Astral Pet Store - Chapter 782 - The Alliance of Stars

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Chapter 782: The Alliance of Stars

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“Yes, I can wait for a week!” said Mia quickly.

Suddenly, she looked at Su Ping with worry. “Boss… Isn’t one week too short? Can you really train them so quickly?”


Su Ping raised his eyebrows. She was desperate a moment ago, and now she thinks it’s too quick?

Women are indeed troublesome creatures.

“Of course. If you’re really in a hurry, I can finish the training here and now,” said Su Ping indifferently.

Mia was at a loss for words. Here and now? You must be kidding. Not even a grandmaster trainer would have dared to promise that…

But of course, she wouldn’t say it out loud. She smiled awkwardly once she saw that Su Ping was dissatisfied with her suspicion and obviously angry. “I’m not in that much of a hurry. I can wait for a week. A week is good enough.”

“A week it is, then. Call them,” said Su Ping indifferently.

“Call them?”

“Call your pets.”

“Oh, okay.”

Mia blushed a little bit.

Then, she quickly summoned her two pets; her main and first deputy pets. The former was an ultimate demon pet, while the latter was a dragon. It wasn’t a Vast Sky Thunderous Dragon, but a Fire Tide Crystal Dragon which was equally rare.

As for the tiger and the Frost Blood Star Dragon she had given Su Ping to train earlier, they were both deputy pets.

The appearance of those two pets instantly raised a round of exclamations.

Many people in the line were quite envious, as they recognized how precious and rare the pets were. The girl from the Laiyefa family was indeed rich, graced with plenty of resources.

Joanna approached her, attracting everybody’s attention again, and took away the two minimized pets.

“Do you need anything else?” asked Su Ping.

Mia blushed and asked carefully, “Well, boss, do you have more Heaven Frost Crystal Fruits?”

She felt she was being too greedy. The previous Heaven Frost Crystal Fruits had been sold to her almost for free.

She had questioned whether the fruits were genuine, but she had realized that a Star State expert like Su Ping would never cheat her for such a trifling sum of money.

She would be shameless if she asked for more fruits.

However, she decided to bear the shame for the sake of her pet.

“You want more? They’re not available right now, but I can look for them when I’m free. Come again a few days later,” said Su Ping.

He could train the pets while collecting the fruits; his time wouldn’t be wasted.

“Really? Thank you so much, boss!” Mia was quite delighted to see that Su Ping was casual about it, not at all displeased.

It seemed that the boss wasn’t offended by her past actions.

“You’re welcome. This is just an ordinary transaction.”

“I’ll remember your favor, boss.”

“Like I said, it’s just an ordinary transaction.”

“Boss, it’s so nice of you. I never had a chance to thank you for your favor the other time. Thank you so much.”

“…Ordinary transaction.”

“Thank you, boss!”

Fine, we’re not on the same channel. Su Ping was too lazy to talk any longer, and he looked out of the shop with a smile, hinting that she should go.

Mia left, then Su Ping greeted the second customer.

The second customer chose normal training after an exciting conversation, but he was going to have five pets trained in one go.

It would produce an income of five hundred million, or five million energy points.

Although it wasn’t as profitable as professional training, it was much easier and the income could be accumulated.

Then, the third customer entered, the fourth…

“Boss, I—I’d like to train seven pets. Is that okay?” Filius stepped forward. He was very excited since it was finally his turn.

Unlike the others, he had confirmed the training effects in Su Ping’s shop.

His Green Alligator was already a Class A pet that could fight against certain pets beyond its level, which was amazing enough.

Unfortunately, Green Alligators weren’t really popular. Their price would never be too high even if their aptitudes were raised to Class A.

However, Filius wanted to train all his pets this time.

“Sure.” Su Ping nodded slightly.

Filius felt troubled, seeing that Su Ping had accepted the task so readily. He suddenly gritted his teeth and said, “Boss, sorry for what I did earlier. I shouldn’t have doubted you…”

Su Ping was stunned for a moment, but then realized what he meant. He said casually, “That’s all right, it was nothing to me. I train all pets the same way.”

Filius was greatly relieved to see how forgiving Su Ping was. He was a lot more relaxed as he replied gratefully, “Thank you for your benevolence!”

He was truly touched; a Star State bigshot was willing to forgive him.

“Take your pets out,” said Su Ping. There were a lot more customers in the line, and he had no time for small talk.

Besides, training the pets would also take time; he was quite busy.

“Okay.” Filius nodded. He suddenly thought of something and made a decision after taking a deep breath. “Boss, can I choose the professional training?”

“As long as you have enough money.”

Filius excitedly replied, “Then, I’d like to have my main pet go through professional training.”


Su Ping nodded.

Filius didn’t hesitate anymore this time; he quickly paid for the service, which represented all the money he had left.

He had intended to buy a powerful protective set for his pet, but obviously, the improvement of such equipment would be temporary and unreliable. Only the abilities would really belong to it.

