Almighty Sword Domain - Chapter 1708

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Chapter 1708 – The Most Primitive Is True!

Come get it!

Ji Liangchuan grinned, “You’re very confident. Of course, I know that you’re definitely not just a Rebirth Realm expert. So, I won’t underestimate you.” He paused for a moment and continued, “Of course, I won’t think too highly of you either! In the younger generation of this universe, there really aren’t many who are capable of making me think highly of them!”

“Brother Yang!” Suddenly, Qin Jian warned, “Be careful. He’s ranked third on the Milky Way Rankings. He’s very strong!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he gazed at Ji Liangchuan, “Bring it on!”

“Alright!” As soon as he finished speaking, Ji Liangchuan vanished on the spot, and he was before Yang Ye when he appeared again. A blood red snowflake appeared, and it was accompanied by a ray of bright light!

Yang Ye suddenly twisted his body sideways. As soon as he did that, a sword stabbed forward right beside his throat. However, it didn’t take long for it to stop, and then it swept horizontally towards his throat.

At the moment it swept horizontally at him, Yang Ye’s body bent backwards like it had broken at the waist. The sword swept by while Yang Ye tapped the tip of his foot against the ground, causing his figure to move 300m back. As soon as he stopped himself, he stretched out his left hand, and the Sword Precursor appeared in his grasp.

Ji Liangchuan glanced at Yang Ye, and then the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, “Interesting.”

His figure transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot, and a ray of light immediately appeared before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye swiftly stabbed his sword forward, and it struck the tip of Ji Liangchuan’s sword.


An ear piercing clang resounded. The Sword Precursor shook slightly, and then Yang Ye twisted his body sideways and swung his sword down by his waist. It was absolutely fast as well.

Once Ji Liangchuan missed, he frowned slightly before pulling his sword back to defend himself. As soon as he did that, Yang Ye’s sword had struck his sword.


The sound of metal colliding resounded. Ji Liangchuan was blasted over 30m back by the collision!

Ji Liangchuan didn’t attack again. He glanced at Yang Ye, and there was a trace of solemnness in his eyes, “Such strong strength!”

Yang Ye said, “Are you still not going to fight seriously?”

Ji Liangchuan nodded slightly, “The facts prove that I wasn’t wrong. This business opportunity the Yang Clan has thrown our way isn’t easy. However, it’s only interesting when it’s difficult, right?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye, and he swung his sword down.

Yang Ye tapped his right foot against the ground and moved a few steps back. As soon as he stopped, the tip of a sword descended right before his nose.

After he dodged Ji Liangchuan’s attack, Yang Ye tapped the tip of his right foot against the ground and stabbed forward.

Ji Liangchuan’s expression didn’t change at all when he missed, and he similarly stabbed his sword forward as well.

At the moment their swords were about to collide, Yang Ye suddenly twisted his body sideways, and his sword passed by Ji Liangchuan’s face before he swept it towards Ji Liangchuan’s throat. The latter’s expression changed slightly. However, he didn’t pull his sword back and similarly swept his sword towards Yang Ye’s throat.

If nothing unexpected occurred, they would die together because the lengths of their swords were almost similar.

However, how could they possibly allow themselves to die together?

When Yang Ye’s sword was just half an inch away from Ji Liangchuan’s throat, a short saber that was thin like a cicada’s wing stopped his sword. Meanwhile, two fingers had clamped down on Ji Liangchuan’s sword.

Their eyes met in midair, and then Yang Ye twisted his sword while Ji Liangchuan did the same.


An explosion resounded. Ji Liangchuan was blasted around 30m back while his sword left two bloody marks on Yang Ye’s fingers. If Yang Ye hadn’t released it quickly, his fingers would have probably been lost.

Ji Liangchuan fell silent for a moment, and then he suddenly slowly raised his sword to his chest. After that, he swung it at Yang Ye from afar.


A ray of snow white sword energy shot forward from his sword. It seemed like it was made of snow, and it was completely snow white. Even space was turned snow white when it passed.

A sword technique!

Ji Liangchuan had executed his sword technique!

Yang Ye remained calm as he took a step forward, and then his sword stabbed forward.

