All My Beasts Are Legendary - Chapter 475 - Seven Emperor-Level Beast Tamers and Another Level-Up

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Chapter 475 - Seven Emperor-Level Beast Tamers and Another Level-Up

"So, have you made your decision? Are you still going to run away?"

Ye Xuan released his grip after bringing the Emperor of Azure Flame and the other three to him and let go of them.

Then he shifted his consciousness to restrain his energy, looking at the Emperor of Azure Flame and the other three calmly.

Seeing that, the Emperor of Azure Flame and his three companions all turned pale. They did not know what to do.

But at the same time, they had also given up the idea of running away.

Even though Ye Xuan did not take their Ancient Ark of the Firmament.

The Ancient Ark of the Firmament was only an Immortal-level Secret Treasure.

However, what Ye Xuan had shown was doubtless the Immortal-level combat power..

They even felt the combat power Ye Xuan had just exerted was stronger than the usual Immortal-level combat power.

"Azure Flame, Northern Ice, Solitary Sword, Shinra, don't push your luck! The Lord has given you a chance, but don't you think he will give you a second one."

Seeing the four standing there motionlessly as pale as ghosts, the Divine Feather Emperor and her two companions sieged the four immediately.

"The Great Xia Alliance..."

The Emperor of Azure Flame murmured. Then looking up at Ye Xuan, he asked, "So, if we surrender, what will you do to us?"

Ye Xuan waved his hand to call the Seal Beast out. Then, looking at the four, he asked, "If you surrender, this beast of mine will leave a mark in your souls."

"Leave a mark in our souls?"

The Emperor of Azure Flame exchanged a look with the other three. They were feeling uneasy.

However, except to surrender, they did not have any other choice.

"Okay. We surrender!"

After some hesitation, the Emperor of Azure Flame finally nodded.

"Good. A sensible choice."

Ye Xuan smiled.

Then he waved his hand. The Seal Beast stopped on the head of the Emperor of Azure Flame after moving across the sky. It lifted its paw and injected a shining black slave seal into his Spirit Ocean.

It went on to create three more Emperor-level slave seals and then injected them into the Spirit Oceans of the Emperor of Solitary Sword, the Emperor of Shinra, and the Emperor of Northern Ice, who had come here with the Emperor of Azure Flame.

The energy of the Golden Dragon of Luck started to soar again.

It soared to the high Emperor level from the intermediate Emperor level.

The Ocean of Luck under it grew higher as well.

"It should be enough for the Tidal Treasure Snail to achieve the Emperor level this time, shouldn't it?"

A trace of shrewdness flashed across Ye Xuan's eyes when he had seen the Ocean of Luck created by the Golden Dragon of Luck.

Then, without hesitation, he shifted his consciousness to call the Tidal Treasure Snail into the Beast Lair of the Golden Dragon of Luck.

And a large number of Luck from the Golden Dragon of Luck surged into the Tidal Treasure Snail.


The Tidal Treasure Snail shivered after getting so much Luck in the Beast Lair of the Golden Dragon of Luck.

It was not far away from achieving the Emperor level since it was on the peak Starlight level.

This time, thanks to so much Luck, it accomplished the breakthrough very quickly.

The Emperor level!

Seeing the Tidal Treasure Snail have leveled up, Ye Xuan told the Golden Dragon of Luck to stop working right away.

By then, it still had a lot of Luck left.

Looking at the remaining Luck, Ye Xuan shifted his consciousness to call Lil Wan and the Tree of World into the world of the Golden Dragon of Luck.

He told the Golden Dragon of Luck to give all of its remaining Luck to Lil Wan and the Tree of World.

The remaining Luck of the Golden Dragon of Luck helped to enhance the cultivation level of Lil Wan and the Tree of World quickly. They achieved the peak Starlight level from the low Starlight level in a short time.

However, they failed to go further.

But Ye Xuan was already very happy with this result.

He was going to travel to the Taien Empire next.

He believed he would get more Luck there.

However, he felt regret after seeing his Luck Points displayed on the exchange panel of the Dragon Palace of the Azure Sea. Even though he had enslaved seven Emperor-level Beast Tamers, they were still not enough for him to exchange for a Mythic-level evolutionary resource.

Mythic-level evolutionary resources were just too expensive.

That meant it would be hard for all of his beasts to improve their grades quickly in the future.

For example, this time, the Tidal Treasure Snail's grade dropped to three stars after leveling up to the Emperor level.

That had never happened before.

The Tidal Treasure Snail's grade had never been lower than four stars since it had become his beast.

The only solution was to gain more Luck Points.

And he would try to use the Basin of Treasures to gain some suitable evolutionary resources at the same time.


Suddenly, while Ye Xuan was thinking about that, he shifted his consciousness and sensed a shake in his Spirit Ocean.

Then, a vortex that had shown up in his Spirit Ocean not long ago merged with the one augmented by his talent called the God's Aid.

When the two vortexes had merged, Ye Xuan shifted his consciousness and got a message in his head right away.

"Double augment?"

Ye Xuan opened his eyes as soon as he got the message. He found even if he exerted God's Aid without using the Aiding Seed, he still could make all of his beasts' attributes twice more powerful.

And if he exerted the Aiding Seed at the same time, all of his beasts' attributes would be strengthened by five times, and this effect would last for three minutes.


Ye Xuan was shocked.

He had never expected this talent to be so powerful after transformation.

All attributes would become five times more powerful. He figured if his beasts were on the peak Starlight level, they probably would be able to tie with Emperor-level beasts even if he did not use the Level-Up Gate.

If his beasts had a higher grade, they might even defeat Emperor-level beasts.

Ye Xuan threw a look at his talent called the Mark of Gods.

He supposed this talent would transform as well very soon.

"I haven't gone all out for a long time. Hopefully, I can fight all out once on the trip to the Taien Empire."

He had been simply using his talents and beasts lately.

And almost every time, he had only used one beast.

In addition, he had never exerted the Nine Symbolic Technique, either.

Ye Xuan broke into a smile with those thoughts in mind.

Then he opened his Beast Lair and transmitted himself to the Taien Empire with the Divine Feather Emperor and the other six emperors.

He hid a Beast Lair in an uninhabited star zone in the Taien Empire not long ago.

Through that Beast Lair, he could be transmitted into the Taien Empire from most locations in the starry sky.

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