Celestial Tool. Even a Ninth Heaven Celestial King might not be able to block it when he was fully focusing on defense, what more when the opponent was just a Fifth Heaven Celestial King.

The eyes of the young man in red widened, his expression filled with disbelief. That smile from before was still lingering at the corners of his lips, making him look extremely bizarre.

He could not believe it. How had Ling Han been able to discover him, a king of assassins?

It should be known that the reason that he had been tossed into the Celestial King Graveyard was because he had assassinated too many Celestial Kings, and there were some that had powerful backgrounds at that.

This time, he had launched a sneak attack on a Fourth Heaven Celestial King when he himself was a Fifth Heaven Celestial King. No matter how he thought about it, there was no way he could fail, yet it was him being killed with a single strike from Ling Han’s sword. How could he possibly believe this? How could he accept it?

Ling Han smiled slightly. “When you show off your stealth abilities in front of me, you are biting off more than you can chew!”

The Heaven Deceiving Technique that Ling Han cultivated had been modified by Wally. Even a First Tier Heavenly Venerate could not detect anything off, and correspondingly, Ling Han’s ability of detecting stealth techniques had greatly improved.

If this young man in red had attacked head-on, perhaps he would have been able to last a few moves from Ling Han, yet he just had to be too confident in his assassination techniques. He had not imagined that Ling Han could possibly counter at all, and that his counter would be so terrifyingly powerful.

In truth, he had really not died for no reason.

On the other side, the large gorilla’s and the old woman’s attack also reached Ling Han.

Ling Han did not even turn around at all. Peng! Peng! The two attacks reached him in succession, but a golden light appeared on his body, and blocked the attacks altogether.

This naturally was the might of the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll.

“What?!” the large gorilla and old woman exclaimed in shock at the same time, their expressions filled with astonishment.

They were affected by the black Qi, but that only caused them to become more bloodthirsty; their intelligence was not affected.

This was too terrifying. Three great Fifth Heaven Celestial Kings had joined forces and attacked Ling Han together, but not only was not a single hair on Ling Han’s head harmed, this Fourth Heaven Celestial King had killed one of them with a single strike instead.

Ling Han turned around, showing a hint of menace. “I have already told you all before, don’t court death!”

With a tap of his foot and sword in hand, Ling Han attacked.

The large gorilla and old woman both retreated repeatedly, but Ling Han’s offensive was too powerful. They were not able to match him at all, and could only retreat.

“Die!” They unleashed a spiritual attack. This move was very strong.

Ling Han’s movements instantly slowed slightly.

“Haha!” The large gorilla immediately waved an arm and struck out at Ling Han. This was an extremely good opportunity.

However, the old woman’s figure swayed and moved, floating sideways. Her target was the black Qi that had floated out after the young man in red had died.


Ling Han suddenly delivered a stab with his sword. The large gorilla was shocked. He thought that Ling Han had already been struck by his spiritual attack. He had not expected that Ling Han had only been baiting him. The large gorilla hurriedly tried his best to dodge, but the sword still pierced his left arm.

“Gagaga!” The old woman cackled loudly. She had already swallowed that streak of black Qi, and instantly felt that she had become considerably stronger than before.