All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot - Chapter 154 - Report By Phone

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Chapter 154: Report By Phone

Lin Shuya changed out of her pajamas and subconsciously wanted to grab a very sexy long dress. When she touched it just now, she heard Old Madam Qin’s voice outside the door again.

Lin Shuya’s hand turned around and she put on a very conservative set of clothes with short sleeves and long pants.

Old Madam Qin was still cursing outside the door. When Lin Shuya opened the door, she was sprayed with saliva all over her face.

Lin Shuya: “…”

She could smell a strong stench of garlic.

Lin Shuya felt extremely disgusted and almost vomited.

“Mom, I’m going back to my room. I’ll go down to the living room immediately,” Lin Shuya said quickly.

Lin Shuya couldn’t bear to stay any longer.

She wanted to close the door, but Old Madam Qin pressed on the door and didn’t let her close it. She grabbed Lin Shuya’s hand and dragged her downstairs.

Old Madam Qin was only in her sixties, and her body was still very strong. She often worked, so she was very strong.

Lin Shuya had been pampered since she was young. After she married Qin Hai, other than Old Madam Qin coming over, she usually didn’t even wash the dishes.

Lin Shuya was weak, so Old Madam Qin pulled her downstairs.

“Lin Shuya, if you marry into our old Qin family, don’t even think about enjoying life.”

After this period of time, the stench of garlic had subsided a lot. However, when Lin Shuya thought about how Old Madam Qin had just spat on her, she felt extremely disgusted.

However, Old Madam Qin did not give her a chance to wash her face at all.

Even if she went to the toilet, she would still warn Lin Shuya fiercely.

“Stay in the living room obediently. Otherwise, I will complain to Ah Hai and see if Ah Hai will side with me, the mother who was pregnant with him for ten months, or a woman who can’t even give birth to a son like you!”

The fact that Lin Shuya hadn’t given birth to a son for 19 years was a thorn in Old Madam Qin’s heart. Now, she seized the opportunity to use this to scold Lin Shuya.

Lin Shuya didn’t dare to refute. Her face alternated between red and white. It was a wonderful scene.

After Old Madam Qin left, Lin Shuya made some measurements in her heart and forced herself not to think about the stench of garlic on her body. After she finally took a breath, she smelled another smell.

It smelled like… sh*t.

Lin Shuya followed the smell and walked over. She saw the place where the antiques used to be. It was filled with many worthless flower pots with pieces of white stuff on them.

Lin Shuya frowned and asked, “What are these things?”

The servant next to her replied, “Old Madam asked us to get them. It’s garlic. Also, she wanted us to put some farm manure on the garlic.”

Lin Shuya: “…”

Planting garlic in the living room and putting some farm manure on it?

This was a mid-to-high-end villa, yet Old Madam Qin made it look like a farmhouse.

Lin Shuya couldn’t take it anymore. If she stayed any longer, she would be tortured until she went crazy.

She took out her phone and complained to Qin Hai. Her tone was very bad, “Brother Hai, I can’t take it anymore. She scolded me at the airport for not being able to give birth to a son. Now, she’s planting garlic in the living room and applying farm manure. Now, the house is filled with a stench. You’d better send Mom back to your brother’s house as soon as possible.”

“Shuya, just bear with it. She’s only staying with us for a week or two. It’ll be over soon,” Qin Hai said indifferently.

“Brother Hai!”

Lin Shuya was still trying to refute on the phone when the phone was hung up and a series of beeps came from the other end.

Lin Shuya was angry and anxious.

As expected, she was told to bear with it more. Qin Hai didn’t see Old Madam Qin’s shrew transmission.

If he did, would he still be able to say such words?

“Calling my son to complain?” The old lady’s words came faintly from behind.

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