Archean Eon Art - Chapter 532 - The Price for Becoming Stronger

Chapter 532 The Price for Becoming Stronger

In the silent void outside the Chaos Hole.

The turtle-shelled elder, Xuan Fang, smiled at Emperor Roc as he took the treasures one by one.

“It’s still slightly short,” muttered Xuan Fang as he chuckled.

“This should definitely total up to 500 Outer Realm Essence Crystals.” After Emperor Roc took out another piece of refinement material, he refused to take out another piece.

Xuan Fang said in disdain, “I have to specially sell these treasures for Outer Realm Essence Crystals. Now that Heaven Peak River System doesn’t have Black Dragon Planet, I have to travel all the way to other river systems to sell them. Forget it. I can barely count it as 500 cubes.” With that said, he waved his hand and put away all the treasures.

Emperor Roc’s heart ached. However, he knew that Xuan Fang had a much greater chance of killing Meng Chuan than him doing the deed personally. Not only was Xuan Fang much stronger, but he was also especially adept at the karmic lineage.

“Alright, I’ll naturally do the job after taking your treasures. I care about karma the most,” said Xuan Fang with a smile.

Emperor Roc was relieved.

Ordinary Tribulation Eminences placed great importance on karma. When it came to entities who studied karma, they placed even greater importance on it. Xuan Fang wouldn’t want to owe a huge karmic debt to anyone, even if he had to give up all his treasures to resolve the karma.


“Lead the way,” said Xuan Fang.

Emperor Roc nodded. “Follow me.” The two Tribulation Eminences immediately flew towards the Chaos Hole.

They first flew past the accretion disc before flying into the Chaos Hole’s depths.

“A newly-advanced Imperial Lord can enter a Chaos Hole’s depths? I wonder what kind of rare treasure he has. I’ve only heard of such rare treasures in legends,” muttered the turtle-shelled old man, Xuan Fang. “From the looks of it, this Meng Chuan has quite the background. Are you sure there are no other powerful experts in his homeworld?”

“I don’t wish to owe you any karma either. I naturally won’t lie about such matters,” replied Emperor Roc. “Besides, Brother Xuan Fang, you are good at divination. You should know that I’m right.”

“He’s the strongest expert in a middle-sized world.” The turtle-shelled elder nodded slightly. “After killing him, all his treasures will be mine.”

Emperor Roc nodded as his heart ached. “They’re naturally yours.”

Meng Chuan definitely carried many treasures as he journeyed around the outer realm. Because Meng Chuan could enter the Chaos Hole’s depths, it gave the illusion that the treasures he had on him were rather powerful.

With Ancestral Master Archean Eon’s treasures, Meng Chuan can enter the Chaos Hole’s depths. Perhaps these treasures are worth thousands of Outer Realm Essence Crystals. Emperor Roc guessed. However, if he wanted a Fourth Tribulation Eminence to do the deed, the Fourth Tribulation Eminence would definitely obtain the war spoils. As a Third Tribulation Eminence, he would be tempting fate by trying to snatch the war spoils.


In the Chaos Hole’s depths, where time flowed 60-fold faster.

Meng Chuan sat cross-legged in the darkness. He had cultivated in the Chaos Hole for over 300 years, so he had gotten used to the darkness. Meng Chuan was over 700 years old. He had spent 300 years cultivating in Myriad Flower Realm on Black Dragon Planet. He then spent over 300 years cultivating in the Chaos Hole. His life in Archean Eon Realm was rather interesting. After stepping into the outer realm, he did his best to cultivate. The lonely cultivation affected Meng Chuan’s personality. His personality and mental state were further affected because he spent 300-plus years in the Chaos Hole.

Meng Chuan also realized this problem. Therefore, he always insisted on hosting lectures at Grotto-Heaven Pavilion. He taught generations of Archean Mountain disciples. He often stayed in contact with his disciples, allowing him to slow down his mental state’s sedation.

Oh? Meng Chuan suddenly sensed something. Someone’s here? One is Emperor Roc, while the other seems even stronger than it?

After cultivating in the Chaos Hole for more than 300 years, his Cloud Dragon Snake Movement Technique finally broke through and reached the perfected Heaven Earth realm.

This ultimate technique was much more brilliant than Selfless Formless Sword. Upon reaching the perfected Heaven Earth realm, its technique realm was comparable to a Third Tribulation Eminence.

In regards to technique realm, newly-advanced First Tribulation Eminences were typically at the perfected Heaven Earth realm. Second Tribulation Eminences’ technique realm might be slightly higher, but their improvement was limited.

A qualitative change only happened once one reached the Third Tribulation realm.

His Cloud Dragon Snake Movement Technique —which was at the perfected Heaven Earth realm-had already changed qualitatively. It was much stronger compared to ordinary perfected Heaven Earth realm techniques.

It hired a helper. Without any hesitation, Meng Chuan flew deeper into the Chaos Hole. “What?” Xuan Fang and Emperor Roc were alarmed as they silently approached.

Xuan Fang could already sense Meng Chuan. Emperor Roc had long confirmed it through karma.