Su Ping was feeling rather comfortable after seeing his income rise by another hundred million. It was true that making money was easy when someone became famous.

If he were to get to the bottom of things, he had to thank the Ryan family.

He didn’t expect that he would gain such popularity for killing one of their kin.

Adding the Vast Sky Thunderous Dragons he had sold, Su Ping didn’t think he would need to worry about lack of customers anymore; he would only need to collect money every day and then train the pets.

He could also use the time to practice, while also developing the Little Skeleton and the others during the training sessions.

It was definitely a bargain!

After the deal with Filius, Su Ping then continued talking to the next customer.

One customer after the other entered the shop; Su Ping quickly found that the pet room in his shop was full.

He had only received a dozen customers, not as many as he did the previous day. However, most customers chose to train several pets, if not all of them. A single customer was worth ten customers when compared to the previous day.

Su Ping asked Tang Ruyan to inform the customers that there were no more openings. Those still in the line were stunned, then began to complain.

“Seriously? I’ve been waiting since yesterday, and you’re saying there are no openings anymore?”

“Barely a dozen people went in. Why is the shop full already?”

“I risked being attacked by the Ryan family yesterday. You’re telling me that there are no more openings?”

Many people felt like crying, but they didn’t dare to curse aloud.

Of course they didn’t. The shop owner was a Star State expert. They had to walk carefully in his presence, let alone complaining. He could simply kill them if he was angered.

As furious as they might be, the queue didn’t disperse immediately.

They couldn’t get into the shop that day, but there was always the next day.

Even if it wasn’t their turn the next day, some people ahead of them would be gone, and they could always wait for a few more days.

The news from the assessment shop reached their ears while they waited. They were utterly jealous, which was another reason why the queue remained.

That was a shop where Class A pets could be trained!

To get a Class A pet… they wouldn’t hesitate to wait for a month. One day of waiting was definitely worth it!

Those who didn’t immediately join the queue could only go to the end of the long line. They looked at the countless heads in front of them, only regretting not being bolder before. They didn’t know how long they would have to wait until their turn arrived.

Nobody knew how long Su Ping’s shop would remain in operation, either. What if he left after a couple of days?

All Star State experts were unpredictable.

The previously broad street had been filled up by the queue, reaching the shop across the street. The owner of the shop was quite angry, since they were blocking his business, but he would never dare complain; after all, the owner of the other shop was a powerful expert.

Still, his business would plummet if he didn’t do anything.

The boss could only watch the proceedings, simply joining the line in the end.

If he could get an opening and receive the training services from Su Ping’s shop… There was the chance of getting a Class A pet, which would represent ten whole years of his store’s income!

Why keep his own shop open if the training was that profitable?

Word was spread like wildfire in the Federation, where communication was fast and convenient. More and more people arrived from the outside world.

There were originally about five hundred people outside of Su Ping’s shop in the morning. Many people refused to join the queue after seeing how long it was. However, afternoon arrived, and the line already had three thousand people waiting!

The people who had left the line—when there were only several hundred—could only regret their decision. They had to give up, once they saw the long and zigzagging line on the street, made by thousands of people.

Considering the shop’s capacity, he would only receive a dozen customers every day; they would have to wait for months if they were to join the line.

However, while some people gave up, the line didn’t get any shorter. There were already eight thousand people when the night arrived, blocking half of the street.

Those who had relented when there were only three thousand people were currently regretting their decision, once they calculated the value of a Class A pet and the waiting time involved.

It would be an absolutely fair deal if they could get a Class A pet after several days waiting!

Some people were just like that. Always observers but never doers.

Many more gave up when the number of the people in the queue rose to eight thousand, but the line was still becoming longer…

Inside the store—

Tang Ruyan had closed the door after sending out a notice that the business hours were over.

Su Ping checked the ledgers and found that he earned more than five hundred million energy points on that day.

It was terrifying!

It was almost like a moneymaker!

Five hundred million energy points were originally fifty billion astral coins. There weren’t many famous shops able to earn money that quickly.

I’ll be able to upgrade the shop again if I get a few more professional training orders tomorrow! Su Ping was quite excited by how fast things were going.

It had to be noted that his shop had just been upgraded recently.

He wondered what new functions a LV5 shop would have.

Should I upgrade the Chaos Spirit Pool first, or the shop? Su Ping wavered.

Garland suddenly interrupted his thoughts. He said, while still sitting on the couch, “I’ve spoken to the Alliance of Stars. An advanced Star State senior reviewed your profile and accepted you.”

He wore a troubled expression after saying that.

Su Ping’s entrance meant that he had to leave his spot.

The seats were quite limited.

He was just a lackey in the organization, unqualified to invite anyone over; he could only let someone else take his place.

Leaving the Alliance of Stars was a huge loss for him. He would no longer enjoy receiving the precious intelligence shared in that circle. The people in the mid Star State level had always respected him because he was from the Alliance of Stars, but they probably wouldn’t consider him a big deal anymore.

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