A very simple stab!

He hadn’t executed any sword technique!

In next to no time, Yang Ye’s sword stabbed against Ji Liangchuan’s sword energy. As soon as they came into contact, Yang Ye’s sword shook violently, and then the powerful energy within the technique pushed Yang Ye backwards repeatedly.

After being pushed around 30m back, Yang Ye stomped his right foot down. The ground shook violently while Yang Ye relied on the counterforce to stop himself, and then he swung his sword horizontally against the sword energy.


Ji Liangchuan’s sword energy was sliced into two. However, Ji Liangchuan suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye at the same time, and then a ray of cold light flashed before Yang Ye’s eyes.

A moment later, Yang Ye felt coldness surge through his entire body, and then a sword was less than an half an inch away from his forehead.

Yang Ye reacted swiftly. His right foot twisted against the ground, causing his body to twist sideway and avoid the attack. However, a short saber had suddenly swept towards him. It was extremely swift, even swifter than the sword!

At the moment that saber shot towards him, Yang Ye tapped his right foot down and retreated 30m back.

As soon as he stopped, a small cut appeared on the skin of his left neck and blood seeped out from it. If he’d just been a little slower, he may have lost his head.

The cut was very small, and the Primordial Violet Energy only took a moment to heal it.

Yang Ye looked up at Ji Liangchuan. The latter grinned, “My saber is even….”

His expression suddenly changed because Yang Ye had vanished on the spot, and Yang Ye was behind him!

The Laws of Darkness!

A ray of light flashed behind Ji Liangchuan.


However, Ji Liangchuan was over 100m away. But as soon as he stopped, Yang Ye appeared behind him again, and then another ray of light flashed.

This time, Ji Liangchuan’s expression had finally changed.

It turned solemn!

This time, he didn’t dodge. The short sabers on his waist suddenly spun backwards. At the same time, his sword spun like a drill as it shot behind him. Besides that, a strand of terrifying intent surged out from him and swept towards Yang Ye.

Zenith Rank saber intent!

Bang! Bang!

Explosions resounded incessantly while numerous rays of sword energy and saber energy flickered without end.

They were locked in intense battle!

Qin Youshui spoke solemnly, “Have you noticed that he isn’t using sword intent!” She was naturally talking about Yang Ye.

Qin Jian nodded slightly, “Why isn’t he using sword intent?”

Qin Youshui shook her head, “I don’t know.”

As she spoke, she looked towards the distant battlefield.

The battle was growing more and more intense. At this point in the battle, Yang Ye hadn’t just avoided using sword intent, he hadn’t even used a single sword technique. He was just using simple swings, stabs, flicks…. They were the basic movements when one learned to use the sword!

However, it was exactly such basic movements that were more formidable than Ji Liangchuan’s formidable sword techniques. Ji Liangchuan was completely suppressed in close quartered combat. Especially when Yang Ye’s mysterious Laws of Darkness were added into the mix, and it made Yang Ye practically invincible in closed quartered combat.

But Ji Liangchuan was no weakling. Even though he was suppressed by Yang Ye’s onslaught, he was still barely able to resist Yang Ye.

“Void Slash!” Suddenly, Ji Liangchuan’s furious shout resounded, and then numerous formidable sword techniques flashed through the area, causing Yang Ye to be pushed backwards repeatedly. While Yang Ye was being pushed backwards, Ji Liangchuan suddenly charged forward, and his sword shot out from his grasp like a bolt of lightning.

Its target was Yang Ye!

Meanwhile, his short sabers appeared in his grasp.

Yang Ye gazed at Ji Liangchuan from afar, and then he took a step back. A sword immediately arrived before his forehead once he finished taking that step back. However, it was still a tiny distance away from his flesh. Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly stabbed his sword forward.


A clear and loud sound of collision resounded. Ji Liangchuan’s sword was struck away.

Meanwhile, Ji Liangchuan had arrived in front of Yang Ye. In an instant, countless rays of light enveloped Yang Ye!

The rays of light were still so visible because his saber had been so swift!

Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes when the rays of light enveloped him, “What is true? The most primitive is true!

As soon as he finished speaking, he opened his eyes again.

In an instant….

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