“He actually discovered us so early?” Xuan Fang was somewhat surprised as he looked at Emperor Roc beside him. “He must have a treasure protecting him,” said Emperor Roc.

However, Emperor Roc had no idea that Meng Chuan was in no way inferior to him when it came to technique realm! In fact, Meng Chuan’s Cloud Dragon Snake Movement Technique was more inclined towards domains. Emperor Roc was more inclined towards direct combat. “I’m not good at resisting the gravitational pull. I can’t get any closer.” Emperor Roc quickly stopped. “I’ll be counting on you, Brother Xuan Fang.”

“Leave it to me.” Xuan Fang continued flying in with a solemn expression. He could sense Meng Chuan’s position.

As Meng Chuan flew deeper into the Chaos Hole, his speed decreased. The number of spacetime distortions in the Chaos Hole’s depths was clearly increasing.

The time flow accelerated by 60-fold, 61-fold, 62-fold…

Xuan Fang continued to fly into the Chaos Hole’s depths. He was a special lifeform that had cultivated to the Tribulation realm. His body was extremely strong to begin with. Furthermore, he had reached the Fourth Tribulation realm, allowing him to fly quite deep into the Chaos Hole.

I see him. Xuan Fang clearly locked onto Meng Chuan’s location as the distance between them shortened.

Meng Chuan turned his head to glance and continued flying 65-fold, 66-fold…

When he reached a region where time flowed 68-fold faster, Xuan Fang stopped. He frowned deeply. He’s 10 million kilometers away from me. The area he’s in… time flows 72-fold faster than normal there. Xuan Fang understood something. I can only go a few million kilometers deeper into the Chaos Hole. I have no way of approaching him.

Xuan Fang waited silently.

Meng Chuan stared at Xuan Fang when he was 10 million kilometers away from him. Both sides stared at each other.

This deadlock dragged on.

A month later.


Xuan Fang turned around and left.

Emperor Roc had been patiently waiting in the Chaos Hole’s depths, but after waiting for a full month, he could sense that Meng Chuan was still alive through karma.

Huh? Emperor Roc saw the turtle-shelled elder, Xuan Fang, fly out from the Chaos Hole’s depths.

“Brother Xuan Fang, what happened?” asked Emperor Roc immediately. “Why is Meng Chuan still alive?”

“You hired the wrong person.” Xuan Fang shook his head. “This Meng Chuan can go much deeper than me.”

“He can go deeper than you?” Emperor Roc found it unbelievable.

“I’m afraid a Fourth Tribulation Eminence won’t be able to capture him in the Chaos Hole. You can try finding a Fifth Tribulation Eminence.” After speaking, Xuan Fang continued flying out.

Emperor Roc couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Xuan Fang, are you giving up just like that?” “I can’t kill him. I’ve already done my best. I’ve also spent a month here. I didn’t break my promise.” Xuan Fang’s voice echoed in Emperor Roc’s ears as he left.

Emperor Roc could only helplessly watch Xuan Fang leave.

He had given Xuan Fang 500 Outer Realm Essence Crystals in advance. The other party had only promised to do his best in hunting down Meng Chuan for a month with no guarantee of success. No one could guarantee that they would succeed as the future had too many possibilities.

He hid so deep? Even a Fourth Tribulation Eminence can’t touch him? Emperor Roc was extremely aggrieved. He had no intention of hiring a Fifth Tribulation Eminence.

Fifth Tribulation Eminences had much higher statuses.

The treasures he had on him were far from enough to hire one. Fifth Tribulation Eminences would also typically join the outer realm’s top factions. They could easily discover Emperor Roc’s identity and investigate the conflict between the Demon Realm and Archean Eon Realm.

Meng Chuan carefully waited in the domain produced by his Lightning Domain Seal.

From its appearance, it should be Xuan Fang, one of Heaven Peak River System’s famous Tribulation Eminences. I can’t defeat it in other places, but it can’t do anything to me in the Chaos Hole’s depths.

Meng Chuan was very calm.

After being trapped in the Chaos Hole for more than 200 years, his Cloud Dragon Snake Movement Technique had reached the perfected Heaven Earth realm. His Saber of Nirvana had also improved, reaching the Heaven Earth realm’s middle stage. Although it was an ultimate technique with huge flaws, it’s strength was still comparable to an Imperial Lord-level paramount technique.

After the technique reached the Heaven Earth realm’s middle stage, it was comparable to an ordinary Fourth Tribulation-level technique. If it reached the perfected Heaven Earth realm, it would be equivalent to a Fifth Tribulation-level technique.

This technique-comparable to a Fourth Tribulation-level technique-happened to focus on Meng Chuan’s Chaos Hole domain’s core aspects, allowing him to go very deep into the Chaos Hole.

If you had trapped me for a few more days, my Saber of Nirvana might’ve reached the Heaven Earth realm’s late stage.

Chaos Holes affected one’s mental state greatly. However, Meng Chuan still improved Saber of Nirvana very smoothly. Meng Chuan knew that his mental state would be greatly affected, but he needed to increase his strength. He needed to have absolute confidence in winning the war! Even if he had to pay a price for it, he didn’t care.

This was because over the past 900 years…

Too many Godfiends had paid the ultimate price—their lives.